Serah is a female common moth, standing at 3'3". She has a tan body with dirty brown wings. Her eyes are cerulean in color. She typically wears a plain dark grey shirt and long brown pants, along with black boots.


Serah hardly makes her true personality known, as she hides it under a stoic, indifferent behavior. She takes her job as seriously as she can, even though she can become easily bored if nothing happens near her. As for the other Huntsmen, she rarely interacts with them and decides to keep to her own devices to avoid them getting harmed in her presence.


Serah joined the Silver Huntsmen with little argument, as she simply needed the money to provide for herself. She will take any shift she can as a result of this need. She never talks about her family, and it is hinted that she is an orphan or just despises them.



Serah is able to fly long distances, though as a Watcher this ability is rarely utilized on duty. When not on duty, Serah takes flights around the facility to stretch her wings.


Being such a plainly-colored moth, Serah can camouflage herself pretty easily in surroundings. However, she cannot hold her camouflage long, and scaring her will cause her to drop it pretty quickly.

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