Sephtis, the fifth Sephtis Briona in his family, is ready to kick some butt! Sephtis utilizes his spear Kyoya in battle, giving him decent range with Easy Combos, similarly to Ruby Rose in Blazblue Cross Tag Battle. However, if the opponent is in the max range of Kyoya, they might fall out of the combo. Sephtis has a few things to cover this up, however, with good attack power and moderately fast attacks.

Sephtis doesn’t do well with his Light and Heavy buttons, as they involve him using his arms, which are relatively weak. However, they come out quick, so they can be used a starters for combos. Sephtis is also an “in-your-face” character, meaning that he does his personal best when up close to you. Sephtis has low defense, so you’ll definitely want to be on the defensive when getting overwhelmed.

Sephtis has amazingly good air game to contrast with his moderate ground game. He has good range and damage, and though his attacks aren’t particularly fast, Sephtis has something special: he has three jumps and two Power Pursuits per combo. This can cause really strong aerial attacks.


Wing Blast - Arcade Modifier (Air) OK Exchange button
  • Sephtis flies in the air/levitates (if already airborne) and flaps his wings repeatedly, sending burst of wind downward that will slam the opponent down and damage them if they hit.
Soda Pop - Arcade-Stick-Down + Exchange button
  • A Command Normal where Sephtis shakes a can of soda before throwing it at the opponent. It explodes and burns the opponent for five seconds if it hits.
Air Raid - Arcade Modifier (Air) Arcade-Stick-Down + Exchange button
  • Sephtis starts to levitate, and for twelve seconds, he can fly in the air and attack.
Wing Drill - Arcade Modifier (Air) OK AS Right + Exchange button
  • Yet another Command Normal in which Sephtis twirls around horizontally with Kyoya out and flies in a direction for a multi-hit-combo, and you can use the joystick to control what direction he goes in.
Spearboard - Arcade Modifier (Air) OK AS QCF + Attack button
  • Light Version: Sephtis quickly throws Kyoya in the air before jumping on it and riding on it like a skateboard.
  • Medium Version: After ramming into the opponent, Sephtis stabs downwards, sending the opponent for a sliding knockdown.
  • Heavy Version: Sephtis hits the opponent three times by riding into them, and you can hold the button to do the downwards stab or press it to transition into a combo.
Kyoya Combo - Arcade Modifier (Air) OK AS QCB + Attack button
  • Light Version: Sephtis slashes upwards with Kyoya, making him and the opponent rise into the air.
  • Medium Version: Sephtis slashes upwards with more power but less speed.
  • Heavy Version: Sephtis hits the opponent three times by slashing upwards.
> Follow-up Attack - Attack button
  • Light Version: Sephtis slams Kyoya into the opponent's side.
  • Medium Version: Sephtis stabs the opponent twice before slamming Kyoya into their side.
  • Heavy Version: Sephtis spins around in circles with Kyoya, hitting them multiple times.
>> Follow-up Attack 2 - Attack button
  • Light Version: Sephtis slams Kyoya onto the opponent's head, making them bounce the the ground and allowing for more combo opportunities.
  • Medium Version: Sephtis slashes downwards with Kyoya, bringing the opponent down for a hard knockdown.
  • Heavy Version: Sephtis Spin Dashes with Kyoya out, bringing the enemy down alongside him for a sliding knockdown.
Jumpstarter - Arcade Modifier (Air) OK Attack h + Exchange button
  • Sephtis flies forward in a burst of speed, but when he gets into the opponent’s hitbox, he stops, causing the opponent to be blasted backwards by the wind and take damage when they hit the edge of the screen.
Geobud - AS QCF + Attack lightAttack medium
  • Sephtis' ground-exclusive Mana Burst where Sephtis lunges forward to slash downwards at the opponent. If he succeeds, they are knocked onto their back, and Sephtis stabs downwards multiple times before grabbing their leg and throwing them forward.
Falcon Dunk - AS QCF + Attack hExchange button
  • A Mana Burst where Sephtis flies forward and tries to grab the opponent. If he succeeds, then he slaps them in the face three times before slashing upwards, knocking them into the air. Then, he flies up above them before grabbing their neck and slamming them to the ground.
Hold On! AS QCB + Attack lightAttack medium / Attack hExchange button
  • In Sephtis' Mana Break, Sephtis raises Kyoya above his head and creates a whirl around him that may pull the opponent in if they’re close enough. If the opponent is caught in, there is a cinematic scene of a large tornado whirling them around before there’s a cut-in of Sephtis flying up, holding Kyoya like a javelin before he throws it with so much force that it dispels that tornado and hits the opponent through the chest, bringing them down to the ground.

Assists and Stun Punish

Hyperactive Lance
  • Sephtis throws Kyoya forward, and if it hits the opponent, he flies through the opponent, knocking them into the air. If he misses, he'll fly around the screen three times in random directions, homing in on the opponent.
  • Sephtis flies backwards onto the screen and either A) stabs backwards and knocks the opponent to the edge of the screen or B) stabs backwards before slashing upwards, allowing for another combo to start.
Stun Punish - Attack h + Exchange button
  • Sephtis flies forward to grab the opponent’s leg. Then, he twirls around quickly before bursting into the air, punching them in the stomach repeatedly while they boost through the clouds. Then, Sephtis grabs his opponent’s arm and throws them even higher in the sky, leaving them to be hit by a lot of Flickys. Sephtis flies above the opponent and whacks them downward with Kyoya, causing them to be set on fire with how fast they’re going. When they hit the ground, there is a large explosion and an even larger crater, and Sephtis lands in it gracefully.

FF and Dialogue

Focus Frenzy: Sephtis creates a wind clone that copies all of his movements, making for more damaging combos. Other teammate-related changes include:

  • White and Tina: Sephtis’ Mana Bursts now burn the opponent for seven seconds when they hit, and he gains an extra jump.
  • Luna: Sephtis gets a 1.2x attack boost.
  • Younger Mac: Sephtis gets a 1.5x speed boost.

Introduction: Sephtis flies in, doing multiple barrel rolls before Spin Dashing and landing on his feet. After he says his line, he brings out his spear Kyoya and twirls it.

“Kyoya and I are gonna make you regret this!”

“I’m in a legendary family! I’ll show you what makes the Brionas famous!”

“Even though it’s impossible, still at least try to beat me, ‘kay?”

Ending: Sephtis twirls Kyoya and puts it on his belt before saying his line, smiling, and blasting off into the sky.

“I didn’t need any type of future sight to have seen this coming.”

“Score another one up for the Brionas!”

“I carry my father’s legacy. I’m not gonna let someone like you ruin it.”


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