Cquote1 So what are you going to do about it? I could tear through this Pack without breaking a sweat! Cquote2
Scourge taunting Evan, Tales of the Wanderers(Late Night Confrontation)

​​​​​​Scourge the Hedgehog is a recurring antagonist in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is, in essence, the evil twin of Sonic the Hedgehog, and thus is the opposite of him in every way. As of his breakout of the Zone Jail in Sonic Universe Issue 29-32, Scourge is now the leader of the Destructix. Due to his work under Dr. Finitevus, Scourge is allies(somewhat friends) with Lycus the Lycanroc and his Gang, and frequently clashes with the warriors.


Scourge retains his appearance from the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie comics released in the United States.

As of Ride of a Leader, Scourge has a tear in each ear, and several long scars between his ears courtesy of Boulder the Lycanroc


Scourge retains his personality from the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie comics released in the United States.

He is incredibly arrogant, smug, and at times cold and unforgiving. Because of his determination to prove himself better than Sonic, he often disrespects and mocks others, especially the warriors. In Reign of Terror, Scourge is surprisingly sadistic in his dreams of destroying Austin, as he imagines making him suffer before killing him.


Before the Series: Scourge's past is no doubt the same as in the Archie Comics.

Throughout the Series: Scourge is relatively minor throughout, but will become a major antagonist in The Lone Wanderer and Reign of Terror, as in the former, he bullies the former Wandering Wolf Wilson, and in the latter, uses The Tribes to take over the Base and force Austin and Boulder away to get help.


Due to being, in essence, the evil twin of Sonic, Scourge has the same powers as him, including super speed, incredible agility, and a Super Form.


So far, his only known weaknesses are his overinflated ego, and the fact that when he powers down from his Super Form, he tires out, both of which Sonic exploited in Sonic Universe Issue 196 in order to beat him without threatening his friends.


Dr. Finitevus

Scourge commonly works under Finitevus, primarily to find a way to capture Austin-which has become increasingly hard due to Austin's growth in size and confidence since his arrival, and his new status as leader of the Storm Fighters.

Austin Smith

Austin has a strong dislike of Scourge, due to Austin's knowledge of the Four Worlds and memories of Scourge's crimes. This was worsened when Scourge killed Shane the Wolf in the first Storming Revolt(that failed)

Boulder the Lycanroc

Scourge has developed a strong hatred of Boulder for the vicious attacks on him that ended in him getting both ears ripped(one by a furious Crystal), and having several scars between his ears from Boulder during a failed attack on the Base.

Crystal the Lycanroc

As revealed in flashbacks in Return of an Enemy, Scourge tried to persuade and bully Crystal's Pack into joining them, but this failed, resulting in the Pack being attacked and Crystal separated from her family. Crystal revealed that Scourge pursued her after she fled, resulting in her developing a strong hatred of him.

Evan the Wolf

In The Lone Wanderer, Scourge frequently mocks the Wandering Wolves due to their nomadic nature, and is underwhelmed by Evan because he has a limp and is covered in scars. Nonetheless, he was surprisingly intimidated by a furious Evan when the brown-furred Wolf threatened him.

Wilson the Wolf

After Wilson left the Wandering Wolf Pack, Scourge followed him, bullying and taunting him well after he settled in Red Gate City, until a full-on brawl between the two led to the Hedgehog being soundly defeated and finally leaving the father of two alone.

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