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This is an article about Scott the Wildcat, a character created by Monk the Cat on 12/19/2013.

Scott is a Scottish Wildcat, and a master of claymores. He has no powers, but instead relies on his skill with blades and the swords' capabilities.


Scott is a tall, stocky Wildcat. His fur is short, dense and water-resistant. His fur is primarily a dark brown color and has many black stripes that go along his back and up onto the top of his head. He has feral brown eyes. Scott has a cream colored muzzle and has large canines. His body is compressed of very tightly packed muscle. The muscles don't bulge out, but they are still there and are very strong. His tail is average length and has "spiky" fur on all sides. It is also very strong and used for balance.

Scott usually wears a standard brown tunic covered by an old suit of chainmail that is torn in a few places at the sides. He wears two brass medals in front of his shoulders which hold the chain in place. He has two thin chest belts that cross from the right shoulder to the left hip and have small satchel pouches. On his back are the sheathes for his three claymores. He wears basic trousers on his legs and the chainmail goes down to above his knees.


Scott is a very straight-forward and rather blunt person. He is a very proud warrior, confident in his abilities and training. He may seem to be very brash and irresponsible, but is actually very responsible and honorable. He simply prefers to face challenges and opponents head on in a duel of weapons. He isn't a very social person outside of war, seeming very gruff and distant. However for the few people to befriend him, he is very hospitable and caring. He has an overall brooding sense and usually carries a sneer or smirk. His expression is slightly crazed, hinting that he might be unstable, but he has yet to snap and do damage.


Scott was born in the mountains of a distant country. He was born many years in the past where his family were all proud warriors. He too was trained in the deadly arts of combat, his favored weapon being the greatswords, claymores. After several years of training, he went off to fight wars for his family and people. After several victories, he returned home and found a person he loved. He soon got married and had three children. He decided to hang up his sword and raise the children to be like him, but while he was gone one day, all of them were assassinated.

On that day, something snapped in Scott. No longer the cheerful, strong and courageous warrior that the people had seen in him, he became reclusive, and lonely and scared. Slowly regaining his psyche, he picked up his beloved blade and charged headlong into the country that had sent the assassins. He fought through waves of enemies, swiftly dodging fire and blocking blows, but was ultimately driven back, and sent into fury.

It was at this time that he met a leopard by the name of Magnus Bloodson. The two formed a bond as they had similar goals and similar losses. Magnus soon took the role of leader, as he was more fit for it. The two roamed the lands for several years, gathering others like them, and also those who had no purpose for fighting. After the army was amassed, they all attacked the kingdom again. This time, they succeeded in destroying the large empire and tearing down anyone in power, executing and slaying them.

Afterwards, the group was left without much of a purpose, but they were far from disbanding. Magnus soon led them to conquer other territories, gain more warriors and advance their technology and weapons. During this time, Magnus had been turning back the ages of his men, reverting them to younger, more fit selves whenever they grew old and frail. Nearly four hundred years later, the group had settled into a corporation led by Magnus. It was a way to put all the soldiers, warriors and experts to work, legally. Scott, being a high-ranking person from a different country was granted diplomatic immunity. He eventually left the group, joining G.U.N. in an attempt to once again, be legally at the front lines of battle.

Items in Possession

  • "Sil" - A large claymore with a silver blade. The blade itself has nothing too special, but on the base of the blade and handle is a large red crystal. When activated, the crystal produces a barrier that repels elemental, physical and magical attacks, though not preventing soul-based ones. The shield has a durability and when hit too many times, disappears, leaving the crystal to recharge. This is his most commonly used weapon out of his three claymores.
  • "Crim" - His very first claymore. Originally silver in color, the blade is now permanently stained red from blood. The sword has also been imbued with the power of blood, allowing it to carve through flesh and armor with ease. The most notable feature of the blade, however, is its ability to steal blood from wounds it causes, transferring it to the wielder. Strangely, the sword can also be used to heal cuts and other smaller wounds, but not something such as a severed limb.
  • "Stal" - A sword with a jet black blade. The edges of the weapon are a silver color where it comes into the sharp parts. The blade is unique in the part that it can control both light and shadow to a degree. With the flips of switches it can either be turned into an incorporeal shadow, solid blade or have the edges illuminate light and do light damage. The shadow blade can be used to run through people causing no damage until it solidifies. The light aspect can be used to send waves of light energy at people when timed correctly and also hit shadow-bound foes.
  • Inhibitor Collar - A special collar that looks high tech. It is designed so that once it is on a person it can restrain them, restricting any powers or abilities they have. This is not so much a weapon as it is a tool for capturing people and restraining them.
  • Derringer - A small, standard issue pistol. The gun has two barrels and fires two shots, having to manually reload each one. This is almost never used as a weapon.



Scott has a very high durability. His defense it high for his type of armor, though he does prefer to let his opponent land blows and take damage. His stamina is also very high, being able to continue fighting with his heavy blades for hours on end with no sign of tiring. He is also naturally strong and fast, from tuning his body to the near maximum potential. The strength and speed allow him to use two or even three greatswords at once without much penalty. Also along with the speed comes his heightened and sharpened reflexes and reaction times. He also has a cunning and deceptive mind for his appearance as a brute. He is able to capitalize on battles and strategy, as well as in-battle strategy.


Scott also posses a semi-natural ability that he simply calls "Rage". Rage is basically a trade off of accuracy and awareness for raw strength and speed and ferocity. The ability works when in battle, if he takes damage, is has his blood drawn, it builds up rage. The more hits he takes, them more enraged he gets and the more damage he does. Each time he takes a rage-inducing hit, his strength and speed rise by about ten percent, and his accuracy lowers by about five. Each time he takes a hit, it builds up rage which stacks the effects each time. Upon being raged to  factor of twenty, he will reach his limit and become completely enraged, swinging with enough force to cut down nearly anything that gets close, but will literally be blinded by rage to the point that he can't hit anything on purpose. The rage has a very slow cooldown time, but this can be sped up by simply healing the wounds. Upon losing consciousness, he will lose about a third of his stored rage.


Scott is undeniably talented with the use of swords. He has mastered and surpassed nearly everyone in the art of using one sword in particular, the claymore. He is able to spin the blades faster than seems physically possible. Seeing that each claymore has its own abilities, he can use combinations of them to his advantage. Scott is also skilled in most other types of melee and medieval weapons, but doesn't have much skill with modern firearms.

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