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Bio: Scythe the reaperhog is a one of a kind being, as he holds the same powers as the grim reaper himself. Being raised in a lifestyle of war and chaos, scythe was the only one in his family whose love was not to kill, although he has his moments of pure evil. one day, he woke up in the middle of a wasteland, surrounded by dead bodies, and soon came to realize it was his punishment for having a kind side. After finding his way out of the wasteland, the grim reaper presented himself upon Scythe and gave him a test to see if he was a true reaperhog and not another reject.Scythe had to face the reaper in combat. When Scythe fought, the reaper said that he and another person were the only ones to give him a hard time.


 Scythe the Reaperhog is a fan character by Justin Johnson. He is a very powerful being, and remains a very strong ally to all who request his help. His creation was inspired by many, like Sephiroth, and Ikki. He has undergone many different costume changes but his most recent one seems to be his main outfit. Scythe also has many themes, depending on the situation, but his most commonly used Event theme is " Vertigo High " or " Anthem 4 Pipe Dreams " from the anime " Air Gear ' and his battle theme has yet to be decided. The pictures show his 3 outfit changes and they have all been seen in flash movies, whether if it was only one flash before the next outfit change/revamp. More info will be added later.

The organization of Reapers

Scythe is the leader of a BIG organization called the Reapers. The creation was inspired by the Espadas from "Bleach". There are currently 28 members of the group, and among them are some them are assassins ( see heading below )

The Reapers are as followed:

Forbidden Reaper #0- Scythe

Nightmare Reaper #1 Phantom (Not to be confused with Phantom, Ragiek's wife.)

Pyro Reaper # 2- Inferno

Burning Reaper #3- Comet

Shadow Assasin Reaper #4- Raiden

Static Reaper #5- Thunder

Renegade Assasin/Reaper #6 - Kaiser

Phantom Assasin/Reaper #7- Umbra

Rebelion #X/Chaos Reaper Artemis

African-American reaper #9 Trigger

Dino Reaper #10 - Yagoshi

Mind Reaper #11- Kenshi

Hell Reaper #13- Neroku

Excution Reaper #14 Cloud

CrUnK Assasin/Reaper #15-Keith

Sound Reaper #16 - Slyzer

Techno Assasin/Reaper - Djハリネズミ

Lightning Reaper # 18-Kevin

Demonegan Reaper #19 BloodSonic1

Death Reaper #20 - Sephoroth

Time Reaper #21- Cronos


Scythe is also part of a group called the Assassins, led by his close friend Craytas.

Scythe, the alpha assassin had abandoned his duties as the Reaper's Commander, leaving only Phantom in charge.While he was gone, he had gotten swept up in illegal affairs, he began assassinate others as a way to pass the time. The title " Alpha " in his assassin name means that he is part of a larger organization. To others, his origin remains unknown, shrouded in darkness and sealed away for the world to never know. His goal in life is to assassinate the one that caused him so much pain. His older brother " Fate " the Reaperhog. When Scythe left, Fate came in under the disguise of Scythe, fooling most of the Reapers until it was time to set his plan in motion.

Trivia: Scythe's hometown/birthplace is a mysterious place called the " Arc of Destiny ".... Scythe knows that Fate took over his spot as a reaper, thats why he never bothered returning to the Reapers after accomplishing his goal.... Phantom is one of the 3 people that know of Scythe's past.


Scythe is a reaperhog, and is one of the remaining 2 Reapers. His brother Fate is the other, and is also Scythe's older brother. Nobody has ever survived an encounter with Fate, so there is no report of his location as of now. As for Scythe, during a certain time of the year he is commonly found in the Corrupted Sanctuary and is to not be disturbed when " in heat "


Scythe the Reaperhog is a male.


Scythe the Reaperhog, has no definite age, as his appearance can vary depending on his form. When he is in his normal state, Scythe has the appearance of a 17 year old.


Scythe has no definite weapon as his [Scythe] changes along with his forms.

Normal Form- Double Bladed Cresent Scythe

Phazite Form- Triple Bladed Phazon Scythe

Final Form- Judgement Scythe


Scythe has a brother, whose name is " Fate " and he is also a Reaperhog.


Shay ( his wife )


















and more to come...

Stats ( for video game )

  Hp: 6,000

  Mp: 8,000

  Atk: 645

  Def: 354

 Spd: 796

 Int: 125


Scythe has a large arsenal of abilities, along with his signature moves.

Scythe's Ultimate Move #1-Scythe Blast

Reaper Counter #0- Forsaken Soul

Reaper Combo #1- Armegeddon


Scythe has a calm personality, and he seems very outgoing.


Scythe currently has 3 Forms

Phazite Scythe

A form created by Pyro Reaper # 2- Comet, Scythe has the power to harness Phazon/Phazite and use multiple attacks with it. This power is useful when destroying large amounts of enemies, as it is very dangerous to touch. His Scythe also becomes infused with phazon and therefore, can only be wielded by him or another phazite user, but only Comet is a known Phazite user.

Final Form

Scythe has achieved a Kingdom Hearts Final Form.When in this form, Scythe unleashes powerful magic and physical attacks that can render entire armies to ashes. He also uses 2 Scythes, but they are equally identical in physical appears,but posses different abilities when used in a certain way. He can only transform into this form after reaching a certain amount of Drive levels.

Immaculate Form

Scythe's most powerful form. Not much information is known. This form also reveals his true title " Scythe the Immaculate Reaper "


Dark Chaos Spear

Final Flash Soul Punisher

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