She looks somewhat like Amy Rose, but her fur is purple with gold stripes, she has red eyes, and wears a backless blue dress with a gold trim. Female Voxai DNA was used when she was created, and she can sprout Voxai tentacles from her back and fight with them. (Voxai do have genders, there’s just no easy way to tell, without asking them, or reading their minds to find out.) She always keeps her laser katana with her, and when not in use, it deactivates and shrinks down to the size of a £2 coin, which she keeps inside a modified wristwatch on her right arm. She doesn't really need a watch, as she's has an extremely accurate inner clock, thanks to her enhanced mental skills. The laser katana has a built-in flamethrower on the bottom end, and she loves to use it.


Seiryu can use psychokinesis and control minds, run at up to 650 MPH, fire chaos blasts, and cut through anything with her laser sword. She isn't that strong, but she makes up for it with skill, and her ability to calculate anything: like the best way to fight something or destroy something, in nanoseconds. She's a genius, and if there's something she doesn't know about, she can usually figure it out quite quickly. She's a pretty good detective, and reading minds comes in handy for that. She can also create copies of herself. She can shapeshift into anything she sees, and can remember it indefinitely, but she needs to see it to become it, she can't just think of something weird and then shapeshift into it. She has very good eyes, and can see things well from a distance, but she is quite long-sighted, and has to hold books at arms length for her to be able to read them.(Her regeneration can not sure this.) If she ever dies, then her body will regenerate slowly. Minor wounds take a few hours, broken bones take about a day, and fatal wounds take a few weeks, depending on severity. She can fuse with other people, and she isn't afraid to use her psychic abilities to force her fusion partner to accept the fusion. She can bring herself and other people back from the dead, and create temporary copies of herself and others. She can create illusions, and she's gotten quite creating with torture-related illusions. She can float, but not very well. Anything more advanced than basic floating will usually have her flailing herself around like a ragdoll, and trying not to vomit as she does so.


Seiryu's happy, hyper, energetic personality and impish sense of humour combined with her analytical abilities makes for an interesting combination, as nobody would be expecting the bubbly, smiley girl to have an IQ of 300 using the human test, 500/500 using the Mobian test, and 970/1000 using the Voxai test. She's a genius and she knows it, and she's not afraid to boast about it. She often plays matchmaker with other people's relationships, and while she can shapeshift into anything, she prefers to stay as herself most of the time, unless she's pulling some wacky and fun shenanigans while disguised as someone else!

She usually gets along well with most people she meets, and she loves to be the center of attention. She loves singing, and she's a great dancer, but quite possibly the worst rapper who ever lived. She's quick to fall in love, and even quicker to change her mind. She loves to read, build machines, and fight, and she'll do anything for more money. Her kareoke club, 'Seiryu's Songs', means a lot to her, and she will do anything to protect the world, but only because her kareoke club is there.


Seiryu was one of the prototypes for the Ultimate Life Form, but wasn't released from her stasis pod until Prison Island blew up. Instead of using Black Doom's DNA, Voxai DNA was used to create her. Her pod broke, and she escaped, and wasn't really sure what to do. She had no memory, and she couldn't sense any Voxai anywhere on the planet. She went to Central City, and talked to everyone she saw. Eventually, after hearing some good kareoke, she decided she'd open her own kareoke bar, named 'Seiryu's Songs'. For the money needed to buy a bar and turn it into a Kareoke club, she got a part-time job at GUN. There, she met Alexander. The two got along quite well, and it wasn't long before the two started trying to kill each other.

She met Liz the Tiger at a music store, where she tried, and failed, to play a ukulele. After she showed her the other instruments, the two of them got along quite well. Seiryu's shapeshifting freaked Liz out at first, but she soon thought it was pretty cool. She met Jessie the Skunk at a clothing store, but befriending her was trickier. Back then, Jessie was even more nervous around people than she is now, and if it wasn't for Seiryu figuring out what was going to happen and using her psychic powers to make Jessie calm down, she would have accidentally sprayed in the clothes shop, and gotten banned from another store.

Although Seiryu's bar, 'Seiryu's Songs', appears very good, it's actually losing quite a lot of money, so Seiryu will often go out and do pretty much anything to get money, while Liz and Jessie will do anything to save money. They could just ask Alexander for some of his money, and he has pointed this out a few times, but they insist that they want to do this by themselves.

She may have forbidden Alexander from giving her his money, but she didn't say anything about jobs. He got Seiryu many, many promotions at GUN, and often ends up on the highest-ranked and most dangerous missions that they have. She tries to get on well with her colleagues, and even though she outranks almost everyone in GUN, she tries not to draw too much attention to it.

After a few missions, she met Ryuzaki, her time-travelling granddaughter. She had came from a bad future, in which Seiryu's descendants were unable to afford the upkeep of Seiryu's Songs, and a corrupt businessman repossessed it from them. Ryuzaki time-travelled here to prevent that from ever happening, by helping out at Seiryu's Songs, and quietly killing the businessman if she ever finds him. Seiryu and Ryuzaki quickly became friends, but Ryuzaki tries to spend most of her time at Seiryu's Songs, trying not to impact or change the timeline in any way, apart from saving Seiryu's Songs.



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  • She doesn't consider any of the other Ultimate Life Forms to be related to her, as she believes she is a completely different person from who she was supposed to be. She doesn't really have any relatives, so instead, she made herself a family out of people she knows and trusts with her life. She sometimes uses her powers to shapeshift into these people temporarily, when she needs to.
  • Liz the Tiger, aged 17, professional gymnast. She helps out at Seiryu's bar, and she's a really good chef, and an even better waitress. However, she has extremely powerful germaphobia, and there are many wall-mounted hand sanitisers in the bar, at her request.
  • Jessie the Skunk, younger sister, aged 11. Jessie is very shy and nervous around people she doesn't know, and when she gets nervous, she can really clear out a room! People who have witnessed this skill often doubt that anything in existence could ever be worse that it, but her accidental ones are nothing at all, compared to what she can do when she really wants to make a city uninhabital for the rest of the year. Jessie spends most of her time watching over Seiryu's bar when she's not around, because her shyness stops her from going out, unless there's a good reason to. Anything less important than a universe-ending appocalypse, or a multiverse-ending appocalypse. Without that, she won't go anywhere without at least one of her friends with her.
  • Ryuzaki the Hedgehog-Voxai-Fox-Cat, granddaughter, aged 16. Ryuzaki has been working at 'Seiryu's Songs' ever since she used Chaos Control to come to the present day. In the future she comes from, 'Seiryu's Songs' had been torn down by a corrupt businessman. She came to the present day to make sure that this never happens, by helping out at the club, and killing off that businessman, if she ever finds him. Ryuzaki and Seiryu were the grandpatents, their kid was the mother, and the son of Tails the Fox and Blaze the Cat was the father. She carries around a bracelet with her at all times, and it permanently anchors her to this dimension and timeline whenever she wears it. Thanks to this, even if none of these people ever marry, or even meet, she won't be destroyed by the paradox. If her bracelet was removed, and she was then killed, then her body would teleport back to her own time. If she died, but kept her bracelet on, then her body would regenerate, but at a much slower pace than Seiryu.
  • Alexander, older brother, permanently aged 18. He started off as a genius playboy billionaire philanthropist, until he began to slowly die from heart disease. He built himself a robotic body made of liquid steel, and downloaded his mind into the robot. He always wanted to do this, and was going to do this anyway, the heart disease was just a really good excuse to do it. This process would never work again if he tried it, the fact that it worked once was no less than a complete miracle. He applied for a job at GUN, showed the what he could do, and easily got a job as a field agent. He and Seiryu have a competitive, yet fun relationship, and they often challenge each other to turn into increasingly bizarre things. He can create new forms to turn into just by thinking about it, but she needs to see something to become it, so this game of theirs helps her to learn weird new forms.


She's a terrible flyer, she's an even worse rapper, and she hates the cold. Low temperatures can be very deadly to her, and she'll usually be shivering in anything other than a very warm climate. She can't connect to the Voxai Overmind unless she gets to the Voxai home planet somehow, and often feels disoriented, and cut off from the rest of the world. She's a really bad artist, and her ukulele-playing is bad enough to be classed as a form of torture. When she gets angry, her shapeshifting ability gets messed up, and turns her into particularly messed up things. The most hideous transformation she's ever undergone is becoming her, but with tentacles coming out of her eyes rather than her back. It didn't take long for her to regain control and undo the transformation, but her eyes were still badly damaged. This blinded her for a few weeks, until she eventually regrew her eyes. She is very long-sighted, and has to hold most books at arms length for her to read them, and no amount of regeneration will ever fix this. Thanks to the Voxai DNA used in Seiryu's creation, every kid that she or her relatives ever have will always be female, so they will always have at least one "Ryu" in their name. She loves puzzles, and whenever she finds a puzzle, she has to complete the puzzle before she can do anything else, or think about anything else, thanks to a combination of ego, pride, and compulsion. When controlling minds, particularly strong-willed targets will also be able to read her mind for as long as the control lasts, and she can't mind-control robots. people that are only half-robot or quater-robot, and people with robotic limbs, are just as controllable as anyone else, unless the robotic enhancement was specifically designed to block psychic interference. When she uses her emotion-sensing ability, and senses an extremely powerful amount of hate, rage, or any other strong emotion, it can overwhelm her.


  • Her voice actor is Ariana Grande, when she's not disguising her voice.
  • Some of the human GUN agents are less than pleased about her absurdly fast surge through the ranks, and while they aren't allowed to complain about it openly, many agents have pulled "Harmless office pranks" on her, from damaging her chair, to putting pepper in her coffee. Most mobian GUN agents usually get along better with her.
  • Her theme song is Blue Bird, by Ikimono Gakari. Link:
  • Her battle theme is Red Zone by Owl's Winter. Link:
  • She loves coffee, but absolutely hates tea. When she drinks coffee, she likes to put in 7-12 sugar cubes in. The more sugar, the better.
  • Her regeneration will never be able to fix her long-sightedness.
  • She once got bored, and mass-mind-controlled a crowd of humans in Central City, forcing them to do the "Gangnam Style" dance. She passed out from exhaustion when she was done, but she thinks it was totally worth it. Ryuzaki was with her that day, recording the whole thing.
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