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Seducardoro the Tsumi Gaia is the main villain of the original Funky Town Series. He is an incubus-like monster born of a witch who drank a potion of a snake skin with the blood of Dark Gaia, taking the form of a Snake. He is notorious for his habit of hunting down women in order to devour their hearts, as well as tormenting people and causing chaos across Gaia for his own entertainment. He uses his sharp claws and teeth to remove hearts, and has the powers of hypnosis, nightmares, producing images that are not real, and using disguises by swapping skins.

He is possibly best recognized for being the main villain of the Funky Town Gang, as he and the Gang have butt heads ever since the original Funky Town.


Seducardoro disguises his true form under snake skins he wears. His most famous and most frequently seen skin is that of a purple and blue cobra with a long tail, and hood. A green stripe divides the purple from the blue. He has a light yellow underbelly and muzzle, and sharp teeth. His arms and hands are red (possibly stained red from the blood of the women he killed), and has five green eyes on different sides of his head. His eye whites are red and the corners of his eyes are light blue. The inside of his cobra hood is magenta.


He goes about using a calm and seductive attitude towards the women he hunts down, but is very ruthless and cunning. He is also capable of using people's worst fears for his advantage, and finds amusement in tormenting those he deems 'weak' or 'unworthy'. However, he is extremely short-tempered, and whenever he gets mad, he lashes out in an uncontrollable rage. Once he has his victims, he reveals a really cruel and heartless monster, as he has no pity for any of his victims, and a complete disregard for their families or their loved ones. If he finds one of his victims or followers betraying or trying to escape them, he would often punish them by either banishment or grueling tasks. He carries a distinctive and sadistic sense of humor.

He has had over many lovers whom he quickly grew bored of and devoured their hearts. His only fear is sunlight, as a single smudge of it shining on him gives him an intense burn, and he shows a deep and strong hatred werehogs in general. This is due to the fact that he was sealed away by one of the mortal incarnations of the Guardian Spirit of the Full Moon. He has a deep enjoyment of scaring people until they are driven insane, and would even go so far as to devour someone to give them an 'Eternal Nightmare'. He has a small grudge against the 'Children of Abba', for their faith in their God is one of his weaknesses, and he gains strength in those who willingly worship him. He considers Mobians the easier target, as they seem to not have a God, so targeting them is easier.



Seducardoro was born some time before the War between Mobius and Gaia. A witch was exiled from her tribe, and was sentenced to spend the rest of her life trapped in the darkest cave on Gaia. Desiring revenge upon the entire planet, the witch concocted a potion consisting of powdered bat wings, a grated goat horn, a dried snake skin, and Dark Gaia's blood, and drank the potion. To her dismay, it appeared as if it didn't give her any powers, but much to her surprise, it empregnated her. Seducardoro was the first born to her, and was raised to became a lustful monster of Fear itself. Using his powers, he hunted down women, Mobian or Gaian alike, and caused many events that ultimately lead to the War between Gaia and Mobious, but during the event that ended the war, he was sealed within the mantle of the planet in suspended animation.

Sonic Unleashed

Two hundred years later, Eggman broke Gaia apart, awakening Dark Gaia. He also, albeit unintentionally, awakened the Tsumi Gaia, allowing them to resume their killing spree. Seducardoro became a silent killer who began stealing the hearts of human and Mobian women, allowing him to regain his strength.

Funky Town

During the events of Funky Town, Seducardoro began to target Becky, posing as a handsome young hedgehog called Sid. However, Becky always escaped from Seducardoro, and after the latest escape, involving a prank on Seducarodoro, he lost his temper. Becky forced Seducardoro to release the souls of the women he killed, stripping him of his strength and leaving him weak. This caused him to develop a deep hatred for Becky, and he swore revenge on her.

He still rivals the Funky Town Gang to this very day, although his swear of revenge is not the first thing on his mind, and his hatred is down to the last thing on his mind.


Seducardoro has the powers of creating nightmares, teleporting, and hypnosis. He uses these powers to hunt down his prey and when he fights. He also uses his giant tail as a whip in battle, and possesses superhuman strength and resilience.


One of his main abilities is that he is able to change his form by swapping different snake skins. This is used for disguising himself as someone else or to attain new powers granted by that skin.


His fighting skills are fierce and ferocious, and so is his acting.


Due to being born from Dark Gaia's blood, his main weakness is sunlight. He is still vulnerable toward different weapons, though. His five eyes house the souls of his victims, and if one were to release the souls of the women he killed, he would be left weak enough to kill. He also happens to suffer severe allergies toward bees.

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