Scotia (Labeled)

The planet of Scotia (those aren't all the contintents, just the continents on that side

Scotia is a fictional planet located in an unnamed solar system. It consists of mainly Manuhs and Toon-Scotians (Toons that were either born, moved to, or ansestors are from Scotia) though it is home to many more species.


There are 8 continents on Scotia.


(The Scotian equivelant of your Earth's Europe, not seen on the picture)

Cky'aliant is the second smallest continent on Scotia. However, it contains the second largest amount of people on the planet. It has more cities and towns than any other continent, and the race of Cky'alis (the Scotian equivilant of your Earth's Caucasians) comes from this continent.


(The Scotian equivelant of your Earth's Asia, not seen on the picture)

Taloria is by far the largest continent on the planet. It has the largest population of people, and they are described by other Scotians to be more smart than the others. This, however, is just a myth. It has the 3rd most amout of cities on the planet, and the race of Talorians (equivelant to your Earth's Asians) comes from this continent.


(The Scotian equivelant of your Earth's Africa)

Ty'khran is Scotia's second largest continent. It has the 3rd largest population and mostly consists of villages. The cities that this continent does have are a lot like the cities in Upper Sch'zet and Taloria, but slightly less advanced. Many people for some reason falsly rumor that the race of people that come from this continent, Tykas (equivelant to your Earth's Africans), are not nearly as smart as the other two, and that they are much poorer.

Upper Sch'zet

(The Scotian equivelant of your Earth's North America)

Upper Sch'zet was originally uninhabited by anybody. Eventually and ironically, Cky'lais, Talorians, and Tykas though to come to this continent for better soil and adventures and all the like. Somehow, they all arrived on this continent within the same month, and began to argue amongst themselves who could keep all of the land. They decided to split the land before war started. Cky'lais would get the middle part, Talorians would get the higher part, and Tykas would get the lower part. Eventually, some of the people of each race decided to merge within the other parts of the continent. Upper Sch'zet is the most diverse continent on the planet and has the 5th largest population.

Lower Sch'zet

(The Scotian equivelant of your Earth's South America, not on picture)

Unlike its upper counterpart, Lower Sch'zet was originally inhabited. Unlike the other continents, however, it was inhabited by the Raikos and Lulies that formed the Scotian-Toons. It has the 3rd least amount of cities because the majority of civilization here is villages. The Serenity Garnets are believed to have originated somewhere here.


(The Scotian equivelant of your Earth's Oceania, not on picture)

Zanj'ctonia (sometimes nicknamed Tonia or Zionia), like Upper Sch'zet, was originally uninhabited. Cky'lais sailed here as soon as they found out that there was land in that area. It mostly consists of Cky'lais, but occasionally other races move or vacation here. It is the 3rd smallest continent and has the 4th largest population.


(The Scotian equivelant of your Earth's sub-continent India, not on picture)

Lilakyan is the smallest continent on Scotia. It has the second least amount of countries (only consisting of 3), but consists of many people. It mostly consists of Talorians, and is described as an over-filled continent. It is the poorest continent in all of Scotia, but has the richest soil and creates most cloths and fabrics found in other continents.


(The Scotian equivelant of your Earth's Antarcitca)

Botamali is the 4th largest continent, but has the smallest population. Because of the extremely cold weather there, most Scotians cannot survive the weather. Some, however, have found a way to make cities and villages here. Not much is known about this continent, but a branching group of islands close to Lower Sch'zet are popular tourist destenations because of their large amount of amusement parks and, interestingly, golf courses. It is also said that this continent is the 3rd most important.


Interestingly, countries in Scotia speak the same languages as they do on Earth. However, Latin is not a dead language here. Also, there is another language called Junyan. Even though all of the continents are named in this language, it is a dead language on Scotia.


  • Scotia got its name from the Canadian province, Nova Scotia.
  • Like on Earth, the three main races of Scotia also have color names.
    • Cky'alis are often called Cyan for their light blue skin.
    • Talorians are sometimes called Red for their dull orange skin.
    • Tykas are often called Violet for their purple-grey skin.
  • Munah is an anogram of the word human.
  • Most of the facts about Scotia are similar to facts about Earth. However, there are some differences.
    • North America was first (arguably) inhabited by aboriginies from Asia, and Australia was first inhabited by aboriginies from Africa. Upper Sch'zet, however, was inhabited by Talorians, Ty'khrans, and Cky'aliants at the same time, and Tonia was first inhabited by Cky'aliants.
    • Lower Sch'zet was always inhabited, as South America was not.
    • Lilakyan is classafied ad a full contintent, and India is only classified as a sub-continent.
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