Screech is a young hawk who loves to ride on his Extreme Gear.

Screech the Hawk
Heights,apples, his Extreme Gear.
Going slow, bananas,a broken Extreme Gear, crowds.


Screech is a tan hawk. He wears a red t shirt, blue pants, a gray belt and wears red and white shoes. He also has red gloves and yellow goggles. He has red eyes.


Screech is very adept at flying. He can fly at high speeds but for only short amounts of time. He is very skilled at riding his Extreme Gear. He also carries a small dagger to use during close encounters. He sometimes uses his Extreme Gear as a weapon.


Screech is very serious. Usually he never kids around. Sometimes he does lighten up, but rarely. He treats most things like life or death situations. When in big crowds he mostly stays in the shadows since he doesn't like crowds. He spends most of his time alone.


Screech was raised by a single father. His mother was killed by an assassin when he was at a very young age. When Screech was 9 his father gave him an Extreme Gear for his birthday. He fell off everytime he tried to ride at first but he soon became more experienced. He developed a love for Extreme Gears. He decided that he wanted to learn how to create custom Extreme Gears. Screech is usually found drifting from town to town looking for more Extreme Gears.


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