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The people in a city live a simple life... Until a portal opens up, one night, and monsters begin to rule the streets. Now, Spark, her friends, and new companions must find their leader and stop them. Will you discover the secret of the night?


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  • Warrior4ever {Warrior, Winter}
  • True-Blue-Star (aka Heroes, for short)
  • Darkest Shadow {Call me Piano~}
  • SapphireFlower64 (Sapphire, Mia)

Involved Characters

Trying to Find the Secret

Monster Leader

  • Zero the Unknown Demon {Warrior, she's the true leader}
  • Spike the Demonic DarkBat {Warrior}
  • Fate the Demonic Echidna {Warrior}
  • Charlotte the Artificial Fox {Warrior}
  • Destiny the Dragon {Warrior}
  • Virus the Toxic Entity {Warrior}
  • Marie the Necro-Puppet Cat {Warrior}
  • Eve the Cat-Raven Hybrid {Warrior}
  • Trick the Figurine Cat {Warrior}
  • Treat the Figurine Cat {Warrior}
  • Unnamed Shadow Creatures {Anybody can play as these}

Prologue: The Portal Appears

It was a dark and cold December night as Winter made her way through the streets of Station Square. The cat was on her way to meet some friends at a local cafe.

"I hope the others wore some warm clothing...," she muttered as she enter the cafe.

After an exhausting argument, Team Hurricane (Trident, Whirl, and Lilly) finally made it over to the cafe where they had planned to meet some new people and perhaps make new friends. As usual, Trident became very nervous and tried to back away, but sadly Lilly grabbed his arm and pulled him inside.

"Oh come on, Tri! For being a leader, you sure are chicken.~" said the purple Echidnacat playfully.

The twotailed cyborg foxrabbit also helped with pulling Trident inside and laughed, "There's no need to be afraid of new people. We'll all go together."

The dark blue hedgehog sighed deeply and allowed the two to pull him indoors, "Fine... hopefully they aren't scared of us..."

Once the team spotted Winter, Trident quickly freaked out and hid behind Lilly. Now why he was afraid is because he has problems making new friends, but more so that he was afraid of being made fun of. Whirl and Lilly quickly smiled and waved at Winter, saying 'Hi' to her.

"Hm?" Winter turned around and noticed the trio. She took a step towards them. "Are you the three that make up Team Hurricane?" She looked over them several times, as if analysissing their traits and personality.

The three quickly looked at each other then back at her... well that's a first. Not many people know about their team since they hang around Mystic Ruins, due to overprotective Knuckles. Trident relaxed a bit and scratched the back of his ear, sweatdroping because of his behavior earlier.

"That would be us... name's Trident. These two here are my pals, Lilly and Whirl. Sorry about uh... freaking out earlier. Heh heh..." Trident grinned slightly at Winter before continuing to talk, "So uh... mind telling us who you are..?"

"The name's Winter. Winter Hisame Rains," she replies. Winter looks upon their clothing. "Are you not cold?"

As she says this, a white and blue cat-wolf walks into the cafe.

Trident kinda looked himself over as well as the other two with him and shrugged slightly, "Eh... not really. You want cold, try Ice Cap in Mystic Ruins."

"No matter how cold the area is, I'd still be fine," Winter said as she narrowed her eyes slightly. With that, Winter turns around and makes her way to a table.

A female hedgecat with honey fur walks into the cafe.

A group of three people walked in, all of them wearing dark colored coats. The first one was wearing a red one, the second was wearing brown, and the third was wearing black. They walk up to the Winter. The one in the red, was famous pop icon Lexi Bloom, who goes by Alexis Petals in real life. "Are you Winter?" She asks her and partially the group.

The female hedgecat, whose name was Mia, turns in Winter's direction. She then makes her way to a table.

Trident looked slightly puzzled, seeing as the talk simply just stopped. Whirl and Lilly knew that this was gonna annoy him so they pulled Trident to a table far from Winter to avoid any remarks Trident was going to make. After Team Hurricane sat down, they began to discuss matters about Shine and Drake, two of their rivals.

Mia sits down at a table that was way too close to Winter. A chao then peeks over her right shoulder.

The other two cloacked figures walked up to the table where Trident and his team were. One of them off their hoods. "Mind if I have a seat?" One of them asked. From its voice, it was definitely a she. She pulled off her hood, revealing that she is Future Olympian Michelle Fifi.

"Hello." Mia said to Winter. Her voice sounded gentle and quiet.

Trident raised his head slightly, still giving a puzzled yet annoyed look... not to Michelle, of course but still about the random cutoff from earlier. "Uh... sure. You can sit with us." Whirl moved over, sitting closer to Lilly, in case the other figure wished to sit as well.

The chao, who had peeked over Mia's shoulder earlier, then began playing with her hair, much to Mia's annoyance. "Please, Amaya," said Mia. "Stop playing with my hair."

Michelle sat down next to Trident and Thresh sat down next to Lilly. "Thanks very much...... I know that you know my name but I don't know yours~" She says giggling.

Trident looked at her then looked at his team, nodding before looking back at Michelle, "My name is Trident The Hedgehog... these are my pals, Whirl Prower and Lilly The Echidna... we are Team Hurricane... and to be honest, miss... I have NO idea who you are."

Whirl smiled a bit and scratched the back of his head, "Yeah... we don't know a lot of people since we barely get to leave Mystic Ruins."

Mia, still annoyed with Amaya, looked over in the direction of Team Hurricane. She began to stare at Trident, ignoring the chao who was still playing with her hair.

Michelle bursts into laughter after Trident and Whirl's remark. The other cloacked figure looks at her like she's an idiot. He takes off his hood, revealing his face. His name was Thresh. "I'm sorry, it's kinda rare when she finds people that don't know her name." She immediately stops.

Containing herself, she stares at Trident for a few seconds... "Say you look an awful lot like this guy I know..." She said rather quietly.

Mia shrugs and returns to staring at Winter, who hasn't responded.

Trident notices her mumbling and began to feel uneasy... not a lot of people know he is Sonic's son... and whenever it happens, everything breaks loose. Whirl simply looked at Trident then at Thresh, "There's no need to be sorry... it's fine. But uh... do you mind telling me why you are staring at Trident here, miss??"

Mia sighs and sits up from her seat at her table. She walks away, almost bumping into Thresh. "Oh dear, I'm so sorry." she said, stopping to brush something off her sleeve. "Who are you?"

Amaya had stopped playing with Mia's hair at that point and flew over to her current location, landing on her head. Mia stared at her for a bit, then looked back at Thresh.

Thresh, not really caring about her bumping into him looks at her with his regular dull straight face, "Don't be sorry. Just don't do it again." He told her, in a tone sounding like he didn't care, "I'm Thresh. The spazz over there is Michelle."

"I'm Mia." Mia said, introducing herself. She then points at Amaya, who was still on her head. "This is Amaya, my chao companion."

The trio went back to their normal conversation saying as the chat quickly stopped.

"Already causing trouble, I see," Winter says, her eyes closed. She opens her eyes and gazes upon the people. Her eyes are glazed as she looks upon them.

"Well, I guess it's nice knowing you, Thresh." said Mia, waving goodbye to him. She turns around and goes back to her table, Amaya following suit.

Huffing slightly from being annoyed, Trident stood up and was about to make his way out until he spotted the two rivals whom they were just talking about come through the doors. The black hedgebat kicked open the door as the red hedgehog walked in front of him. The two quickly stopped near the tables and glanced at everyone. Of course, the hedgebat choose to talk first towards everyone.

"I knew I sensed garbage... it's no wonder you chose to come here Trident... weak people like these suit you." grinned the hedgebat. Trident chose not to respond and kept his eyes away from the black hedgebat.

"You dare call me 'weak'?" Mia growled angrily, just as she was sitting down. She didn't like being called a weak person.

Amaya simply flew to her owner and looked at her, speaking in a almost concerned way; "Chao chao... (Are you okay, Mia?)"

Mia looked up at her companion. "I'm fine, Amaya. Just angry at that insolent hedgebat over there." she said, "insolent hedgebat" referring to the black hedgebat who just entered the cafe.

The hedgebat glared at Mia for saying he is insolent but then quickly smirked, looking at the chao. "That small thing is 'so' worried about you.. how 'cute'." He merely backhanded Amaya before walking with the hedgehog to an empty table near Trident and his team.

Amaya flew backward before regaining her composure and flying to hide behind her owner. Mia glanced at her, before turning to glare at the hedgebat. "How dare you! Who are you, anyway?!" she growled, angry at someone who dared to backhand her companion.

Michelle looked to Thresh, "We deal with this kind of problem waay to much." She told him, chuckling at the fact that the hedgebat doesn't know their own strength, especially Thresh's.

The hedgebat chuckled rather darkly and moved to speak but was cut off by Trident who glared at the hedgebat, "His name is Drake... he thinks he can do whatever he wants since his dad is the 'Ultimate Life Form' and his mom is a stupid thief!"

Drake scoffed at Trident's words and placed his feet on the table while the red hedgehog remained quiet, not wishing to get into trouble.

"So your Shadow's son..." Thresh asked Drake. He already knew that Sonic had a son, so he didn't bother asking Trident before.

"But if you're a hedgebat, then that means...." Michelle suddenly stopped as she barfed in her mouth, "Shadow married Rouge?"

Mia sat up from her seat at her own table and walked over to Drake's table, still glaring at him. "So you're the son of Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat. That must explain quite a lot." she said. She had heard of the Ultimate Life Form, including his rivalry with Sonic the Hedgehog.

Drake rolled his eyes at Michelle for the little reaction she just had and sighed deeply, "No duh, idiot..." He then looked at Mia, glaring at her almost in a sinister manner and sighed, "I don't know nor care what that explains to you but 'good for you'..." Trident started to tap the floor quickly with his foot while folding his arms, seeing as Drake was starting to get on his nerves.

Mia made a noise that sounded like "humph" before she turned to Trident. "And I suppose you're Sonic's son?" she asked him. Amaya, on the other hand, hid under Mia's table.

Turning over to Trident, Michelle chuckles a little, "I don't get why you think Drake's the way he is..." she starts to say, "He's not bad at all, he's just really annoying."

Trident looked at Michelle and sighed deeply, "He is bad... this is just him being a jerk as usual." Drake rolled his eyes and started to talk with the red hedgehog next to him. Trident then looked at Mia and nodded slightly, "Mhm... Sonic is my dad... Lilly's dad is Knux and Whirl's dad is Tails."

Mia smiled sweetly. "I've heard much of your father. I've also heard he was there when the Black Arms attacked the planet." she said. She had always wanted to meet Sonic ever since she moved to Station Square.

"Oh, how rude of me! I forgot to introduce myself." said Mia, her sweet smile replaced by a grimace. "My name is Mia Leah Ushinawareta-shin; but you can call me Mia."

"Nice to meet ya, Mia.." Trident replied, smiling a bit. Lilly giggled since she could tell Trident was growing nervous again so she started to talk. "Sonic is pretty well-known, alright. So do you live here in Station Square?"

"I just moved here about seven months ago, though some say I was born in Soleanna." said Mia. "But I doubt it's true." Amaya got out from under Mia's table and flew over to her owner, landing on her left shoulder. Mia then glanced at her.

Michelle looked over to Trident, "I'm guessing you're from Station Square then?" She asked him.

Trident looked at Michelle and nodded, "That I am... this place is my hometown so it means a lot to me." He then looks at Mia and raising a brow, "Also... never heard of this 'Sol-i-onna' place... is it new??"

Mia giggled. "I have heard much of Soleanna, including it's constitutional monarchy. The City of Water is rather hard to explain." she said. Some people said that Mia was born in Soleanna; but her true birthplace was Westopolis.

"I'm gonna admit, I don't come here very often..." she tells them, "Mainly because of the excessive amount of humans to mobians. I'm from Mariala City, and are Alexis and Thresh."

Trident again looked confused from the two names... are these newly built places or places he has yet to visit? Either way, he blinked slight and nodded. "Nice to meet you all..." The red hedgehog slightly perked up and adjusted his eyes, mouthing to Drake, 'No wonder they all look like 'rich' kids.' This made the two laugh and Trident slightly cringe, "If those two keep it up, we are so out of here." Whirl and Lilly simply nodded, seeing as they didn't want Trident to get into a fight with Drake again.

Mia walked over to Trident's table, smiling sweetly. "Mind if I sit down?" she asked. She didn't want to offend Team Hurricane.

Thresh turned to Trident, "You introduced us to one of your windbags, but who's the other one?" He asked him as Michelle laughed.

Trident smiled at Mia and nodded slightly, "Go right ahead." He then looked at Michelle and sighed deeply, "The red hedgehog's name is Shine Rose... from the last name, you can already guess who the mom is and Silver is his dad. Shine is... SUPER nerdy." Noticing that everyone was basically at one table, Shine and Drake quickly moved over to the table and sat down. Huffing slightly, Drake placed his feet on the table and started to talk, "Haven't you idiots noticed that something feels off in town?"

Michelle, still laughing, replied, "Yeah, we noticed." She banged her arm and hand on the table in hysterical laughter. She was obviously talking about the think off was Drake and Shine being there.

"Why did Silver marry Amy?" She asked him, "Last time I saw them I thought she was obsessing over your dad."

"Thank you, Trident." said Mia. She sat down, and turned to glare at Drake. "Just because your parents are Shadow and Rouge doesn't mean you have to act like an insolent jerk."

Mia turned to Trident and smiled sweetly. "Don't ask me how I know your name. I just guessed."

Trident looked over at Shine and shrugged, "Ask him, not me. Aunt Ames is really odd." He then looked at Mia and shook his head, "Leave him be... telling him that doesn't help." Trident looked off to the side then looked at Drake, "You do have a point... something is really off." Drake chuckled to himself and looked at Trident, "Oh now you sense it... sure, faker." Trident cringed from hearing faker and slammed his fist onto the table, "I'm being serious... and stop calling me that! You and I are not the same, stupid." Drake scoffed and shrugged, "Whatever you say, faker."

"Now that I think about it, I sensed that something was off on my way here." said Mia, frowning. "It wasn't like this yesterday, now was it?"

"Their just like their parents...." Michelle said to Thresh, she then turned to Mia, "I actually did notice something rather odd on the way here, and not just the really cold weather.

"With exceptions, I never really liked going out at night." Mia replied, brushing a speck of dust off the left sleeve of her sapphire-blue blouse. "What did the oddness feel like?"

Drake suddenly stood up and walked towards the front door with Trident following right behind him. The two noticed a portal opening just outside then Trident looked back at Lilly. "Looks like trouble... Lilly, you stay here and guard the gang. Whirl, come with me." Without hesitation, Trident rushed outside with Whirl trailing behind him. Drake huffed and chased after the two, causing Shine to follow as well. Lilly looked at the others as she stood up, "I don't know what is outside but it can't be good.."

"I better go follow and see what's going on." With that, Mia stood up and ran toward the front door.

Alexis, turning her head to Michelle and Thresh, stares at them for a second and then they all nod and follow them to the front door.

Lilly follows the four to the front door and sees the portal, looking concerned. Drake and Trident stare at the portal until two creatures hop out. Without hesitation, the creatures start to attack both Drake and Trident viciously. The two fight back with all their might along with Shine and Whirl helping them but the creatures are too fast. Lilly frowns and looks off to the side, "I don't like where this is going..."

Mia unsheathes both of her knives and throws them at the creatures. "Take this!" she yelled.

These figures were rather shadowy and ominous. Thresh has the power to manipulate those things. With that being said, he uses spectrakinesis to try to manipulate the shadows of these creatures to disappear and form a shadow army. Michelle then uses fulgrakinesis to shoot thunderbolts at those figures. Alexis uses cyrokinesis to try and freeze the enemies before they do any more damage. But they soon realize that they are harming Trident. "Someone needs to get those two out of there!" She exclaimed to the others. 

Mia immediately ran toward Trident's location, keeping an eye on the shadowy figures. Where had they come from, and why are they here? 

The creatures do take damage as do Drake and Trident. The creatures become aggravated and smack Trident hard into a wall before going after Drake. Drake quickly jumped backwards near the gang and hissed, "These things are tough." Whirl nodded slightly and put his arm cannon down, "Yeah... My eye isn't matching up their data to anything we know... whatever these things are, they're tough." 

The cyrokinesis Alexis used froze one of them solid, but she still is outnumbered by the remaining ones. 

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