The Scott-Candace Conflict is the (childish) rivalry between Scott McCarthy The Fox and Candace Melanie The Hedge-Fox in Heroes From An Old World.

Reason For Conflict

Scott's Side

Candace is a whiny rock star who always seems to get what she wants, and she never respects his crops (which he defends greatly, since Scott is a farmer). She also commonly insults Scott on what he does, and she never helps out with any manual labor.

Candace's Side

Scott is a filthy pervert who always spies on them whenever they don't want them to. Scott always cracks sexual (and sometimes sexist) jokes toward Candace whenever possible, and he constantly laughs at her when something goes wrong on her end.

Evidence Of Conflict

  • In Chapter 6 of HFAOW, Scott showed distress at Candace when she arrived. Candace also didn't believe Warp was missing (despite he actually was), and the two got in a minor fight before Scizzy, Samantha, and Wings (to an extent) broke it up.
  • In the same chapter, Candace threatened to set fire to Scott's crops, at which he threatened she'd be "b*tched to oblivion." Also, in the same chapter, Candace yelled at Scott and called him a pervert.
  • In Chapter 7, a barmaid in a pub owned by Scott somewhere in Jule asked why Scott was so down, and he responded by saying (without using her name) that Candace was back.
  • In Chapter 16 of HFAOW, when Remy tried to ask Candace about Scott, she quickly changed the subject before he could finish.
  • In Chapter 20 of HFAOW, Scott and Candace got into a major fight due to Warp bursting into the house with Theta so they could save a dying Nebula. The fight (comically) had them running around everywhere outside the house while Aero, Dark, Remy, Heather, Samantha, Scizzy, and (temporarily) Wings tried to stop them. Aqua also contributed to this fight as well, but this was because five Flood Unversed had attacked during the confusion.

Evidence Of No Conflict

  • Candace and Scott have both commonly talked about the other person, although this is usually when other people brought it up.
  • In Chapter 5 of HFAOW, Scott is shown crying quietly out of happiness for Warp when he and Nebula finally kiss for the first time. This is out-of-character for Scott, since he is usually a giant pervert who even poked fun at Warp and Nebula in the first chapter due to Nebula being unconscious and Warp being overly worried.
  • In Chapter 20 of HFAOW, after Warp abadoned his friends because of Vanitas's words, Scott is shown to express out-of-character sympathy and loyalty to his best friend and his relationship with Nebula (who was almost dead, but survived thanks to Aqua; she is unconscious, however).
  • In the same chapter, Candace does not object to what Scott says, nor does she interrupt


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