You may be looking for his Prime Zone or Dark Mobius counterparts.

This is an alternate version of Scrap the Fox that resides in Light Mobius, He Is the son of Braveheart the Fox and Isla, and the brother of Petunia. He was to be the protagonist of the cancelled Shadowed Future: Aftermath.


Scrap actually appears older than his Dark Mobius counterpart. He is a young red fox todd with thick, perpetually ruffled russet-red fur, white fur running from his chin to his belly as well as on his tail-tip and inside his ears, and dark brownish-black paws and ears and amber eyes.


As of the end of Shadowed Future: 5 Years Later, Scrap is a laid-back, calm fellow who has a fierce loyalty to his Team and a strong dislike for King Shadow and his henchwoman Lien-Da because the latter kidnapped him.


In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

Shadowed Future(arc):

Shadowed Future(story): Scrap is seen inside the Storming Base when Braveheart returns with Flynn, an orphaned Arctic fox cub. Scrap and Petunia quickly befriend him, and Scrap expresses jealousy that Braveheart chooses to mentor Flynn himself. Later, after the Storm Fighters aid in the revolt against King Shadow, Scrap, Petunia, and Flynn, are seen racing up, and witness the spirit of Scrap and Petunia's grandfather Fox declare Sonic the true king of Mobius.

Shadowed Future: 5 Years Later: Scrap is kidnapped by Lien-Da before she puts into motion her plan to release King Shadow. Phoenix the Fox and a furious Braveheart pursue her, but Shadow ends up holding Scrap hostage himself after Lien-Da vanishes. When he unleashes Tikhaos, Shadow allowed Scrap to return to his father, though he is seen to be furious about this.

Storm of Shadows Arc:

Shadow of Time: Scrap is briefly mentioned when Shadow reflects on him while observing the Prime Zone Scrap charging around the Base with his sister and pestering the relaxing warriors.



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