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Seeker is a black hedgehog-like creature, possessing three eyes. He wears no clothing aside from a large, fluffy scarf. He has grey "ice" on his hands and feet, and only two fingers and two toes. His skin is a tanned-pale, and he has no teeth.


Seeker is a very calm character, rarley speaking despite not being shy. He is usaly smiling, and will not hesitate to beat someone half to death if they need. He also hates fighting. Also, he is very curious, due to not knowing what planet he's landed half the time. Hence is name, he is very observent. However, he can become very cruel and sadistic when in battle.


The Black Arms have finally evolved past sensless killing, and have opend their eyes (no pun intended) to the power they can use through peace. however, a certain bald fatty has decided to, you know, kill them all! During the planet's destruction, one family sent their son (Seeker as a teen) off to space with the Black Comet with a small group of Black Arms to recreate the species on another planet. Thankfully, that place is Mobius/Earth (whichever Sonic Boom takes place on). However, Eggman kills off Seeker's small army, meaning that Seeker will forever be the last one. Thankfully (again), Team Sonic comes to his rescue. They become friends, but Eggman is spreading rumors that the supposedly friendly creature is coming to invade. Hordes of angry people approach Sonic's house. Before Sonic and Tails do anything though, Seeker walks outside, and uses his "Eye Powers" to literaly blow the crowd away. Eggman pulls out hism "Flash Cannon" (the thing he used to kill the Black Arms) and blasts Seeker with it. Seeker is brutally injured, but uses his "Eye Powers" to make Eggman drop the weapon. He fights against the doctor's robots, and Team Sonic help him. After beating Eggman, the resdeints apolgies to Seeker, who forgives them. After a while of giving Team Sonic a tour of the Black Comet, he finds something amazing-a capsule...filled with Black Arms eggs.


Seeker has no known powers, just calling them "Eye Powers". However, "Eye Powers" seem to include some sort of magic, in which Tails calls "Orange Barrier", and controlling certain things in people's minds, which Knuckles calls "Mind-Trolling".


Like most Black Arms creatures, he has an Eye, known as Seeker's Eye. Also, he weilds a red enerbeame, and can shift his cell scructure to go through walls and floors. Also, he is the hive mind of his small army.


He seems to inhreate strong athletic skills, rivaling that of Knuckles and Amy. Also, he can fly thanks to his mom theaching that to him. 


The "Flash Cannon" can kill him if the wielder gets a direct him, right in the third eye. Also, an alloy in Eggman's robots is revealed in the comics that it can also kill him if he's exposed to it for too long. Burning wood is like acid rain to him, sense he has very sesetive skin.


  • He was actully inspired by a conversaiton between users on the Sonic NewsNetwork.
  • His desigh was based on Eclispe the Darkling.
  • His origin is a mix of Rachet's, Superman's, and the old CN show's versoin of Scarlett Witch's "Salem Trials" origin story.