Selim 'Sliat' Reworp is currently a WANTED Rogue. It is impossible to catch the rogue for his skill, and ability to match Sonic and Shadow in speed, Knuckles in strength, and Eggman in intelligence. He is 1 of many criminal rogues that belong to the Rogue team: Sagrossa Gang.
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When Sliat was a young kit, he was much different from his current persona. And when he was younger, his physical form was nothing like it is now. He used to go by the name Jerry. he used to be playful and caring, now, he is much different. When he was still a young kit, his family (except for his grandparents) were murdered by an alien race called Strei-Akios right infront of his own eyes. He had hidden from the Strei-Akiosee' (plural for Strei-Akios), and was spared. Seeing his family killed right before his own young eyes, is what led him to become emotinally detached (and scarred) as well as mentally unstable/insane, and use his prodigious talents and gentically alter his body completey. He then changed his name to Selim 'Sliat' Reworp (Miles 'Tails' Prower backwards apparently), and became a criminal, but took his grandparents with him, so they could be safe as well.


Sliat used to be kind and caring. But after seeing his family killed, he lost his mind. He became emotionally detached around others. Cruel, cold, and heartless. He became Mentally unstable/insane. But, after becoming a criminal, he met Proto the Hedgehog. A self-genetically altered hedgehog, similar to how Sliat did. Proto had shown Sliat how to use a 'Visual Mask', to hide the person's true motives with a metaphorical mask. As Proto taught Sliat this, he was able to start using it, at first the Visual Mask of 'Happiness', then after more training, 'Sadness', 'Joy', 'Excitement', and Breaking the Visual Mask itself. This has helped Sliat in several criminal cases, and has, by this time, become a master of 'Visual Masking'. He's been shown to only have genuine care when it came to his grandparents and Proto. Don't fall fro his EXTREMELY tricky smile and happy and caring exterior, behind it is a VERY sadistic, cruel, cold, and heartless interior.

Life as a Criminal

When Sliat was going to join the Sagrossa Gang, the leader, a wolf by the name of Lobo del Diablo (spanish for Devil Wolf), had ordered one of his men to fight Sliat, and the stakes were: If Sliat won, he would be a member of the gang, and his grandparents would be kept at the Hideout safely and securely, Lobo del Diablo even promised he would have his Gang members give their life to protect his grandparents if Sliat could beat one of the gangmembers without getting hit, and if Sliat lost, all 3 would die. Sliat accepted, and easily beat the gangmember half-dead, due to his prodigious abilities. Then, Lobo del Diablo kept his promise, and kept his grandparents safe at all times, while Sliat was an official rogue, and carried out murderous missions.

Interaction with Characters

Proto the Hedgehog

Sliat has a close brother-like relationship with Proto, being the only Rogue to bother showing him how to succed in missions, how to fool others, etc. Sliat has proven he has genuine care for Proto, as in a mission, Proto would have been crushed by a Rockslide, which Sliat pushed him out of the way in the nik of time, while he let the other members be crushed by the rockslide, as he merely grinned over the agonizing screams of pain and death.

Lobo del Diablo

He doesn't particularly care for Lobo del Diablo. He just reluctantly follows his orders, and stays fine around him so long as his grandparents are alive and well.

Grandfather Egroeg

Sliat deeply cares for his grandfather. His grandparents, the only ones who bothered to raise him when he was a young kit. His grandparents old age is the reason why he had Lobo del Diablo to be sure that his grandparents are always alive and well. His grandparents are 2 of the very few living people to have seen him genuinely smile and show emotion

Grandmother Asile

Sliat deeply cares for his grandmother. His grandparents, the only ones who bothered to raise him when he was a young kit. His grandparents old age is the reason why he had Lobo del Diablo to be sure that his grandparents are always alive and well. His grandparents are 2 of the very few living people to have seen him genuinely smile and show emotion

Zeal the Echidna Ancient

Sliat doesn't know Zeal too well. Other than he is the last of the Echidna Ancients, and that he's a close friend of Proto's. But Sliat is still learning of Zeal, through Zeal himself, and Proto.

Terminal Illness

A few months into being in the Sargossa Gang, Sliat contracted a heart disease that would put him in a coma if his blood sugar rised above his average level (his average level is 137.6 mg); or if his blood sugar drops below his average level, he'll burn about 83% of his energy, then it'll take at least 2 days for him recuperate, and at least a week to recover to his full energy, but if he stay in a Rejuvination Capsule, he'll recover in 5 days. Unfortunately, during those 5-7 days, his body will rapidly degrade. So naturally, Slait lives a healthy life-style, although, his grandparents usually cook chicken or vegetable soup for him, and make sure he eats fruit, poultry, and vegetables daily.

Encounter with the Sonic Gang

While working on an experiment, the machine Zeal, Proto, and Sliat were working on, goes haywire, and creates an Interdimensional Rift, which makes Sonic and gang get transported to Sliat and Proto's hideout. Which, then leads the 3 to fight Sonic, Amy, Tails, Shadow, Knuckles, and Eggman. Sliat taking on Tails and Eggman, Zeal against Amy and Knuckles, leaving Proto against Sonic and Shadow. After a brutal fight, the machine starts working and sends the Sonic Gang back to their own dimension. Eventually after recovering from the injuries, Sliat notices that his computer took a picture of the people in the fight. He, Zeal, and Proto look it over, and Sliat notices that Miles 'Tails' Prower look very similar to one another. As Proto asks "You look exactly like him, but with different colors. Did you make yourself look like him purposely?" Sliat then goes into a mental breakdown screaming "IS EVERYTHING I KNOW A LIE?!?! WAS I CREATED AS NOTHING BUT A MEMORY AND COPY!??!! WHO AM I!?!?! AM I EVEN REAL!?!?! DO I HAVE A HEART OF MY OWN!?!?! OR IS THAT A LIE TOO?!?!?!" After Sliat goes into a mental breakdown, Proto and Zeal take him to the hospital, and Slait falls into a coma for 2 weeks. -Side Note-: During the fight, Eggman blasted a piece of his right ear off with a Blaster Gun-


After the 2 weeks pass, Slait reawakens, and goes on a mission (by choice) right away. -Slait is currently still away at mission-


"CRAAAAAAAP!!!!!!" -when encountering giant opponent

"Damn..." -when something bad happens

"Oh Sh**!!" -When falling off a high place, rockslide happens, etc

"HOLY CRAP?!?!!?!" -when surprised

"Hell no..." -when fighting someone thats over 20 feet tall

"IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO GO BOOM!!!!" -when being a sadistic bomber

"I'LL PUMP YOU FULL OF LEAD!!!!!" -when being a sadistic gunner

"I'LL SLICE YOU TO RIBBONS!!!!!" -when being a sadistic swordsman

"Oooh...I'm gonna have to get my hands REALLY bloody this time..." -when about to murder viciously


-Slait seems to have a fondness of the fruits: Cantaloupe, Watermelon, and Mangoes.

-Slait has a soft spot for Chao.

-Slait actually owns a few Chao

-He owns a plane model he made called X Odanrot

-The amount of times other have tried to assasinate Selim is: 36 times.

-Selim has almost blew himself up before.


Name Selim 'Sliat' Reworp


Kanji Translation Rimu' surēto' Reworp
Physical and Chronological Info

Chronologic Age: 16

Physical Age: 10-11

Species: Genetically Altered Red Fox

Weight: 45 lb

Height: 3'1

Build: Slim

Gender: Male

Fur: Black

Tail Fur: Maroon/Burgendy

Chest Fur: White

Hair: Forest Green

Eyes: Amber

Muzzle: White

Blood Type: AB


Scourge the Hedgehog; Dr.Eggman; Neo Metal Sonic; Mephiles; Shadow the Hedgehog; Sagrossa Gang; Proto the Hedgehog

Professions Scientist; Assasin; S-Rank Rogue
Descrption A Genetically Altered Fox, which could surpass even the most gifted people when it comes to Science and Mathematics


Simple Customized Shoes, and Jeans with a belt

1) Supersonic Speed

2) Flight

3) Shoot Energy Blasts/Beams

4) Advanced Flexebility

5) Commands the Magic power of Dark Flame

6) IQ of 300

7) Twin Tails give High Defense

8) small, but VERY Sharp Canine Teeth

9) Can go Super For,

10) Can Fuse


1) Steak

2) Apple Juice

3) Watermelons

4) Cantaloupe (meat and fruit)

5) Zebras (meat)

6) Computers

7) Reading

8) Scourge (brotherly)

9) Proto the Hedgehog (brotherly)

10) Shadow (brotherly)

11) Neo Metal Sonic (brotherly)

12) Guns

13) Blades

14) Most things that could hurt others

15) Candy

16) Chao

17) Chili

18) Machinery

19) E-123 Omega (like a big mechanical brother)

20) E-MKII Beta (same as Omega)

21) E-102 Gamma (Same as Omega and Beta)

22) Pizza

23) Root Beer (+ Floats)


1) Amy Rose

2) Sonic the Hedgehog

3) Miles Tails Prower

4) Big the Cat

5) Cream the Rabbit

6) Knuckles the Echidna

7) Rouge the Bat

8) Mephiles

9) Silver

10) Blaze

11) Elise

12) Vector the Crocodile

13) Charmy Bee

14) Quinoa (Peruvian Wheat food)

15) Disease

16) Bicycles

17) SPIDERS (has arachnaphobia)

18) Football

19) People b****ing

20) Proto (at times)

21) Scourge (at times)

22) News Reporters

23) Pachacamac


Grandfather Egroeg

Grandmother Asile

Birthplace Sunset Beach
Current Residence

<alternates between>

Sunset Beach


Castillo De la Luna (spanish for Castle of the Moon)


Valley Creek


Prince Pyscho

Sadistic Fox

Tails!? (to others before they recognize him)

Super Forms/Fusion

Murderous Canis

Nega Sliat


Fusion: Prait (Proto and Slait fused)

English Voice Actor One-Winged Demon
Japanese Voice Actor One-Winged Demon
Spanish Voice Actor One-Winged Demon
Prait One-Winged Demon + -a friend of One-Winged Demon

Feral Blade

Bow of Clouds

Sadistic Revolver

Claws of Murder

Boots of Denial

Staff of the Ancients

Important Link

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