Centuries ago, the Moebius was bestowed the seven Anarchy Beryl. These jewels were a source of absolute power. However, absolute power corrupts absolutely — and it did not take long before wars broke out over who would control the Anarchy Beryl's seemingly unlimited power. A tribe of echidna (the ancestors of Palms the Echidna) responded by creating a singular Servant Emerald, which held powers that could control and neutralize the Beryl. With the Servant Emerald came a guardian spirit. It was said that a rival tribe of echidnas angered the guardian by attempting to steal the Anarchy Beryl and ruining the sanctuary it was protecting. They were all but completely destroyed within a single night and the guardian was never seen again. What was believed to be the guardian was then named Anarchy, the God of Destruction, lending its name to the Beryl.

In the present day, Dr. Stickman learns of the legend surrounding Anarchy. Believing it to be true, he seeks out the Servant Emerald and shatters it, freeing Anarchy in the process. Stickman's goal is to control Anarchy, and use its powers to collect the Anarchy Beryl and cleanse the city of Station Central of the Anti-Freedom Fighters. To help him, he has created the S-Series robots, a group of robots powered by animals placed inside them and programmed to obey him. When Scourge learns of Stickman's plans, he springs into action to stop Stickman and they all start their own separate, but intertwined, journeys for the Anarchy Beryl.


Scourge the Hedgehog

The main villain of the game. Arriving in the city of Station Central, Scourge's story revolves around Dr. Stickman releasing Anarchy from the Servant Emerald. Scourge battles Stickman and Anarchy in an effort to save the world from good, as well as finding the Anarchy Beryl before they do. Scourge has the most stages of any character, and his levels involve high speed gameplay. His theme song is "Only I Matter" performed by Tony Harnell.

Miles Prower

After Scourge rescues Miles from Beryl Coast after a "Hurricane" prototype experiment runs out of fuel (because the Anarchy Beryl was gone) and crashes, the latter sets out to help Scourge collect the Beryl and stop Anarchy. Most of his levels are shorter versions of Scourge's, which require him to reach the end of the level before Scourge (or Stickman) can. Miles' theme song is "I Can Do It Myself" performed by Karen Brake.

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