Cquote1 Gotta keep one jump ahead! Cquote2
Sedna's very first line

Sedna is a 13 year old rat from the Horizen City, a large city around the Sunset Park of the United Federations. She is the daughter of two unknown parents and was originally created by Flashfire212, but was adopted by NeoExlucky. She is considered to be a main character of Tales of the Echo, entering the series in Season 2. She was advertised as the Cadet Thief and as Neo Tranquil's apprentice.

Sedna the Rat

Sedna the Rat(colored)

Biographical Information
AliasStreet-rat, Scoundral, Thief
Romantic InterestsN/A
Physical Description
  • Fur: Maroon with sun-tanned skin
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Silver-grey jacket and skirt
  • blue high heels
  • Silver-grey Fedora
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsChaotic Good
Weaponry & EquipmentHammerForge Suit - Piece
  • Aerokinesis
  • Dragon Techniques
  • Smoke-manipulation
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)One jump ahead (Female Cover)
Original Creator
  • Flashfire212


A lithe, wiry young rat with clear and obvious sun-tanned skin and maroon fur, Sedna is most often described as a plain young girl, with very little outstanding beauty in her features. Her eyes are purple, but at the same time, they rarely draw attention to her.


As Sedna lives in a city not too far from Sunset Park Zone, she typically gets around town wearing a semi-formal set of clothing - a silver-gray jacket and skirt, with a red shirt and a band of red on the edge of the skirt, plus blue high-heel shoes. She also wears a silver-grey fedora that matches her jacket.


In her main combat role, Sedna used to use a piece of Hammerforge Industries equipment that she salvaged off the battlefield - a Titan-class Battle Suit. The suit itself was more powerful than the standard powered armors as it is designed around in-built weaponry; a laser blaster in the left arm, a wicked combat claw around the right, and two detachable missile pods, each with two rockets, mounted to the shoulders. The suit was also a lot more protective and hardened than powered armor, capable of taking hits from mounted weapons with no obvious damage. However, it was also a lot less shaped, with the wearer encased in armor without any real shaping around their body.

Sedna's newer armor is far different then most though, mainly due to it being a heavily modified arm built from pieces of her old armor. While the arm is a bright yellow color, it can take the appearance of a watch when not in use, and when activated encases her arm, giving her hand a nice set of claws and an interesting power similar to that of a fabled dragon. The machine is made out of an incredibly strong material that, while not being unbreakable, would take a long time to wear down.


A long time ago...

Sedna didn't really have a family when she was young. Her mother and father were both alive, but they weren't there. The day Sedna was born, her parents left her at an orphanage. Apparently her parents couldn't take care of her so they left with people that they knew could. That being said, Orphanages weren't as sad as they normally seemed in movies and books. Actually it was quite nice. The workers were always really nice there lots of kids to play with, and she had almost anything she could want. It was a lot like having a plethora brothers and sisters. Sedna's childhood actaully wasn't bad.

Then came the thief days. Around when Sedna turned nine, she went out and started to get into trouble a lot more often then she should. It started as little things, not really listening to people she should, and doing things that might not be the best for her, then it grew to stealing things, which Sedna did often. While Sedna could get almost anything she wanted where she lived, there were still a few things that she couldn't get. So she started stealing, and soon became apparent that she was quite good at it.

One of the things that she managed to get ahold of was a yellow watch with an interesting button on the side. When pressed, the watch grew and encased her arm, and gave her claws. She didn't really know how it worked and how to use it as a weapon, but it certainly looked intimidating and so that's what Sedna used is for, intimidation.

Years passed and Sedna still sits in Senset Park, stealing things left and right, but now, with talk around the town of a shady organization that has com into town to try and overtake it. Sedna doesn't know if it's true and honestly doesn't care, but what's the chance of her gettting caught up in mischief like that, which could change her life, forever?


As a rat, Sedna is naturally swift and crafty, with surprising resilience in battle. As such, she is a good close-combat fighters, easily dodging and striking when she's not expected. Somehow, while using the hammerforge arm, she can gain the abilites of a dragon, granting draconic abilities that can certainly throw enemies off. Even when not using the arm though, Sedna's wind abilities are nothing to sneeze at either, being quite powerful in their own right. Sedna is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

However, like most Mobians she does have some weakness. She is vulnerable mostly to weapons. Elemental threats she can fend off for a short time, while melee weapons often give her opponent a longer reach and as such allows them to attack without tiring whereas her elemental skills are much more energy-intensive.

Dragon Abilities

  • Dragon Claw
  • Dragon's breath
  • Dragon rage
  • Drake's decent

Wind Abilities

  • Blades of Wind
  • Gales of Air
  • Wind's strength
  • Suffocate


Despite being considered an outcast for most of her life, and by being alone for most of her life, Sedna is very happy and often is a quite a jokester. She is normally seen with a mischevious smile and always takes challenges head on. However, Sedna often is a voice of reason, being the one to calm people down when they get too angry. She herself isn't exactly a calm person, especially when it comes to people making fun of her or things that they really shouldn't such as illness or poverty. In fact, getting her angry is almost as simple as mentioning her background.



Neo Tranquil

"Yeah, have fun with that."

Neo and Sedna often get along rather well. Being her mentor, Neo often takes a big-brotherly role to teaching her and the two have a lot in common. There are some times where the two fight, but for the most part the two fo them are often like brother and sister.


None so far...


Millie the Mouse

Fury the Robin


"Shove off then!" -Getting an E rank

"Alright, not my best." -Getting a D rank

"I suppose that will do..." -Getting a C rank

"What'd you expect?" -Getting a B rank

"Yeah, yeah, hand over the treasure." -Getting an A rank

"What'd I win? Hm?" -Getting an S rank

"What was that?" -Getting an S rank on a boss battle

"Hope your hand's hot..." -Fighting in 2 player mode

"Alright, who's next?" -Winning in 2 player mode

"Ow...that really hurt..." -Losing in 2 player mode

"You know, I learned a lot of things in Horizen City. I learned that if you want to do something, you should just do it. So I took that watch, yeah it was wrong, but look where it led me. Now I'm adopted, I'm in a family, I have a full life now! Stealing is bad, I know, but in some situations maybe it can be good? Look, all I know is that stealing led me to this, and now I am thief...well a magic thief..." -Single player campaign, when selected as a playable character for the first time.

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