Flaming demon selmah
Selmah is a member of Team Asbalm. He is also a spy for the editors (more elaboration on that in the WTF series), and is the only member that is not a DNA fusion. He is a standard fusion of Super Dark Flab and Super Dark Will. Selmah was separated from Flab and Will from an incident in the future involving an attack struggle involving Mac.

The Story of Selmah

Selmah was a very unusual being. Other than the fact that he escaped from a fusion (was sick of not existing), he never knew what his powers were. Once Selmah escaped from Dark Flab and one of Will's forms, Flab and Will could never access that fusion again. Selmah had ran to Meatropolis, Flab's birth place, and decided to start his new found life. After signing applications and taking physicals, Selmah had gotten a job in the M.A.F.I.A (Meatropolis Armed Forces Inside Angel island). From then on, Selmah took an honest job in the armed forces of Meatropolis. But then ..... IT happened. Selmah being a fusion of Will and Flab meant that he had Both of their feelings melded into one. Having Flab's caring factor and Will's payback factor, everytime a man got killed on the battlefield, Selmah took it upon himself to kill the person who killed the man on his side. Selmah continued this, until he learned that it is illegal to kill someone for vengeance, so Selmah stopped his actions. A few weeks later, Selmah had a day off, but Selmah, loving the battlefield, sat and watched the war. Meanwhile, Mendoza's search for his creations was failing. Mendoza then got bored and decided to have some 'fun'. Mendoza used his powers of possession to possess the general of Meatropolis. General Mendoza then decided to cause some trouble and started killing his own men. Selmah saw this, being on the sidelines, dropped his popcorn and joined the fight. A large battle raged between General Mendoza and Selmah. Selmah, being so furious at his general, just exploded (not him, his energy). An explosion the size of a farm yard destroyed the entire battlefield and almost everyone in it. Selmah collapsed and lost all conciousness. One month later, Selmah woke up in Team Asbalm's hideout. Selmah sat up in the room he was in and looked around. Just then, Mendoza and Elga started opening the door, Selmah quickly jumped back and layed in the bed. Mendoza walked up to the bed. "Marvelous, isn't he"."Yes Mendoza", said Elga. "I'll get started on his diagnosis." Mendoza sat and watched as Ellga healed Selmah's wounds. Selmah let Elga heal his wounds and when she had finished, Selmah knocked Elga out and made a run for the door. Mendoza teleported there and stopped him. Selmah had then asked who Mendoza was, as welll as asking who Team Asbalm was. Mendoza explained, and kept going on how he 'saw' what happened on the battlefield. Selmah was shattered. Selmah couldn't believe how dangerous he was and asked Mendoza to kill him. Mendoza just laughed and said one thing: "I will teach you how to use your powers, but in return, you wil serve me and become a member of Team Asbalm". Selmah, having nowhere to go because of the incident, agreed. And from then on, Selmah went from good to evil. And was a great asset to the ever growing, Team Asbalm.


Selmah is a Sonic edit with a Knuckles editted head and Knuckles' glove on one side of his arm. He is dark maroon and has green streaks.


He has all the abilities of Super Dark Flab and Super Dark Will, powered up by OVER 9000 points!!!!!!!!!!

Friends, enemies

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