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This is an article about Seashore the Extinct, a character created by Fox,Fox,Cat on 06/23/2015.


A turquoise, red-orange, and light blue furred/haired Mobian Dodo Bird with brown eyes and a yellow and brown beak. She wears a long dark green with brass trimmings on it, as well as grey pants underneath the dress. Her hair is combed down slightly, but is still bouncy. She lacks any shoes and walks around bare foot. Seashore also appears overweight, for a Mobian, especially for a Mobian Dodo Bird.


Seashore's really hard to pin on personality. She sometimes appears to only care about herself, but if she causes something really bad to happen, she'll feel really bad about doing it. She often says sorry when something bad had happened to another person, even if she hadn't caused it. Seashore is also somewhat kind to certain people, but it's hard to tell since either talks sweetly or normally to others.

Seashore is also mainly smug or a deadpan snarker. When someone says something idiotic, she responses in a snarky attitude. Her smug side comes from her slight ego. She isn't that egotistical, though, as she knows she's not that good.

Seashore is also really shy, for reasons she refuses to explain. She will talk to people and has a few friends, but she can't start her own conversations for the life of her. That why she dislikes loud noises and people, she's not used to anyone being near her.


Seashore lived a rather natural life on an island away from civilization. Nothing was that different, other than learning how to hunt and fish at an early age in her life. Eventually, the young dodo bird grew into a juvenile and that's when her life took a turn for the worse.

Someone on the island stupidly set a fire during the drought season and the whole island burnt ablaze. The only survivor being Seashore who knew to quickly flee from the island when she saw the fire begin to start. She knew she had to flee the small island quickly, so she couldn't tell her family to pack her things.

She was stranded on her small raft in the middle of the ocean, until she finally reached the mainland.Nowadays, Seashore is a traveler, going from place to place, looking for her people...


Scruffy the Gray Fox

(Coming Soon)

Vanity the Hawk

(Coming Soon)

Spite the Red Fox

(Coming Soon)

Sweet Scent the Stunky

(Coming Soon)

Sleek the Cat

(Coming Soon)

Lucifer the Murkrow

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Aeron the Skeletal Hellhound

Ironically, despite Aeron being a god of death, Seashore and Aeron get along quite well. Aeron has an interest in Seashore, since she's a dodo bird, and they're suppose to extinct.


(None known as of yet)


Big Blue the Donkey

Seashore views Big Blue as a man-hating monster. If Big Blue were to find this out, Big Blue would attack Seashore

Eve the Iguana

Seashore thinks Eve is greedy and manipulative. If Eve found this out, she would attempt to slander Seashore.

Hannah the Squirrel

Seashore views Hannah opinions as unprofessional. Hannah could care less, since Seashore is a woman.


Stomach Acid

Lacks all and any powers, except being able to move her stomach acid to her mouth and using it to devour things in seconds flat.


Slight Speed

Fails at all abilities forever. Though she appears very quick for someone who is fat, but her speed only takes up a small bursts, rather than running for a long period of time.

Slight Strength

Seashore's slightly strong, but she can only lift up to 20-25 pounds, in a world where it has been proven people can lift way more than that.


Her skills are rusty from all these years, leaving her with a lack of skills.


Seashore isn't really weak, but is still vulnerable. It's pretty easy to take her down.


  • Seashore is thought to be the last of her kind, but this might not be true.