This is an article about Sena the Wolf, a character created by Five17 on 10/25/2015.

"No. You said you wouldn't talk about it again. Drop it."
—When Sena stops Nalia from trying to ask about his background.

Sena is an 19 year old anthromorphic Grey Wolf. He is an intellegent, top honour's student in station square high. He's an assassin who mainly works during the night, but at random times he'll do it during the day. He is also one of the 4 main character's of User:Five17 story.


Sena has Dark gray fur and has bright orange eyes. Like Nalia, He doesn't wear one outfit, his outfits greatly vary from Black to dark colored Letterman jackets or regular black jackets, usually he wears Dark or black pants/w letters on them sometimes, his shoes always changes as well, but he commonly wears sneakers or any type of causal shoe.

While attending school, like Ian's, His uniform consists of mostly a black collar shirt/w a red tie, along with black khaki pants/w either a black or red belt worn around the waist, and black causal shoes.


Sena is a bright individual. A very diligent student, he believes very strongly that hard-work is very important to get what it means done, seemingly more than willing to sacrifice his time with hanging out with friends to finish very important assignments and dislikes distractions. To others, despite him being uptight when it comes to work,  His peers look up to him for being both intelligent and someone they can rely on (his classmates often go to him for help when their struggling either with homework or projects), To his teachers he's the perfect role model and student. They always boast about how his future looks bright for him and are very positive that he can succeed and pass anything the world throws his way. The teachers are always flattered when he's willing to help out his teachers with anything they need; such as running little errands or whatnot.

Though Truly, Sena is a quite apathetic. He doesn't really care much for others, He wouldn't mind manipulating anyone to achieve what he wants or simply just for his own amusement to appease his own boredom. However, he doesn't really have anything against anyone. He's normally quiet, he usually doesn't talk unless he has to and because he likes to observe his surroundings as he finds it more interesting to see or notice things that others are fail to notice. Despite his many achievements, he doesn't take much joy or pleasure in it, despite the work he put in to achieve them, as such whenever others compliment him on his achievements he finds it to be rather bothersome and pointless, but usually responds by saying either "thank you" or "yeah".

He strongly dislikes conversations as such, tries to avoids them as much as he can(unless it's with his friends), however only if it's mandatory. When in a conversation, he would listen to what they got to say, however he really isn't interested in what their saying, often times he would tone them out. He keeps to himself and doesn't share much about himself to anyone. When with friends, he is very sarcastic and deadpan, he has a habit of teasing or picking on his friends for fun and is even a bit more talkative then he normally is. Beacuse he only has very few friends that are precious to him(he may not show it), but he's ferociously protective over those few he cares about and wouldn't mind going above torturing or even slaughtering anyone who attempt to bring any sort of harm to them. As such he keeps a close watch on his surroundings and is able to stay focused even when engaged in a conversation. He's the most observant in his circle of friends.


Sena's past is ambiguous. Not much is known about his past life or where he was originally from. Since sena is secretive, he never brings up anything related to his past. Not even his closest friends know. When asked about his past, Sena usually ignores the question or tells them "it's nothing special".

Powers and Abilities

Dark Manipulation

Sena's power is being able to manipulate the shadows, the darkness and within it. He is an expertise in mastering this power. He is able to use his dark powers to reanimate non-living things;ex like statues, electrical appliances etc. He has a form of telekinesis, being able to manipulate/move objects in his environment with his mind, when lifting objects, an dark grayish aura forms around them. Sena is able to blend in within/hide in peoples shadows, an interesting thing about it as long as he's in the persons shadow, he is capable of controlling or manipulating them similar to puppets, but this is mostly effective if their in a dimly lit area. However, if he doesn't attack them, he pretends to be a simple shadow, who'll ease drop/spy on people conversations, he can leave others shadows without leaving any trace or evidence of ever being there. but darkness is needed in order for this to work.

He is able to create a field of un-penetrable darkness that can nullify the sight of others, basically surrounding everything around it in pitch black, however if he were to focus, depending on how much he generates it, completely able to destroy anything that's in his path. Additionally, if a light user is using an attack against him, if given the chance and getting it at the right time, he can absorb that light energy, turning it into dark energy, absorb it into his body as he uses for his power source, this greatly increases his durability and skills when in battle. Manipulating dark energy, he can fully turn them into weapons, like swords, guns etc. He can protect himself by building up a force field around him that is nearly impossible to break through, however he can also uses his force field as a weapon, say if objects were being thrown at his shield;ex like bullets/energy blasts, he deflect the bullets/objects back at his targets. Also he is able to suffocate or make a person unconscious by using an ability, Dark mist, which he uses to surround his targets in thick dark fog, then the mist would surround the victim, cutting off any oxygen.

Besides this, He can teleport as well. He applies this to some of his abilities as well, such being able to travel up in the sky via shadows, but will quickly come back down at a very high speeds, if a target is too slow to get out of the way, sena will crash into the ground, causing a very powerful explosive shock-wave, the damage it does is really devastating, it can deal a heavy damage to or death to opponent/target and destruction to everything that's around it. Although, it usually isn't for long, he can use his dark powers to influence/manipulate others minds and make them into his own mindless puppets, but is very limited, especially if others have extremely positive or light abilities, he can only control for a briefly, However if the person is extremely negative or have little to no self-esteem, he is able to control them for longer periods of time with no issue.

Physical Abilities

He is capable of traveling at great speeds, using his dark energy to make him go much faster, however, he is not able to reach speeds as fast as sonic or shadow . He has enhanced durability, allowing him to take serious blows without going down so easily and because of his wounds heal at a really fast rapid pace due to using his dark energy. Even if he was to be seriously injured at all, it wouldn't take that much time for him to recover and get back on his feet. Unusually, he possesses an high amount of super human strength, being able to flip/throw trucks, cars, and being able to destroy bullet proof glass with just one swift of a punch.

Sena is very agile, having a very quick reaction time, being able to respond to danger within less than a second. He also very swift with his movements, he is able to dodge most attacks thrown at him, because of how perfectly he effectively reacts to timing. Being athletic, he hardly tires out, being able to stay one on one with his opponent remaining restless.

Combat skills

At first, he starts off very easy with his opponents, if he doesn't see them as a challenge or match for him. He'd usually starts off like this, while going easy, he would taunt/mock his opponent's. However, when battling an enemy who's worth it/powerful, he becomes a huge lethal threat to recon with, and that time all the fun and games are over. He's very deadly, he will literally throw himself into a battle and will not hesitate to hold back on his strength.

Protected Senses- He is immune to or can dull the effects that can damage or influence the senses. He is unaffected by blinding lights, deafening explosions and extreme flavors or smell, this ability is extremely useful if he is stuck in a building or tight place that reeks of gases etc.

Light Absorption- Sena can absorb visible life. Just from taking light from it's source he can absorb it into his body, and become a lot more stronger or using it as power source.

Camouflage- By blending with the shadows or darker area's he cannot be seen/undetectable. However, he can't really turn invisible as he needs a really dark area in order to blend in.

Shadow- This ability allows him to be able to transform his body into a shadows, while in his shadow form he is immune to attacks unless you have a lot of bright objects up close to him and flash it at him. However, he never uses this ability because despite becoming a shadow and being almost invincible, his shadow somehow to seem has a mind of it's own and has it's own will as such it's never used.

Shadow Stealth- He can hide within people's own shadows. This is shown to be a very sufficient for sena, as he is able to watch his targets closely before having to move in for the kill. However, this ability is deemed useless if he speaks and if his targets notice this, if that's the case, he would immediately kill them as fast as possible before they say anything.

Night Time Empowerment- When the full moon is out, when it's dark out with no clouds out, no rain etc. Sena is able to heal/gain more energy. This also strengthens him as well, this makes him become so much stronger. This proves to be a huge advantage to sena, his powers and abilities becomes a lot more powerful and more devasting. However, usually sena only uses it when he is seriously hurt and needs to heal up.

Umbra-Knesis- From the Darkness sena is able to turn it into a variety of objects as such tools, objects, weapons etc. Or think of anything he wants and create it out of darkness.


Fast reader- He reads books a lot as such, he's a very fast reader and is able to remember what clearly happened in the book without having to go back and re-read it. He states himself that he doesn't read for pure enjoyment, instead because he's bored and doesn't have much to else to do.(well because he doesn't like much else).

Training/Working-  he tends to workout, especially during the night when he's got nothing to do. He usually practices combat, his reflexes etc. often on some occasions he'll work out with Ian, testing each other out.

Night Vision- His vision increases 10 folds during the night. Being able to see in very low light conditions, he is able to make out objects from very long distances. It's really useful when he's out during a late night assassination.

Enhanced Assassination Skills- Because of his expertise in killing others, he is able to pull off how to assassination effortlessly without struggle. Because of his mastery in stealth and because he thoroughly plans out how the scenario will play out, He is far beyond the norm of an average killer, as he's able to catch his victims off guard before they have any time to react to their situation. Because of his silent, deadly skills, he is feared and seen huge threat.

Intelligence- Sena is highly intelligent. Although, he's not an mechanic or scientist or whatnot, he possesses the ability of reasoning logic, perceptiveness, planning, etc. Despite his lacking in caring for others, he has a rather unusal understanding and knowledge of others emotions and feelings, how they respond/react to situations, just from listening and paying close attention to his friends and to those he interacts with. ​


Light abilities- Despite having a few light abilities of his own, instead of doing him serious harm, the most it'll do is get irritated or extremely tired, since he's usually wide awake during the dark hours. Their's only certain light abilities that can really do a fair amount of damage to him, as such he will disintegrate into darkness, but will go recharge up in a dark area and gain strength again. There some that can even burn him, as such he will do whatever it takes to stay away from it.

Also when light is flashed in his eyes, he can temporarily lose focus, which he is left vulnerable for a moment, so the person would have to react fast.

Because he tends to be very active during the night, he can be extremely exhausted or tired in the morning.

Because of his apathy, he doesn't know how to comprehend or feel emotion, but he doesn't really care though.

Spahgetti. That's it.

Friends/Allies ==

  • Ian the Porcupine (Childhood friend/best friend)
  • Nalia the Hedgehog (Good friend)
  • Mari the Chipmunk (Good friend)
  • Ni the Rat (Acquaintances)


  • Adin the Hedgehog (Causal Business Partners)


  • None as of yet


Ian the PorcupineHim and Ian are childhood friends. Ian is one of very few people that sena considers his closest friend. When they were much younger Ian always wanted to be friends with the older wolf. At first, sena had no interest in even wanting to be friends with the porcupine. However, thanks to Ian not being deterred from trying to become friends with him, they eventually grew into becoming really close. Sena is also a lot more talkative when with Ian. These two are always seen together where ever they go, whenever they finished up whatever they were doing/had to do, they would contact each other and have the other come out and meet them somewhere to hang. However, sena does tend to get annoyed with Ian, he would make sarcastic remarks if something unfortunate happened to him. Especially if Ian got rejected or told off by a girl. Despite this, Ian trusts him with his personal or embarrassing things that he is unable to tell others about, further empathizing the trust they have between each other. When others try to question how close they are, especially if both Ian and sena are together, the wolf would snicker to himself and state that Ian is his "lover". This usually flusters and annoys Ian, who states he straight as a stick(ok buddy, keep telling yourself that).

Mari the Chipmunk- She is good friend of sena, even though sometimes sena himself can't see that. However, the two get along well, their often seen together hanging out along with ian. Initially, sena, like he did with everyone else, didn't really pay much attention to her, so when he started to get to know her, he found her incredibly boring, unappealing even stating that her personality is "typical and bland" but usually puts up with it without saying much. but, he started to care more for her as they continue to hang around each other. however, from time to time he still gets slightly annoyed by her cheerful personality.

Nalia the hedgehog- Originally he really didn't show that much interest in her at first. He found nothing particulary special about her and only interacted with her so Ian can stop getting on his nerves about trying to be friends with nalia. However, during the second semester of the school year, very slowly he did begin to interact with her a little bit(because Ian kept insisting they be friends). This lead to both of them talking more and more as days passed on, eventually they become friends

NI the Rat- He has little to no interaction with her, considering she only comes around if nalia invites her since their good friends. When she is around, He rarely ever talks to her, seemingly never acknowledging her existence. When they do interact it's usually awkward, as sena really isn't interested in or having a conversation with her. However, he doesn't hate her.

Adin the hedgehog- Sena is pretty neutral with him. They'll sometime's bump into each other when their out looking for the same person their attempting to assassinate. Adin seems to take a strong interest to the assassin, he has attempted to make small talk with him on multiply times occassions. However, even though they've aided each other on occasions, Adin doesn't really know all that much about the wolf or his identity, however outside of their jobs, when seeing sena on the street, he often has a sense of deja vu but never dwells on it, usually ignoring these thoughts and continues on with what he's doing.

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