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Scrumble the Hedgehog is a 15 year old light blue hedgehog who lives over 100 years into the future. He is an ancestor of the famed Sonic the Hedgehog. He is in an all new generation of heroes and he and his friends protect the world from evil.


Scrumble has light blue fur. He wears dark grey gloves with braclets and anklets of the same color with green jewels. These braclets and anklets serve the same purpose as Shadow's inhibitor rings and limit Scrumble's power. He wears red sneakers with white soles that each have a single stripe going to the tip of the shoe. His eyes are purple and his quills are similar to his father's, except for the fact that they point slightly upwards at the end.


Scrumble has a bright personality. He always looks on the bright side of mostly everything. His friends are the most important thing in the world to him, and he will do almost anything to ensure the safety of his friends, especilally after his best friend, Will "Ghost" the Hedgehog was killed by Scrumble's to be arch- nemesis Rakie the Hedgehog in the attempt to assasinate Scrumble. His protective personaltiy sometimes causes Scrumble to charge headfirst into battle, leaving his friends behind where they're safe. This usually results in the injury and sometimes almost death of Scrumble. However, his friends always come to back him up when it seems that all is lost.  

Strengths and Powers

Scrumble was born with a rare and unusual power: cosmic power. He can preform moves like Cosmic Punch and Cosmic Rush. This also allows Scrumble to transform into Cosmic Scrumble after maintaining a very high speed for a certain ammount of time. However, this transformation is short, only lasting for around thirty seconds, but the time increases if a chaos emerald is held, even allowing the Scrumble to become stationary and stil maintain the form. This form enhances his cosmic powers. Also, like Sonic, Scrumble can transform into a super form and a hyper form after collecting the Chaos Emeralds and Super Emeralds. He is also just as fast as his ancestor, Sonic the Hedgehog. If Scrumble has extreme anger of the desire for revenge and he has at least one chaos emerald in his possesion,he will become Vengence Scrumble. Although Scrumble's strength is greatly boosted in this form, he becomes ruthless.

General Info

Scrumble is currently on the hunt for Rakie the Hedgehog and his two mecha counterparts, Mecha Rakie Gold Mk.II and Mecha Rakie Silver. Also, he is searching the Chaos Emeralds, which could help him in his search for his enemies. However, he likes to take occasional breaks from the action to go snowboarding with his friends, Rocky and Honnah.


Scrumble was born in Green Hill Zone and he spent the first 9 years of his life in Green Hill Zone, but then his father, Jeffory the Hedgehog, introduced him to Central City. Scrumble was amazed to see so many people in one spot. As Scrumble grew older, he visited the City more frequently, until one day, when he was 14, he met Will "Ghost" the Hedgehog, who had gotten his nickname for his unbeliveable stealth. Scrumble had gotten lost in a bad part of the city. A band of thugs tried to mug Scrumble and take anything valuable from him. However, Ghost stepped in and drove the thugs off. Ghost and Scrumble quickly became friends. Later on, they decided to find and destroy HyperTech's secret bases, which infuriated the company. Ghost became a role model for Scrumble, however, one day Scrumble and Ghost were looking for another one of HyperTech's bases when they were attacked by Scrumble's future arch- enemy, Rakie the Hedgehog, who had been hired by X, the leader of the coorperation to get rid of Scrumble. Will put Scrumble's life in front of Scrumble's and sacrificed his life to save Scrumble's, wounding Rakie in the process. Rakie fled, and Scrumble vowed to bring Rakie down. Years later, Rakie was back, fully healed and ready to go. his encounter with Will had left him with a nasty scar. Still a minion of Eggman, Rakie was ordered to steal the Master Emerald from Angel Island. Unfortunately, Scumble just happened to be training on the island with his friend and the future gaurdian of the Master Emerald, Rocky the Encidna. Rakie was quickly clobbered and sent off of the island.

Discovering Honna

Scrumble and Rocky were hiking Mount Thunder on Angel island when they stumbled upon one of Dr. Eggman's old bases. They explored it for a while, and they discovered a secret test chamber. It contained an organism created by Eggman 100 years ago that appeared to be part- hedgehog part- bat and part- kitsune. The creature had been created as an attempt to take over the world, but the project was cancelled after the specimen was found to be extremely unstable and it was put into satis. Scrumble and Rocky accedentially woke Honna from statis and there was a brief battle between the two sides, and Scrumble and Rocky won. Scrumble told Honna that she was a powerful fighter, and asked if she would join him and Rocky to form a team to fight HyperTech. Honna accepted the invitation, and the three heroes escaped the base.

The Battle of Central City

After training Honna, the team decided it was time to close in on HyperTech's headquarters, which was rumored to be located in Central City. The first thing they did was contact Commander Abraham Tower and get his premission to have  G.U.N. fight by their side. 

Alternate Timeline

Scrumble exists in an alternate timeline where the world was destroyed by Iblis. He never met Rocky because he was never born in this timeline, and he never met Honna because Eggman was killed in the airship explosion that killed Elise and he never got the chance to begin the project. X was never created by HyperTech because it doesn't exist. Scrumble was never taught by Ghost, and his parents died when he was five, so Scrumble somehow managed to raise himself on his own. In this timeline, Scrumble, is determined and serious, but not as enthusiastic as his main timeline self. However, Scrumble still has hope, that is the only thing that Scrumble has that Iblis can't destroy. Scrumble only has one friend in this timeline, and he is a very unexpected friend. Scrumble's only friend is Rakie the Hedgehog. Scrumble met Rakie when he was only ten years old, and they have been fighting Iblis ever since. After their sixth battle with Iblis, which they managed to escape with only minor burns, they devised a plan to rid the world of Iblis. They would search the world for the seven chaos emeralds. When they find all of the emeralds, they would travel to Onyx Island and release Chaos. They give the emeralds to him and convince him to fight Iblis, destroy him, and extingiuish the fires he had caused. Scrumble and Rakie spent a year traveling the world, collecting the emeralds. After collecting all the emeralds, they used chaos control to warp to the island, being careful not to transform into their super forms. At the island, Scrumble recites a prayer meant to summon Chaos. This is where the timeline splits into two branches. In the primary branch, Chaos does not hear Scrumble's prayer. Knowing that they cannot beat Iblis alone, the two spend the rest of their lives living on the island. This branch continues into Silver's time in SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (2006). In the secondary branch, Scrumble's prayer suceeds in summoning Chaos. Scrumble and Rakie convince give Chaos the emeralds, turning him into Perfect Chaos, and convince him to fight Iblis. Before the battle, Iblis becomes his second phase. A great battle ensues between Chaos and Iblis. When it seems that Chaos has won, Iblis becomes his third form and kills Chaos. In his last effort, Chaos returns the emeralds to Scrumble and Rakie, who use them to achive their super forms. A final battle takes place, and Scrumble and Rakie emerge victorious. After the battle, Scrumble  and Rakie go their seperate ways to search for other doomsday survivors and rebuild society from the ground up. However, their is still one problem: niether of the two were aware of the existance of Mephiles.  


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Fun Facts

-Scrumble was originally going to have lighter blue stripes, just like Shadow. In fact, Scrumble was going to be a recolor of Shadow, but that lacked originality, so his appearence was changed.

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