These are magic chants Selenia can use for battle, healing, etc.


On wings of thunder, honor bound, Search me out, I drum the sound.

Twist and turn in the night, Dragon come, my guiding light.

Protector, guardian, friend not foe, Come to me, see my sigil glow.

Strong and true, this friendship charm, I beckon thee, protect me from harm.

Around and about my magic swirls, Come to me, your wings unfurled.

Forbidden Spell 492

....As one falls, Another's yearns.

Reverse the doing, Make this burn! 'Forbidden spell number 492!

Spell 2792

"Call the quarters to begin, protect the Space enclosed within.

Air and Water Earth and Fire, keep us safe from all that's dire!

Three times three, and round we dance, protect all here from word or glance.

Return all ill from whence it came...three times round and back again!

Salt and Iron, Herbs and Hair, Precious Oils to bind the air

Cast your spell around this space, that all may live in Joy and Grace.

That it harm none ... So mote it be!"

Spell 18645

I’m just tired, tired of it all.

No more strength, only to fall.

But your smile, awaken my mind

I can finally see a light, one I always find.

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