This is an article about Script the Zebra, a character created by TheSkullWolf on 05/19/2015.
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Script the Zebra

Script is a seventeen year old, male, zebra. He is a writer with an obsession with ink, and is rarely seen without rainboots. Script is a chaotic neutral character and is known to never speak.


Script bears several similiarities to his sister. Being a zebra, Script sports white fur, black stripes, and a black mane and muzzle. He has a dark muzzle and bright blue eyes as well. His fur pattern doesn't seem to be any different from any other zebra's from afar, yet it is easy to tell that it's him with the one stripe between his eyes.


Much unlike his sister's cheerful and outgoing self, Script is more cynical and shy. He acts critical toward people and is wary of those who try to befriend him. He pushes others away due to his developed belief that any friend he makes will eventually desert him and only family will stick with him forever. As a result, he often stays by Splatter's side and happily joins in on her shenanigans.

Aside from being cynical, Script also has a sense of superiority over non-family members. He believes that anyone else is not worth much of his time and openly admits it. There is also a competitive side to him as he enjoys receiving challenges from others to prove that he is better. Script loves to win and does not take defeat well, though he is not willing to cheat to be victorious.

Despite his inability (or refusal) to speak, Script is just as, if not more, expressive as someone who does talk. To compensate for his lack of vocals, his facial expressions and body language are more readable, and Canvas often uses his hands to project messages.  He has a tendency to slow his hand movements as a subtle means of insulting the intelligence of those he particularly dislikes. To those he absolutely cannot stand, he writes out hateful things about them in invisible ink.


Script has the ability to generate, manipulate, and absorb ink to his will. His main use of this power is to instantaneously form words on objects (mainly his coat) through mere touch. He can also manipulate objects and people to an extent by writing certain words on them.


  • Script's original name was Canvas.
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