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"A pledge and a soul
Escape his final breath.

His offer accepted
And her spirit summoned.

A soul for a soul--
His betrayer's life.
—Beyond Death, Volume V

Sephira is an eternal spirit of vengeance who harbors an eternal hatred towards all traitors and deceivers. In life, she was the sharpest and wisest archer in her nation's army, able to see threats and know exactly how to deal with them long before her forces were in their range. When her unit was overwhelmed, however, her refusal to retreat prevented her from seeing the threat that stood no more than a hundred yards away from her: her own men.


As a spectre, she is but a shade of her former glory. She resembles a cougar, but her skin and fur are translucent, and her eyes bear no pupils. Her armor is black and gold, covering her chest, left arm, waist, and shins. Thrust through her chest is an ebony arrow, showing no signs of tarnish since it ended her life. She appears to be barefoot.

In her "living" form, she assumes the appearance she had in life. The arrow is removed from her body, her grey fur returns, and her eyes regain their original blue color. She's free to remove her armor, but otherwise has no preference in clothing. She still prefers to go barefoot, presumably missing how the ground feels beneath her feet.


As a spectre, she rarely shows any emotion besides anger. With this hatred being directed toward the person who committed the act of betrayal, this is understandable. Few interactions have been witnessed besides this, so it's unclear what her overall personality is like. Occasionally, she encourages people to give into their hatred and seek vengeance at the cost of their own soul; however, rumors state that she does have some sort of sympathy toward those about to take the pledge, having experienced the pain of betrayal in the moments before her own death.

In her "living" form, she is confident and calculating as she goes about her tasks. Though most of her time is spent working on a more "permanent" solution to controlling her two forms, she sets aside a small fraction of that time to hear the "fascinating" stories of modern society. The anger that continued to burn through her soul in the afterlife becomes suppressed until her time as a mortal runs out, when the cycle begins anew.


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As a supernatural entity, Sephira is capable of appearing with an ethereal bow in hand wherever the pledge is taken, anywhere in the world. Once her job is finished, she disappears without a trace.

Her ability to claim another person's soul for herself is enough of a reason to make people think twice about summoning her. Upon arrival, she takes the soul of her summoner upon their death as payment, and claims the soul of the betrayer upon killing them. Every time the pledge is taken, two graves are filled and two souls are claimed -- more if multiple people are involved on either side. The souls of the betrayed and the souls of her enemies are hers forever, but are never allowed to share the same space.

Once someone takes the pledge, their soul is hers. However, they play a direct part in avenging their own death. Most simply become the arrow she uses to kill her target; however, a select few are capable of fighting alongside her as they would have in life, instead being tethered to her spectral form.

On the night of a full moon, she can choose to become a mortal again until the night of a new moon (giving her roughly 30 days as a mortal). When the arrow that ended her life is bathed in the light of the full moon, she can experience life once again by taking the blade of the arrow against her ethereal flesh. First she will begin to feel pain, then she will begin to bleed... after a few moments, her flesh and blood will have returned. Since the arrow is also where the souls of her enemies are stored, the process most likely involves them in some way. She doesn't appear to consume them (because that's just stupid), but requires some fragment of their former lives in order to regain her own.


As long as her summoner provides a name of her target, or the target is still close by, Sephira will always be able to find them. Running and hiding only makes her angrier than she already is. Many have tried to escape; none have succeeded.


Reflecting her amazing marksmanship in life, Sephira can fatally wound her target at incredible distances with just a single arrow, as long as they stay in her sight.


Though it is assumed that there is no way to kill Sephira (due to her being a spectre), there is at least one clue on how to put her to rest. Striking the ebony arrow thrust through her chest seems to disable her temporarily; one can conclude that breaking it will put an end to her and her legacy of blood. It is uncertain if this will ever come to pass, however.


Falconshield - The Pact feat

Falconshield - The Pact feat. Nicki Taylor (Original League of Legends song - Kalista)

Sephira's Musical Theme.

  • Sephira is heavily based on the League of Legends Champion, Kalista. The creator of this article sincerely apologizes for his laziness and hopes to widen the gap between the two as development continues.
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