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Serenity has light blue fur, Green emerald eyes, and long wavy hair with a bang covering her eye, She usually sports a red top with a line going down it, complete with a red short miniskirt. Occasionally, she will dress formally when the situation calls for it.


Serenity is a serious, calm, aggressive person, She bosses people around from time to time, and always breaks up a fight. She acts like some sort of motherly figure to the group, and always gives people helpful advises and romantic advises. She is usually brash and reckless, and is sometimes a hypocrite. Other than that she is a very understanding person and helps people the best she can. She will never tell anyone when she is in pain.


At a very young age, Serenity was always  trained to be an expert swordsman and mage by her father, Sir Sanos, because of this she never got time to make friends or have a social life, the only time she spent with her father was training. 

Her family were under the reign of the acorn kingdom, and were one of the four noble families, because of this, they were given direct blessings from the king himself, this included, land, wealth and power over others. 

The king of the Acorn kingdom was a cruel strict ruler, because of this, the citizens started a revolution against him and the royal order, the children in the four noble families and Princess Sally Acorn were all sent to an underground village called knothole, once there she was looked after by a woman named Rosie.

After a few years of training in knothole, Serenity was let out  of the underground village, the rebels won the war and king acorn along with her father was executed, Serenity was saddened to here that her father had died, but did not shed a single tear. Serenity thanked her father for helping her get strong.

Mobius was officially a free country, Serenity formed a group called team Ultima, which consisted of Flake the hedgehog, Blade the fox and Magna the mage. All friends she met during her time at knothole.


Serenity is the third strongest women in the sonic universe, She is able to turn super at will, and is striving to get to the second super form. She is a changing mage, and changes her weapons at will. She is able to pick up new weapons,and add them to her weapon pack.  Her main weapon is Soul calibur,  


Serenity is able to read someone's power levels and transport, she is also able to tell when someone is lying, Her transportation abilities include the help of a chaos emerald.


Serenity is skilled when it comes to fighting, she is good karate and kung-fu, she also good at sports especially basketball  and football, The sports she hates the most is volleyball. She is also very skilled at fortune telling, She likes telling people what might happen in their future to come.


Serenity gets severely weakened when she is near dark gaia, a magical force that drops her power to a low rate. 



Sonic the Hedgehog

Serenity is like an older sister to Sonic, she first met him in knothole underground and they became good friends. Sonic always thought Serenity was strange for always training and not making any friends, but eventually warmed up to her and started being her friend.

She teaches Sonic how to gain Super Sonic without the chaos emeralds, And believes in his strength no matter what. Sonic finds Serenity helpful but scary and tries not to get on her bad side.

Flake The Hedgehog

Serenity thinks of Flake like a little sister. Flake was the first one to join Serenity's group after quietly watching her train in knothole, She was amazed by Serenity's strength and admired her for a while. Eventually, after becoming friends Serenity she  brought up the idea about starting a team a together, Serenity like the idea and decided it could work. The two are very close and have traveled many lands together. Serenity is currently training Flake to be a better fighter. 

Serenity doesn't like the fact that Flake likes Spike the cat, she does her best to keep Flake away from him,

Blade the Cat

Serenity finds Blade's perverted antics very annoying and unamusing, but she still cares for him deeply and has great trust in his strength, unlike Flake, who finds him very annoying and perverted. She constantly hits Blade when he does his perverted things, this is seen as a running gag.

Magna the Mage

Serenity met Magna during the magic games, She was impressed  by Magna's magic power and power levels, She invited her to join her group. She finds Magna to shy and thinks she should speak up more. 

Romantic Intrests

Serenity has a small thing for the demon god Thantos, It is unknown weather he feels something for her or not. Serenity first met him when travelling to Chaos castle, He tested her strength to see if she was worthy enough to get the chaos sword. Sadly she wasn't strong enough, still, Thantos decided to to show her some new techniques. Thantos usually appears when Serenity is in trouble, and waits for the day when she will get stronger.


  • She is very addicted to Ice cream
  • Her bust ratio is  B103-W60-H90 which makes her a J-cup.
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