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Not to be confused with his Dark or Light Mobius counterparts

Scrap the Fox, nicknamed "Little Bit" by Fang the Saber, is a young red fox set to appear in Shadow of Time. He is Braveheart's son and Fox the Brave's grandson. Scrap was a target of King Shadow during his quest to conquer the Four Worlds of the Prime Zone.


Scrap is a young cub who is the equivalent of a typical human 6-year-old. He is a young red fox about the size of Shade the Zorua. He has thick russet fur, dark brownish-black paws and ears, white fur running from his chin to his underbelly as well as on his tail-tip, and inside his ears. He also has bright amber eyes and a long, thick tail.


Scrap is an eager young cub with an attitude as big as his heart. He hides his love for his littermate Petunia with his constant tries to assert his dominance over her, leading to heated sibling rivalry. Scrap loves hearing tales of the warriors' victories. When King Shadow had him captured, his spunkiness meant he resisted however he could, and came to hate Shadow.


So far, Scrap only appears in the beginning of Shadow of Time, when King Shadow and Lien-Da are spying on the warriors. While the warriors are relaxing, Scrap and Petunia run around the Base, pausing at Fang, who calls them "Little Bit" and "Littler Bit" respectively. He teases the cubs, and they run off to the Warrior Cat Redwhisker. Shadow says he wants to use the cubs, despite Lien-Da's protests, and does so when he captured the siblings, the human boy Simon Komm, and the other young children at the Base.




  • Redstone the Fox: 7x great grandfather
  • Garrett the Fox: 6x great grandfather
  • Ferrell the Fox: 5x great grandfather
  • ​​​​​Unnamed Fox: 4x great grandparent (gender unknown)
  • Andrew the Fox: Great-great-great grandfather
  • Dahlia the Fox: Great-great-great grandmother
  • Rocket the Fox: Great-great grandfather
  • Mahna the Fox: Great-great grandmother
  • Torch the Fox: Great grandfather
  • Ember the Fox: Great uncle
  • Snow the Fox: Great aunt
  • Grizzly the Fox: Great grandfather
  • Heather the Fox(RotW): Great grandmother
  • Firestorm the Fox: Great uncle
  • Racket the Fox: Great-great grandfather
  • Fox the Brave: Grandfather
  • Karra the Fox: Grandmother
  • Maako the Fox: Granduncle
  • Mari the Fox: Grandaunt
  • Braveheart the Fox: Father
  • Isla the Fox: Mother
  • Wilder the Fox: First cousin
  • Barry the Fox: First cousin
  • Petunia the Fox: Sister
  • Jon the Fox: Distant cousin
  • Phoenix the Fox: Distant cousin


Braveheart and Isla

Braveheart and Isla love them children dearly, and Scrap loves them in return. He loves the fact his father is a warrior.

Petunia the Fox

Scrap loves his sister, but hides this under his big attitude and constant sibling rivalry.

King Shadow and Lien-Da

Scrap doesn't like villains, and as such, doesn't like Shadow or Lien-Da. When they captured him and the other Alliance children, Scrap struggled and argued until Shadow threatened him.

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