This is an article about Selene the Bat, a character created by SPop120 on 04/13/2013.


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Selene is very timid but kindhearted and caring. She will always help someone in need, no matter the cost, but often is focused on making others happy other than herself.


Selene was born on Planet Kyron in the Sol Dimension. She was born to a very wealthy family, who were very good friends to the royal family. Selene was a very fortunate child. One day, Selene was told she was going to be married soon, but Selene was disgusted at the idea of marrying someone she barely knew, so she asked someone to wipe her memory and get her out of the Sol Dimension. She was found in a cave, and couldn't recall anything but her name, age, but nothing else.


Selene's powers are unknown. It is not known whether or not she has any powers.


Selene's abilities are unknown.



Selene can fly, but loses this skill when her memory is wiped, and slowly remembers how to fly again, something that she would enjoy.


Selene is weak when it comes to being tempted with such as bringing her memory back, or bringing her to her family.

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