Secrets Revealed
Tomoya Ohtani

Mariko Nanba Hideaki Kobayashi Taihei Sato Jun Senoue

Takahito Eguchi
Windows, Linux, Mac
Xbox, Wii U
Based on
Secrets Revealed
Tom Featherhill
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Secrets Revealed

Secrets Revealed (stylised as SECRETS REVEALED in the logo, also written as SONIC: SECRETS REVEALED) is a fan platform game planned to be released for Windows, Linux and Mac by Tom Featherhill. Based on the fanfiction Tom Featherhill had written for the Sonic archive in, the game centres on Sonic, Silver and Shadow's back stories and defeating Robotnikland.

Highly worked on since late September by Tom Featherhill, this game is still in development. Aiming to be a mix of various mechanisms and story lines from other games, the game is nowhere near finished, although Tom Featherhill is hoping that the first stage and probably the basic character mechanics by the start of next year.


The game-play is a mix of the original Sonic games and other games. The interface shows the rings collected, the lives, the time limit for flying and a map. The game's mechanics are similar to Sonic 06 and Sonic Heroes. Each character has two skills, for example; Sonic can do the spindash and homing attack. Each character has a special skill. For example, Sonic could go Super Sonic. The game incorporates loops, rings, boosters and bouncers, like the original Sonic. The map for thr game is optimised for GTA-like gameplay, with Tails and Silver having the ability to hack into cars and Shadow being able to ride his bike.

Most of the time, GUN soldiers would be in the lookout to capture the player. This would change when Sonic regains his good reputation, gaining good attention from the people he saves. Assisting characters, depending on the story, would follow you much like in Sonic Heroes, although separate jobs would end up to characters not following you. You could change into whichever character that's in the party.

Like Sonic Unleashed and onwards, Secrets Revealed is using the mixture of 2D and 3D levels, in an attempt to please the classic fans as well as the next-generation fans.

The game allows two modes - a free roam mode and a mission mode. The free roam mode allows you to discover the whole of all the London, Washington and Sydney maps. The mission mode refers to a story that the game is based on.


Freedom Fighters

Coming Soon

Kingdom of Sol

Coming Soon


Act 1: Morning Glory

The game starts out with Sonic in a 1st world London, where Eggman had sent the Eggcarrier to attack. As Sonic, the player attempts to save London from the Eggcarrier. Before Sonic gets onto the carrier, GUN robots approach the flying ship and neutralises it before Sonic. Sonic would be then depicted in his normal life in London in which many protests are going on.

Sonic receives an unknown call to go the Shard, a building in London, only to find Tails and Amy there. The Shard was taken over by Eggman's robots so the player, as Tails and Amy, decides to save the people inside. They encounter Shadow, and defeat him with Amy's secret power. Sonic saves them, eventually. Rouge, an Agent of GUN disguised as one of the people, records this, sending a message back to GUN.

In the meanwhile, in another dimension, Blaze gets captured by Eggman Nega and Silver gets tricked into getting the Life Stones from the past.


Development of the game started when Tom Featherhill tested the Blitz3d compiler - the same system that helped make various Sonic fan games. With only Sonic models in his reach, Tom Featherhill started experimenting with a Sonic game with his programming knowledge. However, with GUI limits, Tom placed using the Blitz3d engine in favour for the Unity engine - which has the ability to publish to different platforms. However, with various physics problems within Unity, work on the Blitz revision of the game was done.

Sonic SR Engine


Blaze stuck upside down in a loop in an early revision.

Before Tom had a full Sonic game devised, he had to create a simple algorithm that he had to base it on. He decided to call it the Sonic Secrets Revealed Engine, a closed-source program that Tom is actively working on. However, Tom faced various issues within the SR Engine. One of them includes the loops.

Sonic would go over the top and defy gravity, if he falls off these hoops the wrong way. Way to go, Sonic, Blaze, Amy, Tails or whoever.

An early prototype of the Sonic SR Engine, with a level and no rings.

The loops were then fixed with adding rails to the side, although Tom plans to do more action regarding these loops.

He had analysed the code of another engine called BlitzSonic. Tom dubs it as the most unreadable piece of code he had ever read. So, the Sonic SR Engine, although built with Blitz3d, is depicted as unique to the more prestigious BlitzSonic.

Levels was another knot on the string. With no comparison size, plotting the rings were like dodging mines in a game of minesweeper. BlitzSonic had an editor to create their levels. Tom decided that he would attempt to make BlitzSonic levels compatible with the SR Engine.

The SR Engine was then accepted to be finished, although the Loops were left not dealt with. It is now the core of three games, including Secrets Revealed itself. They include, Sonic the Derphog 3D and Sonic.


Models were a problem to Tom. He wasn't much of a 3D artist. So, he decided to use models from Sonic Generations and concept models for Sonic Boom. He animated most of them with basic animations. He, however, did an error in the code that needed him to redo the animations.

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