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You may be looking for his Prime Zone or Light Mobius counterparts

Scrap the Fox is a young male red fox cub living in the Storm Fighters in the Secrets of the Dark World arc. He is the son of Braveheart the Fox and his mate Isla, and the brother of Petunia.


Scrap is a young male red fox cub with thick, fluffy fur that looks perpetually ruffled, hence his name. Like all red foxes, he has russet-red fur, white fur running from his chin to his underbelly and on his tail-tip and inside his ears, and dark brownish-black paws and ears, as well as amber eyes.


Scrap is a typical kid his age despite his father's seemingly endless conflict with Dark Enerjak, and despite initial shock at his father's maimed face, still loves him. Like his Prime Zone counterpart, Scrap hides his love for his sister with constant sibling rivalry.


In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

Secrets of the Dark World:

Conquest: Scrap is seen only once, when Knuckles, just prior to truly becoming Enerjak, attacks the Base in an effort to keep the warriors from interfering with his "order". Braveheart rushes to his family's defense when Enerjak threatens Isla, Scrap, and Petunia, and is nearly strangled as a result. The three foxes disappear in the fight.

Part 3: Scrap is first seen when Enerjak attacks a Chesnaught defending them, revealed to be Liam. Scrap is shocked at his father's half-missing face, but quickly forgets this as he and his sister are overjoyed to reunite with their father. He stays at the Base with his family while Braveheart travels to the Prime Zone to oversee the warriors defeat Dark Enerjak.

Aftermath: Scrap is first seen after Braveheart returns from the Prime Zone and comes back to the Base with Jones Smith and Chloe the Jackal after an encounter with Duke Smith and Dark Enerjak. When Braveheart reluctantly announces that Enerjak has returned, Scrap hides his face under Dr. Finitevus' cape(hiding his face from the displeased look he's given). Later, Scrap is seen being pulled inside the Base by Finitevus when Enerjak attacks to put his plans into motion.




Braveheart the Fox (Dark Mobius)

Scrap loves his father dearly, despite his initial shock at his father's horrifically maimed face upon reuniting.

Isla the Fox (Dark Mobius)

Scrap loves his mother dearly, despite the fact he often acts rebelliously.

Petunia the Fox

Scrap has serious sibling rivalry with his littermate, but this is simply his way of showing he loves her, as he doesn't argue with her as much as he would if he had actual sibling rivalry with her.


This is the first iteration of Scrap to appear, the second being his Light Mobius counterpart, and the third being his Prime Zone counterpart.

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