Seliphology (also called Wave Science or Wave Theory by humans and Mobians) is a form of science and study that is highly regarded by scientists, Hymmnosens and the populations of Elemia and Syestine. It first originated 800,000 years ago from one of Shurelia's descendants, Illusha Precielm, and began in Elemia before spreading to Miterria, Yisdoria and Lumoaer, become popular and included in academies and universities. It then later becomes popular and worldwide in Mobius in year 893 A.R. (After Return).


Energy Waves

Energy Waves are the universal energies of the world that encompass and embody everything abiotic and biotic, the metaphysical, physical and unphysical, the mind, soul and body, even magic or any form of energy. They are seen as waves. Originally, they were thought of as sound frequencies, but it was proven later that they were a highly advanced form of energy that could take on many different forms, each form with its own colour, structure, energy type and frequency.


Dynamic waves are the least advanced forms of Energy Waves, existing as physical waves that take on the form of an inanimate object. Dynamic would be easily seen as the 'solid' form of matter.


Static waves are mid-level Energy Waves that exist as metaphysical waves on a spiritual level of any living being.


The highest and most advanced forms of Energy Waves, they are immaterial waves that exist on a spiritual and universal plane of high-level existence and consciousness. Frankly speaking, they are waves that exist on the same level of a deity's level of spiritual frequencies. However, because of their high energy levels, they are too powerful for human and Mobian minds. If exposed to such level of waves, their minds will collapse due to the exposure of them, resulting in death. An example of this would be a living creature dropped into a pool of lava. Imagine the being's body as the mind of a person, and the lava as Symphonic Energy Waves. Hymmnosens can endure such waves, but only for a limited amount of time unfortunately, the longest limit being 10-11 mins, because even though a Hymmnosen's mentality is advanced than humans or Mobians, they are not mentally advanced as deities on the same level, meaning they are vulnerable like anyone else. Willestiums, however, show complete immunity to Symphonic waves.

Type Symbol Colour Energy Known/Possible Frequencies of this Wave (Hz)
D-Wave DW Cyan Space/Matter
Em-Wave EmW Brown Element
H-Wave HW Pink Spirit
Hz-Wave HzW (Veluthynia) Magenta Emotion
K-Wave KW Yellow Movement
M-Wave MW Blue Time
N-Wave NW Red Chaos
P-Wave PW Green Life
R-Wave RW Purple Time-Space
S-Wave SW (Sapolyri) Indigo Reality
Tz-Wave TzW (Selipharia) White Sol/Aether
U-Wave UW Orange Resonance
Vx-Wave VxW Violet Mana
Z-Wave ZW Rainbow ???




Seliphology Symbol 2

H-Waves are known as spiritual/mental energy, and are what form the mental structure of every living being.

Symphonic H-Waves

Symphonic H-Waves are highly powerful energy waves that enable conversations with Wills and Ale'Cieldras. But like all Symphonic Waves, they can cause human or Mobian minds to collapse if they are exposed to them. However, Alpha Ciela Hymmnosens are completely immune to Symphonic H-Waves.


Hz-Waves are a derivative form of H-Waves, originating from them, and they form and act as the main component of emotions.








Seliphology Symbol 1

Selipharia, the Symbol of Light, Knowledge and Aether

Tz-Waves are Energy Waves that act as the component to forming Solar Energy. However, it is also secretly what forms Aether (Divine Energy/Quintessence). As solar Energy, they are emitted from any natural source of light, like the sun.





Omnis Clementia (Creation of All)

Prathmoriel (Structure of the Biotic)

Modetos (Structure of the Abiotic)

Sarla Ammue (Song Wave)

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