Sea of Fire is an advanced Napalm technique, requiring great stamina to be used effectively. This technique is used primarily for surprising and trapping a large group of enemies, then using an ignition sourse to dispose of captured enemies.


The use of this attack is simple in concept, as the user merely has to cover a large area in a Napalm coating of varying thickness (depending on the user). Once the target(s) have been lured to the area, they are trapped in the "sea" of the sticky substance. Without an ignition source, this attack can only be used solely for capture of large numbers. However, when ignited, the Napalm becomes a literal sea of fire, burning all captured in the substance with high-temperature flames.

While effective for taking out large numbers, this attack can be broken out of should the target(s) have great enough strength (and possibly flight, to avoid further capture), or a way to disperse the Napalm before it is ignited. Like all Napalm attacks, this attack is easily countered by using water to dilute the substance.




Requiring great stamina and being capable of killing or injuring large numbers, this attack is marked as an A-Rank technique.

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