Semplice the Badger

Biographical Information
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Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Japanese Badger
  • Fur: Black body, w/blue facial markings & white eye markings
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Cyan Psychokinesis marks tattooed in a pattern - a circle on forehead, hands and feet, lines connecting each together.
  • Blue shirt
  • Black tunic
  • Black pleated pants
  • Grey robe
  • Grey belt
  • Grey boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Advanced Combat - Sansetsukon
  • Skilled with Psychokinesis & other psychic powers
  • Skilled with Pyrokinesis
  • Stealth training
  • Capable of sensing energy usage
  • Assassin training.
Other Information
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AppearancesRoleplay:The Elemental Wars
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Semplice the Badger is a soldier in the Nihlic Clan of Nihlus, and former assassin trainee from the Fire Clan of Fiamme.

Physical Description

Semplice is of similar height to the average hedgehog, with black fur over the majority of his body, with blue fur covering most of his face and a pair of white markings over each eye. However, he is also stockier than most hedgehogs, and his broad body is rather well-muscled under his thick fur.

He also has a prominent blue pattern over his back, starting from the backs of his front and rear paws, then progressing along his spine to his forehead, with each end-point marked with a psychokinesis mark. This was the result of tattooing in order to maximize his psychic powers.


Semplice wears a blue shirt under a black tunic and black pleated pants, with a gray robe, belt and boots on top. This also serves to cover most of his psychokinesis tattooing.


Early Life

Semplice was born in the Fire Clan of Fiamme as the son of two rather brutal assassins, his father being killed barely the month before he was born. However, as unlikely as it was, the young badger was born with psychic powers, and that quickly became evident by his ability to read people and their emotions to an impossible degree, not to mention his natural ability to sense the presence of others, especially those of great power, from a young age.

His mother did her best to hide the fact, but it was soon picked up on, and the young badger was quickly commanded to never use his psychic powers, instead focusing on his control of fire. This restraint started to bite into him at around the start of his schooling, but he tried to persevere, determined to follow in the footsteps of his parents and becoming an assassin. Unfortunately, his mother was killed after his eighth birthday in an attack on the Fire Clan by a group of Overlander slavers, with his mother sacrificing herself to protect her young son and the rest of the clan.

Distrust & Destruction

Even as an orphan, the badger forced himself to focus on fire, and forget his psychic abilities, something made harder by his constant sensing of his environment, and his ability to read others. This was picked up by a pair of older kids, who started to bully the boy for his powers. In his anger, Semplice unleashed a powerful psychic wave, hurling both bullies away from himself, but triggering everyone else to start to ignore him and cast him out for possessing another ability.

Ignoring it, he worked harder, and at his sixteenth birthday started training as an assassin. This, of course, went badly, with the bullies making his life a living hell. Eventually, enough was enough. He disappeared one night, finding his way to a small town. Silently, he hid within an old library, where he discovered a book on ancient psychic type magic. Foremost in the book was designs of a Celestial tattoo that would boost psychic powers if added to specific places. A mark on one's hands would boost telekinesis. The feet enhanced levitation. The same symbol on the head would boost telepathy, while connecting all the different marks together would result in enhanced psychic powers to a massive degree. Intrigued, the badger began playing with designs, before coming up with one that would provide all-around enhancement.

Over a year, using the old book he had stolen, he studied and taught himself how to control his psychic abilities, before getting himself tattooed with his design at his seventeenth birthday. He then returned to the Fire Clan, having purchased a sansetsukon or three-sectioned staff to serve as his melee weapon. Quickly, the bullies and others charged at him, trying to attack the youngster, but each and every time, he would blast them with his powerful psychic abilities. Finally, the leaders of the clan, themselves unable to defeat the teen, cast him out, and warned him that should he return, he would be slain. Silently, Semplice left, using his ability to sense power to disappear into the Transitory Mists.

Becoming a Soldier

His arrival into the Nihlic Clan was a sudden one, with members panicking upon the sight of the teen, whom had walked into the clan without the mists managing to make him get lost, or without him walking into any traps or monsters. Disinterested, Semplice simply announced that he was homeless, and a master of both psychic powers and fire. This intrigued the leaders of the clan, who allowed him to stay, offering him the place as a soldier. The badger agreed, and hasn't had reason to disagree since. He also formed a close bond with Ordinaria the Hedgewolf, a fellow soldier whom used the same weapon as he did, who became his regular sparring partner. The two quickly became close friends, and Semplice formed a crush on the powerful older woman.


The foremost set of abilities Semplice possesses is his psychic powers. Amplified by his tattoos, which serve a similar function and possess a similar to the markings on Silver's gloves, these powers are devastating. He is capable of unleashing invisible pressure waves of telekinetic power, or fighting in a similar style to Silver. He can also project illusions straight into the minds of others, and as such is immune to such illusions himself.

His secondary element is Fire, which is what he spent most of his childhood training with. As such, he has great control, but the sheer power of his psychic powers easily dominate over his fire skill. He is also an adept hand-to-hand combatant, using the claws on his paws, his fists or his sansetsukon to bring down foes. However, he rarely uses kicks, preferring to use his feet only in levitation and for transportation.

Like most fire wielders, he is weak against water, although this weakness is lowered due to his psychic powers. However, his main weakness is anything that can prey on his fear of ancient, extinct beings. For example, dinosaurs and other fossilized creatures can cause a sudden panic reaction, while Demons or Celestials can bring him to a quivering wreck. As such, it is rare for him to work alongside Gewone the Carracosta, who, as a member of an ancient Pokemon breed, scares him to his core.

Psychic Abilities

Fire Abilities

Elementless Abilities


Semplice has a rather persevering personality, which drives him to try his hardest until he succeeds. However, this doesn't always work, which drives him to his breaking point. He is also rather intelligent, having taught himself how to control his psychic powers and design his own enhancer tattoo pattern.

He is also capable of thinking in the same sort of four-dimensional view as other people with temporal abilities, although he lacks true time manipulation or temporal vision. He has a great fear of ancient races and anything that can be seen in fossils, for as-of-yet unknown reasons.

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