The view of the sea from the beach of Sea Gate.

"The town is home to many fine people."
Jonathan Babineaux on Sea Gate's residents.

Sea Gate, also known as Seaside Town, is located at Seaside Hill near Ocean Palace and North Pheronchurch. Founded years ago by a group of Albion echidnas, led by Artériellë, many generations of families of various species have lived there, though it has shrunk considerably in the past hundred years.

Recently, an attack was launched on Sea Gate by the Egg Pawns of Dr. Robotnik, but, with a little help from Éxypnos, the wizard of Mystiriódis Pýrgos on Tempest Vale, they managed to back them away into Mariner's Edge. They were then taken out by a number of foreign Mobians, who were all looking for Eggman one way or another.



Queen art

Artériellë, one of the echidnas queens and one of the founders of Sea Gate.

"The islands were found by a group of Echidnas from Albion, who escaped a great doom there. Since the islands, now known as "Seaside Hill" were a safe haven for all those in danger, they brought many people of different species there, where they formed Sea Gate. It has existed ever since."
—One of the many stories told by Lady Haven to her granddaughters.[Author]

Hundreds of years ago, a group of echidnas who had escaped the destruction of Albion fled towards the sea, where they found the islands of Seaside Hill. Believing the islets and rocks positions around the main hills were great for a defensive formation, they settled there, where they were safe and happy. Over time, they brought people of other races there, to keep them protected from whatever evils were attacking the world at the time, and Seaside Hill, as it was now called, became a safe haven for many Mobian animals. But soon, the town there, named "Sea Gate" was considered outdated compared to the great cities now built, such as Ruin Retreat and Everchange City, and many departed, leaving the place a quite, peaceful town.

Arrival of Éxypnos

Tower of sorcery

The Tower of Sorcery.

"Though most of these wizards went from place to place, never dwelling permanently, the Black Wizard did. On Tempest Vale at Seaside Hill did he build his tower, Mystiriódis Pýrgos, and spent much time in the Woods of Dásos. Not only did the Sea Gate people love him for growing exotic plants and accomplishing marvellous things, they hated him, for he was cruel and hateful, and loved no one."
Haven the Rabbit telling the story of the Black Wizard's dwelling.[Author]

At an uncertain time, the wizard Éxypnos came from the West and rested on the isle of Tempest Vale. There he built Mystiriódis Pýrgos, the Tower of Sorcery, and dwelt there beside the Woods of Dásos. The residents of Sea Gate both loved and feared the Black Wizard, as he grew plants and herbs of great rarity and splendour, but disrespected and hated the sea-dwellers. For this reason, the Mobians of Seaside Town stayed far way from Mystiriódis Pýrgos, and never again went to Tempest Vale nor set foot in the beautiful forest of Dásos, where all was fair.

Later Events

"Are those Eggman's robots?"
Cream Yamato asking Amy Rose disbelievingly during the attack.[Author]

Many decades later, Dr. Eggman launched an attack on Sea Gate and all of Seaside Hill, and Egg Pawns roamed freely around the isles, attacking those in sight. Though a few of the town's residents ran to Mystiriódis Pýrgos on Tempest Vale, calling for the help of the resident wizard, Éxypnos, but he refused, though he did protect his tower by destroying a few Pawns. Fortunately, a few reinforcements arrive and, by the next morning, the robots had been reduced in number and driven back towards Mariner's Edge. The last of the Pawns were taken out by Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehogs, Miles "Tails" Prower, Rouge the Bat, Knuckles the Echidna, E-123 Omega, Amy Rose, Espio the Chameleon, Cream the Rabbit, Charmy Bee, Big the Cat, Vector the Crocodile and Butterfly, Dragonfly and Stinkfly the Rabbits.


Main Town

The main area of Sea Gate, more commonly known as Seaside Town, is located on one of the bigger isles, which is home to a large hill on top of which is Station Heights.

Market Street


A few of the seaside shops.

Market Street is easily the largest area of Sea Gate, and is what is most commonly referred to as the town itself. It is a long, winding, steeply-sloped road that leads from the lower areas of the city to Seaside Station. The upper portion of the street is known as Station Heights. There are a few shops at there, including an item shop run by Quarantine Rose.

Seaside Station

Seaside Station is a small train station that travels around the seaside isles, including other districts of the town and the beach. It rests in a large open area called Station Heights, and is roofed by the town's distinctive Bell-Chime Clock Tower.

Gull Common

The lower portion of Market Street is Gull Common, an open-market area popular with seagulls. Many shops are found here, including the accessory shop and armor shop run by Nial Prower and an unnamed bat. It appears to be the location of many homes as well. Neró's home is also located in Gull Common, as are the homes of his friends, Harry Farthing, Lana Pence and Gary Chrimata.

Sunset Island


Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehogs with Amy Rose on the beach.

Sunset Island is reachable only by boat and is the residential area of Sea Gate, where the seaside-folk live.

Seashell Terrace

Seashell Terrace is the main area of the island, where the residents of Sea Gate live in their relatively cosy seaside homes. There is a small docking area, where the boats are kept, and the Mayor's house is located there, as is the mansion belonging to Catherine Ogmore-Pritchard. It was one of the small seaside huts that Amy Rose, Cream Yamato and Big the Cat once lived in while searching for Sonic the Hedgehog, Chocola the Chao and Froggy.

Ogmore-Pritchard Hill

The Ogmore-Pritchard Hill is home to the mansion owned by Catherine Ogmore-Pritchard, the richest woman living at Seaside Hill. It was bought by the parents of Catherine's husband, but fell into her ownership after the mysterious deaths of her parents-in-law and Mr. Ogmore-Pritchard.

Tempest Vale


The sea beside Mystiriódis Pýrgos.

Tempest Vale is an isle apart from Sea Gate, but was once part of the town.

Mystiriódis Pýrgos

The island was chosen by the Wizard Éxypnos to home his tower, Mystiriódis Pýrgos[1], and was from here that he originally helped fight against evil, but later fell to evil himself and desired the Chaos Emeralds for himself. The tower was later destroyed by the returned spirit of Artériellë, Queen of Maya.

Déntra Parathalássia

Déntra Parathalássia[2] was a small forest on the water's edge of Tempest Vale, and was used by Éxypnos for its wood, which he used to make evil potions and crude weapons. Eventually, the spirits of the forest of Parathalássia made war on the forces of Mystiriódis Pýrgos, and, after the help of Artériellë, destroyed the Tower of Sorcery forever.

Unclassified Areas

Apart from the main areas of Sea Gate, there are also several unclassified areas.

Dásos Woods

Seaside Hillpic

The Woods of Dásos.

The Dásos Woods[3] is a forest located just outside of Sea Gate, and whether it is considered part of the town is disputed. Inside the woods is Haven Gardens, the former home of many rabbits, including; Sagess, Magess, Haven, Butterfly, Dragonfly and Stinkfly.


A large collection of caves and mazes exist underneath Sea Gate, though where it leads, who it was made from and why it was created is unknown. Those who have ventured in there have never returned, and the only one who had returned became insane.

Mariner's Edge

Mariner's edge

Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehogs with Espio the Chameleon at Mariner's Edge.

Mariner's Edge is a large part of Sea Gate, where Amy Rose, Cream Yamato, Big the Cat and Cosmo the Seedrian once trained. The small pool area is popular with children, and the beaches are considered the best of the islands.

Behind the Scenes

Notes and References

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