Sense the Fox is a captain in the G.U.N. Second Army Division, and a powered armor trooper, not to mention the son of the leader of the Sar Lani, the secret police of their home of Sarlucif.

Sense the Fox

Biographical Information
  • Captain Sense Fox - rank
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Green, w/ white muzzle, chest & tail tip fur
  • Eyes: Purple
"Casual" Clothes
  • Blue & silver sleeveless shirt, w/ hood & 2nd Army Division emblem on chest
  • Light blue shirt, w/ rank emblems on upper arm.
  • Black pants
  • Black & yellow trainers
  • Style: Chieftain-type Battle Armor
  • Color: White
  • Emblems: 2nd Army Division emblem on left upper arm plate & breastplate
  • Rank Markers: Captain rank cylinder on right upper arm.
  • Customizations - Scent projectors (overall), custom blinker lights (overall), Firefly 'hives' (forearm plates), Firefly incubators - (backplate)
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry & Equipment
  • Naginata
  • Assault rifle (armor only)
  • Fireflies (used to enhance Firefly communication techniques)
  • Firefly incubator (armor only, used to hold fireflies & hatch more)
  • Skilled w/ cryokinesis & naturakinesis
  • Skilled w/ naginata
  • Trained in Insect Style combat, specializing in the Firefly communications form
  • Trained in marksmanship
  • Capable of communication with insects
  • Possesses the genetic ability Scent Conduct
  • Trained in a variety of communication forms
  • Experienced computer slicer
  • Keen tactician
  • Biomodified for bioluminescence.
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
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Sense has all the traits of a standard solider, including moderate muscular form and short fur to meet G.U.N regulations. However, he prefers to have the fur between his ears pushing the bounds of length, which he slicks back. He rarely looks people in the eye, unless at attention, preferring to study smaller details with his violet eyes. He has a couple of bio-luminescent patches on his forehead, shaped similar to eyes, which are normally inactive, but can glow bright blue.


Sense normally wears a blue & silver sleeveless shirt with a hood over a light-blue shirt while off-duty, plus black pants and black & yellow trainers.


Sense's armor is a Chieftain-type suit, designed to counter Psychic-powers by charging the suit with low-levels of Chaos Energy and installing "psych filters" into the helmet. Sense makes the most of the suit, with his variety of custom scent projectors and translucent patches to let his flash-patches be seen for his Firefly form techniques, plus his insect hives and incubators built in to make him a decent fighting force at the head of his squad.


Early Life

Sense grew up as the oldest of two children in Sarlucif, a member state of the United Federation. However, their father was the head of the Sar Lani, the secret police that served the country's leader alone. Unlike his younger sister, however, Sense didn't really like that his father essentially forced him to study in his elements and learn a specific fighting style for Nature, Insect Style. However, because of his genetic ability, he discovered that he was suited to one of the different forms of Insect Style than the others, the Firefly form, which focused on nonverbal communication of orders, and use of inconspicuous things such as a series of light flashes or a burst of concentrated pheromones to disable or injure opponents. For the child, this was interesting enough for him to learn a few Firefly form techniques, and use the lessons he learned from them to improve his own skill with his genetic ability. However, his father kept putting more and more pressure on the child to conform to his wishes. Soon after Sense turned fifteen, he snapped, using his newly-found mastery of his body's pheromones to send a pair of conflicting messages straight into his father's brain, forcing him to collapse as he escaped, fleeing towards the United Federation. He knew his worth as a communications expert, and had an interest in fighting, as long as he had more control on how he fought. However, his country soon released a disinformation campaign against him, portraying the boy as an anarchist and insurrectionist. As such, the information he had on the secret police of Sarlucif was ignored, and as he entered the military, quite a few people had their eyes on him.

Training & Career

Aware that he was being watched because of his father's claims, but sick of the fact that his father still had control over parts of his life, Sense knuckled down and focused on his work, aiming to be a powered armor trooper. However, when they observed his skill with his Firefly form abilities, and his ability to seemingly communicate with the bugs themselves, they offered him a position as a tactician. However, he pointed out that he was under suspicion, and that people higher-up would probably prefer to have him on the battlefield than issuing orders from safety, just in case the claims were true. With those detractors silenced, Sense then got working on improving his reputation, showing valor, quick-thinking, and even going out of his way to keep his physical strength and training up after undergoing surgery to have bio-luminescent patches attached to his body to improve his control of the Firefly light-flash communications. He also was noted as excelling in communications and slicing, and was commended for skill with weapons, both ranged in the form of the standard assault rifle, and melee in the form of a naginata. He climbed the ranks to Sergeant, and as such, finished his time in training as second-in-command of a squad. He was recruited in the same role into the Second Army Division, where his preference for ballistic weapons won him a bit of respect from the older members.

As second in command of Spear Squad, a team fresh from the academy, Sense's ability to relay signals both through sight and scent started to pay off, with command ordering his squad to be outfitted with olfactory sensors and flicker-readers, in order to be able to read his commands in a way that almost all enemies would be unable to comprehend. Added to that his respectable skill in firearms, naginata and elemental skills, and the team, despite being newcomers to the military, started to be used for intrusion missions. Two years later, he was a lieutenant, then a year after that, a captain, in command of the squad, which was still regularly filled with novices as well as the more experienced survivors.


Sense is naturally perceptive of his environment, and due to that, he has become adept at reading messages in patterns of light or smells. As a student of Insect Style techniques, specializing in the Firefly form, he is capable of using these kinds of communication to pass on messages and orders to his teammates, and read these without using computerized translation. He also uses this to communicate with fireflies which have taken to living with him, inside specially-created 'hives' and incubators built into his armor. In addition to this, he can understand a large array of different languages, including quite a few digital ones, and is a competent computer slicer.

Aside for the bugs and his communication/intrusion skills, Sense is also a capable combatant, specializing in a naginata. Using it, he can best most swordsman, and using it's reach, can keep people with smaller weapons at bay, although those with axes can simply slice the head of the weapon off, then continue advancing. While in armor, he carries a standard assault rifle, and is rather average in it's use. His ranged skills, however, are more focused in elements. His use of both Ice and Nature are reasonably well known to his squad, and his skill with each are respectable.

Sense possesses the genetic ability Scent Conduct, which allows him very fine levels of control over the pheromones that he secretes, allowing him to convey complex thoughts through scents, unlike the simple emotion manipulation created through Sweet Scent.

Unfortunately, Sense's powers leave him with a rather gaping weakness to a single element - Fire. His armor, due to it's design, has limited heat dissipation, causing it to heat up, although electrical abilities are more effective against it. His two elements also have large and obvious weaknesses to fire, and his bugs logically are of no use against a fire wielder.

Ice Abilities

Nature Abilities

Insect Abilities

Elementless Abilities


Growing up in fear of his father's wrath, Sense was forced to learn how to fight in styles he was disinterested in, purely to satisfy his father. This kind of motivation was a major pressure on his shoulders for years, until he attacked his father and ran away. After that point, due to the disinformation campaign, Sense's focus was to prove the claims about him wrong, by any means necessary. Finally, after taking command of Spear Squad, he became more down-to-earth, and would listen to what his troopers had to say.

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