EG-002/Seedra, the Goddess of Leaves
Mystic Ruins
Her sisters, the Chaotix, Ray the Flying Squirrel (best friend), Tikal, Sonic the Hedgehog, and others.
Villains, damage to the environment, and the autumn season.
Theme Song

"Promise you won't tell Amy or Tiara about this, okay? Those two are crazy... They'll kill me if they find out!"
The Goddess of Destruction Part 7

Seedra, the Goddess of Leaves, also known by her experiment codename, "EG-002" (pronounced "Eee-Jee-Double-Oh-Two") is a character from SolarBlaze's episodic fanfic, Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power. She is the second of Dr. Robotnik's Elemental Goddess Experiments (often abbreviated as "EG Experiments"), cloned from Scorch's DNA.


Seedra's personality is much, or rather, almost exactly like Splash's; kind-hearted, caring, and peace-loving. She has a strong sense of justice, and can't turn a blind eye to evil in any way, shape, or form. Similar to Amy and Tiara, Seedra has been shown to have a crush on Sonic, but unlike the two of them, she's much more shy about it, preferring to keep it secret (although, she did accidentally blurt it out at one point, but not while Sonic, Amy, or Tiara were there).

Powers and Abilities

Seedra has the ability to control plants, make vines extend from her back (which she uses in various ways), use solar-powered attacks, and others.


She's weak against fire, ice, and thunder-based attacks.



Seedra is the second of Robotnik's EG Experiments (with Squash being the first). Robotnik's method of creating her was practically the same as Squash, only this time around, he infused a sample of the leaf element with Scorch's blood and the ordinary, colorless gem. Before Robotnik had a chance to bring EG-002 to life, he ended up misplacing the gem at Red Mountain, but was quickly found by Tikal. EG-002's fate was left up to the rest of the Chaotix team. Fearing that she might turn out like Squash, most of them were in favor of destroying the gem, but Tikal and Mighty the Armadillo convinced them to spare her life, stating that she could possibly be a value ally to them in the future.

Episode 2: Elemental Chaos

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Episode 3: the Goddess of Destruction

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Christmas Special

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Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos

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Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik

"I already know what you’re about, Doctor. Your goal is to take over this world, and if you think I’m going to join you, then you’re sadly mistaken! Even if you are my creator, I want no part in this! Conquering the world…that’s just sick and wrong, and I would never do something like that!"
Elemental Chaos Part 4

Despite being her creator, Seedra immediately began to see Dr. Robotnik as an enemy after being informed about him by the Chaotix and company, stating that she would never do something as "sick and wrong" as trying to conquer the world. From that point on, Robotnik labeled her as a "traitor", and intended to dispose of her along with the other heroes.

However, whenever the situation calls for it, the two of them have been known to put their differences aside, as shown towards the end of Elemental Chaos, where Dr. Nega betrayed Robotnik and tried to destroy the Earth. Like Splash, Seedra's begun to see that there's some "goodness" within the doctor, which he immediately scoffed at, stating that he only joined forces with the heroes to further his world domination plans.

Sonic the Hedgehog

"Wow, he's cute..."
Elemental Chaos Part 3

Throughout the course of the series, Seedra has had minimal interaction with Sonic, but despite that, she ended up developing a crush on him the first time they met. However, even though Sonic is fully aware of her crush on him (thanks to Charmy), Seedra has not attempted to make any moves on him, partially because of her own shyness, as well as her fear of Amy and Tiara.

Ray the Flying Squirrel

"I can't tell you how lucky I am that I have a friend like you..."
The Goddess of Destruction Part 20a

Seedra first met Ray sometime during the events of Elemental Chaos, but around that time, the two of them never had much to say to each other. It wasn't until the next episode where that began to change. During the events of The Goddess of Destruction, Ray and Seedra partnered up to go find one of the Elemental Chaos Rings in Station Square after everyone else had also split into groups of two in order to find the rings at other locations.

During their mission, the two of them started to become good friends, and Amy assumed that they were on a date, even going so far as say that they "[look] cute together", but they assured her that nothing was going on between them, and that they already have their eyes on other people. Despite that, Ray and Seedra still get along quite well, even to the point where they began sharing secrets with one another. Also, Seedra later on injured herself after trying to save Ray from one of Metal Sonic 3.0's attacks, and he later on thanked her, saying that he "owe[s] [her] one".

Ray later on repaid that favor during their encounter with a brainwashed Mecha Amy, who ended up using her bio-energy absorption technique on Seedra. Just as she was about to deliver the final blow to the Leaf Goddess, Ray stepped in to help her, putting his own life on the line in the process, just as she did for him earlier on in the story. It was also partially hinted that Seedra has developed on slight crush on Ray after this incident (as Amy has continued to suspect).

Amy Rose

"You're most welcome. I'm always happy to help out when it comes to the subject of love!"
The Goddess of Destruction Part 7

Surprisingly, Seedra has been shown to get along with Amy quite well, but that's only because the latter is unaware of the fact that they both have a crush on the same guy. In fact, Amy is so oblivious to it, that she even went so far as to offer love advice to Seedra (and Ray) during the events of The Goddess of Destruction (just as she did to Elise in Sonic 2006). Unlike Amy, Seedra's perfectly aware of the fact that they're both in love with Sonic, and noted that things would be a lot different between her and Amy if she ever found out about it. For that reason, she's been doing her best to keep that hidden from Amy, as well as Tiara.

Elemental Goddess and Number Line Similarities

Number Line + Elemental Goddesses

An image of Seedra and Septette, along with the rest of the Goddesses and Numbers (plus Dr. Robotnik), drawn by Azuroru.

Coincidentally, the Elemental Goddesses and the Number Line happen to have several similarities with one another. Seedra is by no means an exception, having much in common with Septette.

  • Both of them are part of a group that consists of at least eight siblings.
  • They were both created by Dr. Robotnik.
  • Both characters have a name that begins with an "S".
  • Each character has an affinity for plants and botany.
  • Seedra and Septette both have at least one thing in common with Amy (in Seedra's case, it's a crush on Sonic, while in Septette's case, it's her personality).
  • Both characters have a look-alike/counterpart that's affiliated with Dr. Nega in some way (Woodra and Negative Seven, respectively).


  • At one point, SolarBlaze considered naming her "Seed", but he thought it was too generic-sounding, so he added an "r" and an "a" at the end of it.
    • Coincidentally, Seedra shares the same name as one of the Gen I Pokemon (albeit with a slightly different spelling), which caused Charmy to assume that's where Vector got the name from after coming up with it in Elemental Chaos Part 3.
  • Originally, SolarBlaze intended for Seedra to be a lot less shy about her crush on Sonic, and act almost exactly like Amy (such as chasing him around and everything).
  • Seedra's line from Elemental Chaos Part 8, "You didn't hear that, really! If you did, then just COMPLETELY disregard it!", was stolen from Cookie Kong, one of SolarBlaze's Super Mario/Donkey Kong Country fancharacters.
  • EG-002 most likely would have been given a different name if Robotnik was the one who released her, rather than the Chaotix.
  • It's been established in both Elemental Chaos Part 12 and The Goddess of Destruction Part 8 that Seedra is only able to tap into her solar energy if she's in a sunny environment, but mysteriously, she was able to use it during the EoP Christmas Special, where there was not only snowy weather, but a night sky, as well. However, it can be argued that she was able to do so with the aid of the Sol Emeralds, which happened to be present at the time.




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