Serano is the Guardian of the Blast-Blaze Master Emerald of the Dragon Dimension also he is the keeper of the 7th Dragon Emerald (being the color of Orange standing for the legendary Solar Dragon). he draws power from it and carries it till he finally succeeds in his mission of finding the only person who is worthy too control it and Enter the Beast-Out Dragoniod form, only reachable by collecting all seven Dragon Emeralds and the Dragon- Heart Gemerald.


too find the only worthy soul too control the Dragon Emeralds, then bring the Blast-Blaze Master Emerald too Sonic's realm and guard it along side of his nephew Knuckles.

Weapons, and Weapon specialties

his Fire Elemtized Spiked Gloves, a Flame Battle Axe (left hand weapon), and a Flame Longsword (right hand Weapon). his speacialties are of Swords and Battle axes as well as Bows



Serano the Blaze-Idna

that is a rough draft of Serano >>>>>>>>>

his true form is almost like Locke (Knux's father) but younger and with the colors shown.

Also as above told he carries his Battle Axe and Long Sword and his hands would usually be on fire. also he has an Extreme Gear Bike (from Sonic Riders 2) called Solar Blast and his shoes are a set of Extreme Gear air shoes (like Shadow's from Sonic Riders) called Speed Fire. Serano controls the power of Pyro Kinetiks and Choas.

Powers and Attacks

as previously stated he can use Pyro Kinetiks and Chaos abilities like:

Chaos Blast, Chaos Control, Chaos Blaze, Chaos Arrow, Chaos Slash, Chaos Hack, Chaos Whip, Chaos Punch, Chaos Break, Chaos Dash, Blaze Blast, Blaze Arrow, Blaze Slash, Blaze Hack, Blaze Whip, Blaze Punch, Super Blaze Blast (only in his super forms)

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