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Appearance Senona has dark chocolate brown hair almost dark enough to be black, caramel eyes, and a pale skin color all her life.

Classical her wore a simple layout a blue spegettie strapped dress with a black lining through the middle and her fur was behind her black and white striped headband, and tennie shoes

as she got to her mid early "appearence" 10 age (the mind was older lets say that) she wore a plain blue strapless dress and combat boots and a ponytail

when she got appearence age 12 she wore a strapless all different blues mixed, with a black stone on the middle top, and combat boots along with a protective star charm necklace around her neck, and knuckle gloves for her fighting and style... so she kept this appearence for mostly the rest of her life


Slight/senona has a caring heart, sentamental/sensitive thoughts, outgoing, humourous, powerfull, she talks to every one small big, nerdy and cool, she stands up for her friends... whenever shes upset she can hide emotions in a breeze... and shes got a smile that could light up the most depressed person... she shows respect to elders, and she loves her family... but she also has a dark side to her.... she as a young child was beaten at school by the bullies... she vowed to take down anyone who did that... one day.. in highschool she was walking down the halls when a bunch of popular girls ran over and started hitting her for no reason this awakened the fire of destrutiona from inside... "destrutionia" is a monster pretty much the same as senona except full of rage despair hate ect. so yeah.. but other than that Slights an upbeat girl..


When she was born her family sent her with her brother on a ship... Slight had the idea it was for saftey..

sure enough it was you see there was a bomb planted on the planet by an unknown evil creature... and her mother and father wanted her safe...

so they could use thier full powers to save the planet, unforrunately it failed.. Slight's brother had promised to keep her safe... years later still flying through space on the craft.. she had gotten mature only 7 but she knew alot she knew how to balance a bill, algebra, she wrote and drew for a weeks allowence.. one night the evil creature came back.. everyone was asleep but little did the poor hedghog know she wasnt up alone.. CRASH ALERT ALERT INTRUTER ALERT she ran into the creauture at speed of sound she smiled seeing how fun it was but when she opened her eyes.. all she saw was a white light.. she remembered when the kids would pick on her for having a star birthmark on her cheek, and when they saw she had braces, when she didnt have a date to a dance, her first rejection... all of it.. she stumbled back and just fell to the floor as if some one were tearing out her heart several times... then it went black..

"HELLO DEAR" the loud creepy voice said utterly afraid she just sat there wide eyed

"WHOS THERE?!?! SHOW YOUR SELF IM NOT AFRA-AFRAID TO ATTACK!!!" there was a young girl exactly the same

"Calm down hun.." the girl wrapped her arms around Slight

"My names Senona... your Slight right?" I nodded just amazed she knew me...

"How do you know me?"

"You are a part of me.." she smiled...

"uhhh..." Senona just giggled and grabbed my arm, showing me when she helped me...  wow... this other part of me... huh? could be cool..

so anyway Senona heard Destronia coming and pushed me behind something..

"Oh hi my slave you ready?"

"Umm sure ill be there in a moment.."

"kay" then she pulled Slight out and looked with worry...

"We are going to stop her right?" i asked she just nodded

but before we could try i woke up in my room.. there were atleast 5 girls around me...

"Are you okay?" they all asked except the blue dog..

"Yeah who are you people?"

"Well lets just say.. some friends" the dog looked over at me and smiled


time skip 11 year old Senona/Slight, 7 year old jewelz the dog, and the rest of the group were pals

"So, have you asked "him" out yet?" Jewelz snickered doing a funny thing with her eye brows and Rebbeca elbowed lezzy who was laughing hard at jewelz actions

"No why?" Slight asked, And giggled to myself..

"OH COME ON!!!, SLIGHT WE ALL KNOW YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON KNIGHT WEVE SEEN YOU" Jezz yelled out of fustration and slightly annoyed

"FINE I DID!!" Slight said getting up and doing a small girly squeak, everyone just gasped..


"I DID?!?!" Slight asked puzzled..



Slights pretty powerfull, heres some of them

+You know how sonic, silver, tails, and shadow can go super: senona can go Glitched/Code wich means she can teleport, freeze time, and go back in time

+ she has the power to tell emotions like shadows untalable emotion she can tell anyones

+She has sense to know when troubles around

+ She doesnt know this but she can make someone crazy just by glaring

Special Abilities

Runs faster than speed of light [faster than sonic shadow and silver combind]

Lights up like a nightlight at night

Has a flexible body

Strength that is impossible

and in her ultimate form she can kill one whole galaxy [why do you think her name was Starz?]


Mind Control- controls your body not your actual brain

The Glare- the immedative glare telling you to step off, works like a charm

Innocent Attack- she acts cutely impossible to look away innocent while attacking makeing it hard to stop her

Gamester- Can win any  game due to her hard determination


when someone dabbles with her heart, and feelings

when someone loved is taken

when a rival returns

_________________________________________________ check out slights youtube ^^

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