Scott the Power Hedgehog was the leader of the Power Hedgehog Inquisitors up until his death at the hands of his nephew, Matthew the Power Hedgehog. He was also the father of the Reaper's Legion member Anne the Power Hedgehog.

Scott the Power Hedgehog

Biographical Information
Age55 (Deceased)
AliasCommander Scott Moldest
Romantic InterestsGloria the Power Hedgehog (Husband)
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Power Hedgehog
  • Fur: White w/ tan skin
  • Eyes:Grey
  • Gray bandana around head
  • Black jacket
  • Gray shirt
  • Gray slacks
  • Black sneakers
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weapons & Equipment
  • Super Speed
  • Super Strength
  • Flight
  • Heightened Reflexes
  • Telepathy
  • Hypnosis
  • Advanced combat - daggers & hand-to-hand combat
  • Omnikinesis
  • Stealth skills
  • Chaos Powers
  • Possesses the genetic ability Fake
VehiclesSlave-borne Palanquin
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Physical Description

Physically powerful and imposing, Scott is tall and broad, with short white fur over his body, and gray eyes. He has a rather unusual pattern of scars on his head, which he goes to great efforts to hide. He has also shown the ability to manifest wings and a tail through use of his genetic ability.


Scott always wears a grey bandana over his head, due to the scars on his scalp. He also wears almost like a suit, with a gray shirt and pants, plus a black jacket and shoes. Normally, he has a dagger clipped to the side of his pants, through a belt-hook.


Early Life

Scott's early days were interesting, considering his family were nobles in Sky City - the kind of people to whom money was no issue. His parents kept slaves, a group of echidnas they had purchased from a prison camp for prisoners of war, and basically did whatever they wanted, not caring about who's desires they crushed in the process. From a young age, he and his sister LeToya were trained in the art of combat, using their elements and the other natural abilities that graced all Power Hedgehogs, plus the skills of his father, telepathy and hypnosis, not to mention his genetic ability, Fake. He focused on the art of the dagger, with his heart set on a certain position, the Inquisitors.


Unfortunately, soon after his fourteenth birthday, Scott was home when the family slaves, along with a variety of other slaves, began their bid for freedom by overthrowing the families that imprisoned them, then stealing an aircraft and escaping. One slave, a massive burly man, managed to kill Scott's father before the teen could dispatch him, while another, an attractive woman, tricked Scott into thinking she was harmless, before attacking him with boiling water in a bowl, which she dumped over his head, scalding him and leaving the youngster, who had used up his use of his genetic ability only a minute earlier, with an array of brutal scars on his scalp. That slave, too, did not survive, killed by his sister, but the damage was done. Scott spent six months in hospital, having treatment on the damage to his scalp. The result - Scott, ashamed of the scarring, was forced to wear a bandana over his head for the rest of his life, while he had a venomous hatred for slaves, although that did nothing for his family's position of owning them.


Despite the setback, Scott returned to training, and by his sixteenth birthday, applied for the inquisitors. There, his skills were put to the test, making sure that the teen would be capable of lasting in combat not only in Sky City, but on the surface as well, tracking down renegade Power Hedgehogs and performing military reconnaissance. These trials came down to a challenge - acquire papers from the pocket of an elite Inquisitor, without being marked by the chalk stick he carried. Scott's approach was silent but aggressive, sneaking up behind the Inquisitor and grabbing the papers, only to get struck with the chalk. However, through expert timing with his genetic ability, Scott avoided getting marked, and returned to his examiners untouched. Instantly, he was accepted, and soon found himself investigating parts of Aerolatus for his superiors, avoiding military pursuits and counter-intelligence operatives as he acquired information vital to the tentative peace between the two nations.

Knights of Terror

After four and a half years of surface work, the young inquisitor was recalled back to Sky City, where he spent a few weeks relaxing, before being put on a mission against flying knights, dubbed the Knights of Terror, alongside a flotilla of hover-tanks, as well as a Soul Reaper and his sister, now an Inquisitor. Accepting his duty, Scott flew alongside his sister and the reaper, whom LeToya introduced as Caleb, her boyfriend. The trio relaxed in the air, talking away, until word arrived about the destruction of some of the tanks. The general monitoring the mission progress suddenly exclaimed, and pointed out the loss of his daughter's unit. However, Scott noticed the crashing tank, and dived after it, LeToya and Caleb close behind him. The tank crashed into the island, and the resulting smoke caused the trio to lose their bearings of it's location. This prompted Caleb to use his Reaper training to trace the crash, and the two inquisitors, due to their training as spies and scouts instead of assassins and trackers, had no choice but to surrender lead to him. Two hours later, the trio witnessed a lone Power Hedgehog, under attack from a group of strange creatures. Each beast looked like it was constructed from darkness, with a face mask the only thing in true color visible. Caleb immediately went on the assault, sword in hand, while Scott and LeToya covered him, Scott blasting the first monster apart with a beam of light. After a while, Scott stopped blasting, and raced to the girl, grabbing her and flying her out, introducing himself and his comrades, whom quickly broke off their assault and fled along with him. The girl tried to murmur her name, but Scott was enraptured by her beauty as an air-ambulance arrived for her, and promised to help her as much as he could. Once aboard, the paramedics told him her name - Gloria Sibelle, the General's daughter.

Marriage and Promotion

Soon after returning Gloria to Sky City, the doctors told him the bad news - the crash had shattered a crystal, causing shards to slam into her body, with at least one piercing the pressure point in control of Power Hedgehog powers, leaving the attractive young lady scarred and limited in elemental strength, a cripple by the standards of the power-loving culture. Here, Scott acted somewhat out of character, emphatically starting to date the scarred and depressed pilot, helping her as much as his duties as a high-ranking Inquisitor could permit. Eventually, he sought her hand in marriage, asking her father's permission. Due to his status and power, as well as his background of wealth, General Sibelle agreed. Gloria was overwhelmed, unbelieving that this man, a rich and high-ranking Inquisitor, would marry a cripple, but Scott simply pointed out that love surpasses all boundaries. At the wedding, Caleb proposed to LeToya, and everything seemed perfect. Then, with the birth of his first child, a boy named Lance, he was called before the Head Inquisitor. The old commander announced to Scott his intention to retire, and hand his position down to the scarred Inquisitor, whom was more than capable of leading the organization. Proud, and accepting of his position, Scott accepted. Despite his hours growing longer, he fathered three daughters, Florence, Anne and Victoria. Anne, unlike the other children, was the most like her father, more awake at night than during the daytime. Due to this, the two grew close, and the father became extremely protective of his daughter.


After her thirteenth birthday, Anne fell sick with glandular fever, and Scott's work mostly kept him away, for a long time. He would visit her once, maybe twice a week, but not often enough to notice what was going on between her and Matthew, Caleb and LeToya's son, his nephew. A year later, as Anne slowly recovered and on one of his visits, she admitted to her father, she loved Matthew, more than family, but as an actual lover. This angered her father, and he told her he would rather her love a slave, a being lower than dirt in his eyes, than a family member, and tried to bring her under his hypnosis. But Anne was stronger than he knew, and fought back, resisting his attempts to hypnotize her, and even going so far as fighting back with blasts of energy. Then, there was a shock, like a localized earthquake, which hurled Scott across the room, and when he cleared his senses, found himself looking at a scythe in the hands of Matthew, the hood on his black jacket pulled up over his face and his hand pointed at his uncle. Standing, he tried to bring Matthew, a being inexperienced with hypnosis, under his spell, but the teen managed to resist, and blasted his uncle across the room with an Aeroblast. Scott waited, knowing that his timing with Fake would be critical, allowing him to survive a fatal strike while appearing to die, then striking down Matthew while the teen reveled. As the teen approached, he prepared himself, and as his nephew reached striking range, he activated Fake, expecting to be struck with the scythe. Instead, Matthew used Caleb's training, his technique - Soul removal, in the form of a breath. Fake, fundamentally unable to cope with a soul extraction, failed, and Scott found himself being removed from his body, and expected oblivion...only to find himself encased within Matthew's subconscious, Fake having taken a slight effect in protecting him from total death by locking himself within his nephew. He quickly set up a time-lapse hypnotic command within his nephew, to ensure his destruction, and became dormant, waiting for Matthew to start to die, so he could take control of the youth's body, and return to Sky City in a more powerful form.

Unfortunately, Matthew thwarted the destruction command by gaining blood from a Mimic, allowing him to survive temporarily. But, in combat, he overexerted himself, and Scott was able to personally start to destroy his nephew's body from inside, until the Demon Rageik donated blood. Now given an essentially ethereal form thanks to the demon's blood, Scott found himself fighting Matthew, now calling himself Reaper, within the confines of his prison. His final 'death' occurred when Reaper stabbed him, resulting in the two personalities combining into Matthew's 'demon' side, the form known as Matthias.


Scott's physical legacy was two-fold. Gloria, forcibly retired after the accident, forced her father to let her return to military service, and a shrine was erected in his honor, complete with statue and inscription.


Scott was, like all Power Hedgehogs, graced with more abilities than most Mobians, putting the race on the same spectrum as the Demons and Celestials of ancient times, the genetic sources for the race. These included omnikinesis, super strength, super speed, enhanced durability and flight. On top of that, he had the genetic ability known as Fake, which had two distinct effects - either cancelling all damage from a single attack by creating a doppelganger, creating the impression of him suffering the effect of the attack while allowing him the opportunity of a surprise attack with a time restriction of three minutes between uses, or create body parts such as wings, a tail, extra quills, spikes, etc, for a short period of time, although longer than the cooldown of the primary effect. His elemental skill was focused on his mastery of Earth and Ice, allowing him to plant himself into the ground, and fight without being forced backwards, no matter what he was standing on. He also seemed to be able to alter the weather to his own whim using a small device he carried in a pocket, which seemed to make a lightning storm that would target only those hostile to Power Hedgehogs - most Inquisitors, Reapers and soldiers were trained in a technique known as the 'lightningrod technique', which they applied as an 'inverse lightning-rod', repelling lightning from themselves.

In addition to the abilities granted by his genetics, Scott was an experienced combatant, respected for his skill in hand-to-hand combat and use of his melee weapon, a dagger. Indeed, his skill with the small knife-like blade was such that he could fend off strikes from much larger and more dangerous weapons like longswords or axes without damage to his blade. As well as his intelligence and stealth skills, his skill in combat had to be one of the features that got him to his high rank.

However, he was always affected by his emotional baggage from the slave uprising of his childhood - he always had slaves, although not echidnas like his parents but foxes, cats, and wolves, work in his house and garden, not to mention carry him to and from work on a palanquin, unlike his wife, who preferred to drive herself places. He was always cruel to his slaves, and any sign of rebellion would nearly always lead to their deaths.

Fire Abilities

Water Abilities

Ice Abilities

Electric Abilities

Light Abilities

Dark Abilities

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Earth Abilities

Nature Abilities

Poison Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Psychic Abilities

Chaos Powers


Scott was rather egotistical, and obsessed with his own position. He enjoyed his wealth, and all of it's trappings, including his allowance to own slaves. Indeed, he was one of the front line of pro-slavery nobles within Sky City, and his position as Head Inquisitor allowed him to decide which prisoners were transferred to slavery, or executed, as well as the ones who remained imprisoned. This appeared to give him much joy, although his cruelty towards his slaves knew no bounds, due to the scars his family's slaves left him with.

However, the man was also rather empathetic towards his fellow Power Hedgehogs, although a supremacist when it came to almost all other races. He hated to see other Power Hedgehogs suffer, and fell in love with his wife after rescuing her from unidentified beasts on an island, despite the fact that she was scarred and crippled in power. However, there was one thing he couldn't stand more than slaves - the idea of his daughter falling in romantic love with a family member. This, quite acceptably, sickened the hedgehog, who attacked his daughter and nephew, the couple, in an attempt to use hypnosis and break their love for each other. This, in turn, lead to his demise.

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