Secret Freedom Fighters
Secret Freedom Fighters
Harvey Who(founder)

"Agent King" Elias Acorn(sponsor/co-founder)

"Agent Ace" Silver the Hedgehog(co-field leader)

"Agent Queen of Diamonds" Leeta

"Agent Queen of Hearts" Lyco

"Agent Jack" Shard

"Agent Joker" Larry Lynx

"Agent Flame" Blaze the Cat(she decided to stay with Silver, so she can continue her position as Guardian and help him and his team)

Honey the Cat
Sir Charles Hedgehog(Informant)


Mina Mongoose

Lupe Wolf(Talent Scout) Team Fighters Team Freedom

Arctic Freedom Fighters
Ixis Naugus

Geoffrey St. John(former) Eggman Empire

Nocturne the Cat(deceased)


Sonic Universe #41-44

Sonic the Hedgehog#239(Elias, Leeta, Larry)

Sonic the Hedgehog#240(All members)

Sonic the Hedgehog#245-246 and Sonic Universe#50(Shard)

Sonic the Hedgehog#247(Silver)

Second Appearance

Silver the Hedgehog: A Guardian's Generation

Other Appearances

Freedom Rangers

Finding New Recruits

Silver tells Blaze about who the Secret Freedom Fighters and decides to let her join as a supporting character as well knowing that he is revealed to be a covert agent himself. Meanwhile, Shard tells NICOLE that he and the others will see Silver on his birthday.

The next day and few minutes later, the Secret freedom fighters introduces themselves to Blaze and was happy that they met her and celebrates Silver's birthday.

Leeta checks up on Silver and Blaze, while NICOLE, who revealed herself, and told them to take at the screen and saw what happened to Princess Wysteria of the Plant Kingdom and tells the psychokinetic to keep protecting Blaze with a compassionate heart.

They also appeared on November 23rd, the day Blaze is coronated as the new queen of Sol Dimensions acting like security guards under the orders of Harvey Who, after he told Agent Ace to act like a bodyguard to Princess Blaze.

Honey also joined after Silver takes Blaze back to Shadow's house and hide for the time being and also teamed up with a female hedgehog from another world, Ace. After a strong battle, everyone went to go check on both Silver and Blaze,who were both resting for a while.

After seeing Jet and the others, Silver takes Blaze to Secret Hq so she can get her uniform only for missions when assigned before going to Crisis City and finding the computer room.

Freedom Rangers

After thier work was finished the Secret Freedom Fighters Disbanded, but a new team would be created to stop Madam Rubife: Queen of Evil. Silver the only Member of the Secret Freedom Fighters who was avaiable at the time knew that Only another generation of heroes could be come the S. Freedom Fighters. When the Queen Took Mr. Who's Power Gem 5 Children Would Rise up to defeat the evil Queen. And from that day forth the Secret Freedom Fighters became the Freedom Rangers

Colors of Secret Freedom Fighters Uniforms

Silver- Black and Cyan(his outfit is refrenced to the race suit in Sonic Rivals Series)

Elias- Black and Red

Leeta- Black and Green

Lyco- Black and Blue

Larry Lynx, Honey- Black and Yellow

Blaze- Black and Purple(Normal), White, Red, and Gold(Burning Form)(This outfit greatly resembles and stems a combination of both her default outfit and extreme gear attire)


  • Each callsign for an operative(minus Honey) is based of a playing card and elements
  • Blaze is the only member of the royal family being able to join the Secret Freedom Fighters even though she is not a member. It's revealed that even if the Secret Freedom Fighters have or have not disbanded, she still has to stay with Silver.

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