Scream the Bat is an anthropomorphic 18-year-old bat. He is somewhat of a samurai.
Scream the Bat
Not formal
Scream the Bat
Gangster wannabe
Fruit Bat
Samurai-styled black hair, black fur, peach skin.
Long open black trench coat, black vest, black pants, white shoes.
None mentioned.
Romantic Interest
Acting like a gangster, Nova, Leaf (he's neutral with her), honorable people.
Thieves, Bone, Pain, Shadow, dishonor, Ribbon, Leaf (He's neutral with her)
Samurai sword-handling, ice


Scream is rude and loud, and doesn't even care. (Hence his name) He isn't afraid to show his feelings to others, though it gets him into trouble a lot. He barely has regards for other people's feelings. He flirts a lot when it comes to girls, though at times, he considers this a good way to get information out of people. (Much to the annoyance of his friends.) He also tries to be cool but many people often see through his attempts and deem him a "wannabe gangster.


Like Bone the Cat, not much is known about Scream. He met Nova and Bone when Bone tried to steal from him. (Similarly to how Bone met Nova.) As he saw Bone, he almost immediately tried to hurt him for stealing. Nova defended Bone though, and Scream stopped when she got in the way. She told him that if he wanted a fight it would be with her. ("Pick on someone you're own size!" This is because due to Nova's height, one could easily assume that she was the same age as Scream despite being two years younger.) Scream declined, saying that he doesn't fight girls. Nova gives him a annoyed look and hits him on the head anyway. Later when Nova and Bone are somewhere else, he tries to attack them, saying that he's a samurai and this is how he's supposed to act. He tries to attack Bone the most saying that Bone has no honor, trying to steal. (Apparently Samurai are supposed to kill themselves if they don't have any honor.) After this, though (Nova breaks up the fight once again) Bone and Nova formally introduce themselves. Nova then realizes that if Scream were to join them they would be able to become a team. Scream almost immediately agrees with little hesitation, much to Bone's dismay.


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Nova the Wolf

Nova had a general dislike of Scream due to his almost always attacking Bone for lacking honor. (Nova complains that Bone is not a samurai and does not need honor to live) Scream though, likes Nova quite a bit, for her personality.(And just because of hos flirtatious manner) He often tries to flirt with Nova, only to be hit on the head by her. It would seem that Nova does care for him at some extent, seeing that he is a member of her team. It does also seem that Scream just flirts with her for the fun of it, though at times he implies that he has a real crush on her...

At one point when Scream and Bone are separated from Nova, he tells Bone that he only thinks of Nova as a friend. Despite this, he also said he wouldn't mind if he was a little nicer to him, and he respects him. Bone still seemed to disbelieve Scream when he said he just though of Nova as a friend, though.

"Bone" the Cat

Bone and Scream greatly hate each other. Bone thinks that Scream is overly violent while Scream thinks that Bone lacks honor. They hate being on the same team as each other, and they hate having to work with each other, often giving rise to many arguments. Scream has made Bone cry on many occasions, earning him hits on the head from Nova.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Scream has a gigantic dislike of the Ultimate Immortal. This is because he thinks that Shadow is actually cooler than him, making him jealous. It also seems that he knows that Nova has a crush on Shadow, making the jealousy even worse. (And giving more proof of Scream's possible feelings for Nova.)

Pain the Demon-Cat

Scream has an extreme rivalry with Pain. This started at the very moment they met, and intensified as Pain became closer to Nova. Scream will often try to get Nova's attention when Pain is around. Even though it seems that Scream is taking interest in Leaf now, he still hates Pain.

Leaf the Mouse

Though at first annoyed by the Forest Princess's clingy tendencies, Scream puts up with Leaf because of her royal status. The bat is often seen coming to the rescue of Leaf, causing Leaf to develop a rather severe crush on him. Leaf also seems to think that Scream returns the feeling, which he does seem to at times.


As can be realized from his name, Scream has a rather loud scream. Like the rest of his team, he is good at spying and is versatile with weapons. Also, he has his own preferred weapon which would be a katana. Despite this, he tends to mess around with his weapons leading Nova to his weapons away when they're not practicing or on missions.


  • Flexible flying.
  • Similarly to Rouge, can flirt with girls to get them to tell him information. (Though to less extremes of Rouge, he stops when he himself feels uncomfortable.)
  • When around enemies, he CAN control himself.


  • Honor is his number one priority.
  • He's uncontrollably violent at times.


"Heh heh, you're a LOSER." -Winning a battle
"Hmph. You probably cheated!" -Losing battle
"Nothing less is to be tolerated!" -Getting an "S" rank on a mission.
"Well, no one can still compared to me!" -Getting an "A" rank on a mission.
"Nearly complete to my standards." -Getting a "B" rank on a mission.
"What was that supposed to be!?" -Getting a "C" rank on a mission.
"Something's definitely wrong with this!" -Getting a "D" rank on a mission.
"This is an outrage!" -Getting a "E" rank on a mission.
"My name is Scream the Bat. I hope you weren't expecting some gigantic speech before I said that, though. I'm not one for speeches." -Introducing himself.


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