This is an article about Scratch the Cat, a character created by BlazeTheCat 9 on 06/17/2013.

Scratch the Cat Is a green cat who has chorokenisis.


She has an appearance similar to that of Mint, But is in no way related to her. She has green fur, Purple eyes, Light-blue denim shorts, A black and green jacket, A long-Sleeve black shirt, Black gloves, A side part/fringe, Long hair, A cat tail with a white tip (Obviously), White, Black and green shoes And a white muzzle.


I guess you could call her a bit of a "Goth", But she doesn't really look it. She usually doesn't talk much, And is somewhat shy. 


Scratch used to be powerless. But one day, When she was about 11, She got a venus fly trap for her birthday because she loved nature. Little did she, Or anyone, Know, This was a special venus fly trap. One day When she was 15, While looking at the venus fly trap, The venus fly trap bit her. By biting her, The venus fly trap injected into her nearly all of nature's DNA. This means she could control all plants-And she became one of the heroes of the sonic franchise.


She can control plants. This means she can wrap her opponents up in ivy, Call giant venus fly traps to eat her enemies, Throw thorns off roses at her opponents and more. She can also absorb water, Which makes her stronger, And can even bring her back to life if she dies.


As fire burns plants, It burns scratch too- But more than it would to a normal person. Just one tiny flame and scratch could be... *Funeral song plays*

Theme song

Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness Music- Normal Battle

Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness Music- Normal Battle


She has a sword called "Leaf blade". It's a sword that is wrapped in poison ivy, And if anyone but scratch were to touch it, They'd be poisoned.


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