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Cquote1.png It'd be cool if it, like, gave me the blood of my ancestors. I'm pretty sure my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandma's nephew's fifty-fourth cousin's aunt's twenty-first cousin thrice removed was distantly related to a demon, so.... maybe I would be able to fly! Cquote2.png

Cquote1.png You can already fly. We were literally flying ten minutes ago. Cquote2.png
Scarlet the Fox

Cquote1.png Oh... Cquote2.png
Sephtis and Scarlet in A Cimmerian Search, talking about the Aphotic Orb and its powers.

Sephtis is the most recent out of the main core nine, created with the perfect idea for his character and who he'd be, along with what his past would be about. Now, you get to see my thoughts put on this page!


Sephtis is a purple-feathered eagle with blue eyes and a sharp yellow beak. He has two purple feathers on his back, and he stands at 3'2". Weighing at 58 lbs., Sephtis wears a red bandanna on his head, wrapping it around the upper part. He also wears a blue bandanna on his neck, along with a red-and-black-striped shirt. He wears gloves with grey bases that covers his fingers with yellow cloth, alongside a red and black cape with white lining. He wears red pants with a yellow pocket at the lower part of his right leg with red-and-white shoes.


Sephtis is a hyperactive preteen who often goes into things without tact and looking for enjoyment. He always tries to look for the fun in everything, which means sometimes he can be extremely naive and clueless to what the stakes really are. However, this is a double-edged sword - it allows for him to give all he's got, not letting fear hinder his progress.

Due to his father's rather immoral teachings of him, Sephtis doesn't experience fear easy - in fact, he has some trouble perceiving emotions like it. He isn't really scared of things, viewing something like death with little care. This can make him seem very rude, but it's just the way that he perceives thing.

Sephtis is also a bit obnoxious, with a high amount of confidence in himself. This can make him make cocky moves at times simply to taunt whoever he's dealing with. This is not too say he has no cunning or wit - he can just let his overconfidence cloud with judgement is some situations.


A Light Shadow

Leunga Sephtis Briona the Fifth was born to Leunga Sephtis Briona the Fourth and Brianna Briona the Twelfth. Coming from two long lines of assassins, Sephtis was trained like them, born to be a killer. However, they made it more... fun for him, making sure he didn't grow up to be a crazy psycho. Thus, Sephtis was half-raised like a normal kid and half-raised as an assassin-in-training, which is the reason he grew up to be the thrill-seeking, hyperactive joker he is currently.

For a long time, life was normal - at least, as normal as it could be for someone like him. However, Sephtis would find his life changing when he was twelve, and his father and him sent out on a mission to assassinate Trikon City's rich boy, Mackenzie Hartley. However, considering Hartley spent most of his time indoors, and when he was outside he was usually with others, Sephtis and his father had to find another method to kill him, and Sephtis suggested that they could go incognito in public and one day just find him and secretly shoot him for the cash. Leunga thought this was a decent idea, but they'd have to put on disguises - then, they could head out.

They spent a long amount of time planning for Hartley's appearance, and though Sephtis was impatient, they finally got the perfect disguises and plan to get Hartley. On the fated day, they seemed like your normal father and son that was coincidentally walking behind Mackenzie Hartley... however, before they could get him, a white rabbit and grey bat walked up to them, questioning Leunga's identity. Leunga, knowing that they couldn't compromise their mission because of two teenagers, was going to shoot them, but the bat kicked it away. Almost like they'd been planning for as long as they'd been, they told him to come with him. Sephtis told him that they didn't look like police, so they followed.

The duo ended up taking the Brionas to Lotking, an abandoned part of town. There, they met "Serene Peterjack," a criminal famed for having killed the Commander Abe Towers. She told them that her real name was Luna Raven, and that she was a leftover Black Arm determined to get revenge against the planet, but she'd need some assistance. Sephtis thought that this was the coolest thing ever - how often do you get to team up with an alien? Though she was originally just going to bring Leunga along, the grey eagle explained that he wasn't the best suited for the type of massacre Luna was used to. He offered his son, and Sephtis, excited, said he wanted in.

Luna tested Sephtis out in battle, the the 12-year-old boy did extraordinarily well, even as good if not better than White. Thus, he qualified. White and Tina came to him after he was officially a part of their "organization," and they said that they'd pay him for his work. Sephtis was now even more determined - he got to meet a near-extinct species and get paid for it?! That was super awesome!





Abilities and Skills

Sephtis is a skilled flier, having been able to do so from a very young age. He doesn't really have anything special about him in this aspect, but it's a pivotal thing worth mentioning.

Sephtis was taught by his father how to wield several weapons and items in many different types of situations. As said by Sephtis himself - "I'm really good with swords, guns, spears, spears, spears, jackhammers (don't ask), and bows, but I'm really really good with spears."

Sephtis is especially skilled with his sacred spear, Kyoya. His father gifted it to him when he got it from a mission, and he's been practicing ever since. With the spear, Sephtis is able to manipulate air in many ways, such as creating violent gusts of wind and air bubbles.



  • Sephtis' name is based on the name Sephora, which means "bird." Whaddya know?