Scott McCarthy is a 16-year-old golden-brown furred fox with a white muzzle, white fur on his chest, two brown gloves, and shoes with a sleek, black sole that ends in a spike by his toes. Scott is about the same height as Sonic, and he only has one tail with white fur at the end. Scott is usually attentive of his corn crops, and he technically "owns" the house he, Warp, E-1,000 Theta, and (eventually) Nebula inhabit. He also is in control of the cash flow of the house, and he frequently makes dangerous trips to Jule to get drunk or laid or both. In the purest form of being, he is some kind of pervert.


Scott isn't prejudiced against all women (except for Candace Melanie, a girl he bothers from some childish "war" between them), but he does try to sleep with as many as he can. Unlike Warp, Scott is lazy. He works out on his crop fields with much care and dignity, as he takes pride in his produce (and to him, he can mean that statement BOTH ways.) If it isn't crop-related, he usually does not like doing any extra work. If a villain attacks his home, however, he will go out of his way to stop them or destroy them, whichever comes first. Scott has enmity for all of his foes, but Commander Blackstar is his own personal enemy in his mind. Scott can be a loyal friend, but he has a mainly perverted sense of humor which ticks off a majority of people if it gets out of hand...


Heroes From An Old World

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Theme Song

I Don't Wanna Grow Up by (I don't know the name of the band yet, sorry)

Ownership Rights

Scott McCarthy is used in Heroes From An Old World under permission from the non-fanfiction author friend of INFERNOX.


  • Scott McCarthy is a successful crop farmer of many crops, prefarably corn.
    • If someone messes with his crops in any way, he goes off the deep end in anger at them. However, if it is an ally or friend of his (or if it was for a legitimate reason), he'll eliminate the grudge after an hour or so.
  • Scott and Candace are in a constant battle of wits and pranks, as they both despise each other for some incident involving spying on them whenever they visited last year.
  • Scott technically owns the farmhouse that he, E-1,000 Theta, Nebula, and Warp inhabit.
  • Scott is a major pervert, which is dangerous considering his "meh" personality.
  • Scott is the first owned character INFERNOX got for use in Heroes From An Old World.
    • Scott is also the first owned character INFERNOX didn't make up originally to appear in HFAOW.
  • Scott McCarthy was surprisingly come up with by the real-life counterpart of Neil from Sonic's Reality Check.
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