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Sebastian the Hedgehog is a member of the dimension-hopping mercenary group known as the Worldhoppers. Despite his youth and heritage as being from the showboating Party Dimension, Sebastian has made a name for himself as a capable assassin.


At first glance, Sebastian looks like a fairly typical resident from the Party Dimension's Dance District; with his yellow-orange fur close-cropped to his quills, while his darker orange-brown hair is carefully trimmed and well-kept with that. His eyes are similarly bright and sky blue, almost chirpy at times as if he could stop and bust a move at any moment. With golden studs in his ears and the clear definition of a trained freerunner and dancer, Sebastian is often regarded as the last person that one would think an assassin from the Party Dimension would look like.


Just as much part of his roots as anything else, Sebastian has a preference to dress for comfort and movement flexibility. A red sleeveless shirt and whitewashed black skinny jeans make his typical preference, though he wears quite a few variations upon the standard dancer/freerunner garb. He also has a fairly large collection of black trainers and skate shoes, but has a preference to only wear fingerless gloves, if he wears anything on his hands at all.



Sebastian is not quite your stereotypical Party Dimension fratboy, much as he might try portray himself in such a manner. A fairly talented drummer when playing music, Sebastian's skill is primarily in physical movement through forms such as dance. Nimble-footed enough to learn shufflestep, with the physical strength and flexibility to bust a break-dance move, Sebastian has a degree of dexterity and control over his movements equal to a martial artist of a similar age and training. He adds this into his repertoire with skill as an acrobat and free-runner, capable of getting from point A to B with a minimum of effort, even if that means climbing buildings or leaping from rooftops. While some would call it overconfident, Sebastian does it in style.

In combat, how he fights entirely comes down to how serious he is taking the fight. If he feels overconfident or cocky, he basically dances in front of his opponents, using mixtures of light slaps and punches inter-spaced with helicopter leg-sweeps and other spinning kicks. Like this, he has been known to embarrass those who underestimate his role within the Worldhoppers. However, once he gets serious, Sebastian gets dangerous in the blink of an eye. Rather than showboating and dancing through the fight, he aims to end the battle as quickly as possible. This could be as simple as dislocating shoulders or knocking opponents out with blows to the skull or as brutal as snapping bones and even necks. Even when fighting all out, there is still a rhythm to his movements, a silent beat behind every shift, that makes his fighting style seem effortless and musical. Indeed, there is a subtly hypnotic element to his movements, which he combines with his own moderate experience as a telepath to lower his opponent's guard or bring them into positions for him to strike.

For his profession, Sebastian is a master of a variety of forms of kill, including the aforementioned hand-to-hand. With knowledge about a number of narcotics and illicit compounds; including many poisons, the young man has been known to pick off targets as simply as spiking a drink or slipping compounds into their food. Alternatively, in emergency cases or if fighting on a battlefield with his allies, Sebastian wields a Party Dimension Special, a form of improvised firearm made in the rougher parts of his home dimension. Should push come to shove, he can still shoot.

Being a member of the Worldhoppers, he wears the watch-like transition device on his right wrist. This device will pluck him from the dimension he is in and send him back to Worldhopper HQ in a simple flash of orange light. This system functions similarly to a Hammerforge Industries Vorstec Portal, though it is unconfirmed whether he wears such a device.

Sebastian's weakness is simple - anything that stops him moving. While he possesses some level of psychic might, he lacks any telekinetic prowess with that, restricting him to shooting or fighting with his fists in a head-on confrontation. If he can't move, all he can do is attempt to hypnotize his opponent.

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