This is an article about Scruffy the Gray Fox, a character created by Fox,Fox,Cat on 07/2/2015.

"Oh snap..." - Sarcasm by Scruffy


Scruffy has mangled up gray and red-orange, which is completely natural for a Mobian Gray Fox, as well as really dark brown, scruffy hair. Scruffy wears a big navy blue long sleeved shirt, which she wears in any season, and she has two sets of rings over top of the sleeves. She also wears grey dress pants and navy blue converse-like shoes that match her long sleeved shirt. Scruffy physically short as well.


A nihilistic, yet always content woman, Scruffy only seeks to make her friends and lover happy. She loves humor and wants to be humorous herself. She takes a self-deprecation approach and makes fun of herself, since she lacks self-esteem. She doesn't mind being made fun of by other people, she just wants to be noticed.

She hates when people ignore her, so she tries to be funny and/or plays her guitar. She's convinced that playing her guitar and singing is all she has going for her and it might be true. Yet, she remains content despite all this, and keeps moving along. Whether she gets what she wants or not.

She seems to not care what will happen to her, sometimes. She aware only the people who know her will remember her when she's gone, and she still doesn't care. She wants to be noticed, but not to further her image, as being famous isn't important to her. She knows she's a small speck on a small planet and isn't at all important and she's still completely content with.


Scruffy is known to not give any secrets about her past. She either can't remember, doesn't want to, or can care less. Though her guardians apparently know what she doesn't want to know.



Since Scruffy lives on a farm, it was bound to happen. She lifts a lot a weight for being so small, and it paid off. If Scruffy would ever be on a team, strength is most likely where she would fall. However, that's literally the only ability she has and it doesn't seem like her strength is that great. Though, her strength does range a little over what the average Mobian has.


Torch (Rooster)

Not a literal torch, but instead, a rooster named Torch. Torch is consider Scruffy's pet, but Scruffy calls him a pest due to the rooster aggressive and territorial behavior. Despite this, Scruffy uses Torch as an "attack rooster", much in the fashion of an attack dog. Except that Scruffy can hide him. Now usually, someone would say "Well it's a rooster. How deadly can it be?", but don't judge him to quickly. He's a hybrid of a White Leghorn and a Jersey Giant. The former being the most aggressive and the latter being the biggest breed of chickens alive. However, even Scruffy can't handle him completely and, as such, uses special muzzles, rope, and special shoes made of rubber to keep him from pecking, flying away, or scratching. Another thing she uses is...

Rusty Metal Stick

A rusty metal stick! That's literally all it is, but Torch is afraid of it. Even more than he is of being kicked by Scruffy. Scruffy even uses it when she's not beating Torch. It's her second primary weapon when she's fighting. Even if it is the end off of a really old butterfly net.


Scruffy isn't that intelligent and, due to her weight, she isn't that fast either. Without Torch or her rusty metal stick, she's generally really weak, besides her strength. She's also very afraid of getting hurt, despite the fact she gets hurt all the time. Scruffy is deathly afraid of fire and pyrokinesis powers as well, but she will go up against them if her life is threatened.


Sleek the Cat

(Coming Soon)

Spite the Red Fox

(Coming Soon)

Seashore the Extinct

(Coming Soon)

Sweet Scent the Stunky

(Coming Soon)

=Lucifer the Murkrow

(Coming Soon)


(Coming Soon)


Vanity the Hawk

(Coming Soon)


Hannah the Squirrel

Scruffy hates Hannah a lot, and Hannah can't understand why. Scruffy dislikes her for her bad views on video games and men. Scruffy tells Hannah time and time again how she's ok with violent video games with male leads, but Hannah doesn't believe her. No Scruffy's shutting Hannah out.


  • "What do you want?" - Scruffy's greeting.
  • "That's sweet! Look at me now!" - Getting an A.
  • "This is still pretty great!" - Getting a B.
  • "I feel like I can do better." - Getting a C.
  • "Come on! I though I did better?!" - Getting a D.
  • "Ughh..." - Getting a E.
  • "I give up...." - Getting a F.
  • "I can't believe I did it!" - Winning a battle/race.
  • "Figures I'd lose..." - Losing a battle/race.
  • "Oh..It's you..." - When facing a rival, as well as mimicking GlaDos.
  • "Buh-Bye!" - Scruffy saying goodbye.
  • "You may think I'm weak because I'm small and I'm fat, but wait until I beat you down in five seconds flat!" - Scruffy threatening someone with Torch.
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