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Seiko is a male light green hedgehog with black on his spines, He has yellow eyes, He wears black pants and no shirt, Much like his brother, he is a bit taller than the average hedgehog.


Unlike his little brother Joshua The Hedgehog, He is much more outgoing and less lazy, He prefers to do daily tasks and stay fit. His life or his friend's life is in danger. It is common for him to play it cool and not freak out. In most fights or battles he is in he rarely gets angry and is super calm.



Much like his brother Joshua. Seiko also grew up in a foster home, At the age of 5 Seiko went to school and for a kid, the age he was super intelligent he even skipped kindergarten and straight the first grade. When he was there he meant a young girl named Mia while they had no feelings for each other.

Powers and Techniques

  • His main ability is to shot a very powerful blast of energy
  • He has the ability to make energy clones that fight for him
  • He can make a powerful aura which can destroy nearby electrical instruments
  • Can trap his opponents in a telekinetic grip
  • Can absorb the energy of other characters to become even stronger (Whoever this doesn't work if the character is stronger than him)
  • Can make energy blades out of his hand
  • Is very intelligent


  • Much like his brother Joshua, His body is very weak and fragile and kill and can be killed by basic weaponry
  • His clones aren't exactly like him and can be killed with 2 or one hits
  • Is allergic to peanut butter

Relationships with other characters

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