All the Sonic games in this page are Alternate Timelines of them.


Scotch the Hedgehog is a brown and mid-sized 22 year old hedgehog with brown fur, a black coat, shades, and multi-terrain roller skates, Scotch stands at 4'6'' , but with roller skates, stands at 4'9'' along with wearing the usual white gloves.

Scotch usually Scotch has his jacket undone but he also has it zipped from time to time.

Scotch has high-tech shades that give him various abilities such as night vision and analysis of people.

Appearances and Cameos in Sonic Alternate Timelines's

Sonic 3

In the Alternate Timeline of Sonic 3, Scotch is seen in a mural along with chasing after Mecha Sonic before he fell off of the Death Egg.

Sonic CD

In Sonic CD, he provides helpful tips before he teams up with Sonic to stop Eggman and skates off after the ending. You can see Scotch in the cutscene for Alternate Timeline Sonic CD when Sonic travels up after Eggman, Scotch is seen skating along a river bank parallel to Palmtree Panic before he darts in the direction of Sonic to help him

Sonic Generations

The first time he appears in Sonic Generations is in Sky Sanctuary where he fell off of the Death Egg, but he bounces on a cloud and jumps away. Scotch is also who you save after defeating the Egg Dragoon.

Sonic Adventure 1&2

In Sonic Adventure 1, Scotch plays a role in the stories you can play, you journey across the trails Sonic leaves and you travel to the Knuckles Clan ruins, then a Station Square level, then you meet up with everyone to stop Chaos. In Sonic Adventure 2, Scotch is only playable if you get an A rank on a speed stage, and when you gain control over him, it's a normal stage. You usually go through fast travel sections to get to certain parts of the game map, such as meeting up with Sonic. Scotch also uses his special possessions to help everyone in most games.

Sonic Heroes

In Sonic Heroes, Scotch teams up with Sonic temporarily to travel and find Eggman. After finding out about Metal Sonic, he joins the fight to beat him

Sonic Colors

After Eggman reveals his giant Nega Wisp robot, Scotch comes in and homing attacks it, then lands right next to Sonic, talking shortly with him about their long time no see, then after a short interruption by Eggman, they team up to stop Eggman


  • Scotch is good friends with Tails and Shadow the most
  • He has a long scar on his chest from getting slashed with a laser beam.
  • His roller skates have 2 buttons that allow him to add small jets or change out his wheels for better grip and speed.


Jet Dash

When Scotch presses a button on his skates to activate the jets, he can roll into a ball to do a Jet Dash and travel faster than Sonic's spin dash.

Chaos Gem

Like the supposed gem on Tails Doll's head. Scotch has a chaos gem that when he uses, can boost his energy and give him the ability to float for a short period of time.

Super Emeralds

After the events of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Scotch grabbed control over the Super Emeralds, giving him the Hyper Form whenever he can summon them, he uses them when he needs to or if hope is lost and they summon by force. When turning into Hyper Scotch, his quills spread out and his shoes turn blue, then he begins flash red, blue, green, yellow, white, brown, and black all in flashing intervals.


Scotch is a hyperactive and very kindhearted, but sometimes somber guy. He has decent social skills and a very easy to get along with attitude. Scotch is usually happy a lot of the time, always looking for a good laugh, or a fun adventure to go on. He loves being around Sonic with a burning passion and Scotch's goals are to protect Mobius with Sonic and have as much fun as he can while doing so, which he does by loving to go on any tough adventure. Scotch also has an IQ of around a hundred, but he never uses it for evil or to kill people, he uses it for good and to rebuild evil robots to be good. Scotch's favorite pastime is using his special computer or racing with Sonic, though even with his skates he still loses. He also enjoys helping with kicking Eggman's butt.

Scotch is familiar on the internet as he spends time on forums, streaming sites, and various other sites. He's also one of the top gamers on Little Planet and Mobius. Scotch has come in 1st in many gaming tournaments and even won 3rd in an event, he is a Speed Runner as well.

Scotch also always trails and follows Sonic after a while, he thanks him for saving Little Planet and even in the late games, your stages for him are half trail stages, half normal stages. One stage is running through Capital City and the next one after that is speeding to a ferry departing to Prison Island in less than 3 and a half minutes.

Scotch's theme song is Endless Possibilities (or It Doesn't Matter v1).



Scotch grew up in Stardust Speedway on Little Planet (Sonic CD) as an orphan child, he would always travel and made his own food and shelter from normal nature materials, eventually when he saw the Death Egg passing by Speedway, he immediately jumped onto it and chased after Robotnik, eventually finding Mecha Sonic and falling off the Death Egg chasing him, and landing back on Little Planet. Robotnik tried to take over Little Planet and Sonic hopped onto Little Planet to help everyone, Scotch (around 13-14 during that time) found Sonic, and using his knowledge, helped Sonic with any trouble during his adventures, During Stardust Speedway before Sonic is about to fight Metal Sonic, Scotch joins Sonic and helps him on his adventure after Metal Sonic's defeat.

Time Travel to the Knuckles Clan Era

When Tails wanted Scotch to test out a time machine, Scotch got accidentally stranded in the B.C. Knuckles Clan Era in the Mystic Ruins, and then was trapped there until Tails could repair the machine. The clan welcomed the hedgehog and were very hospitable, until he had to say farewell for the time being to return home.

Relations, Friends, and Enemies

Sonic and Tails are Scotch's best friends, though Shadow is the most tolerant of his antics, Knuckles is one of Scotch's rival/frenemies, as Knuckles and Scotch are always bickering, Tails Doll is also a good friend of Scotch. Scotch also has a romantic interest in Tikal, since after the time travel mishap, he ran into Tikal after returning amd while exploring they ended up bonding with her over lots of things.


After a battle with Eggman, Scotch was able to steal Bokkun and take him back home, having worked with Tails, he rerouted and changed Bokkun to be his delivery boy/partial servant. Scotch has Bokkun run errands and deliver stuff to him when he needs them.


Scotch's enemies include but not limited to, Eggman, Metal Sonic, Chaos, Silver, and Rouge.

Super Scotch


Super Scotch is orange with goldlen streaks on his upturned quills, he has a darker lighter jacket that has a wispy float effect on it, his body is emanating a bright glow, his shades are flicked down and probably connected to his eyes and his skates have turned into rocket shoes.


Super Scotch can fly, go faster than Super Sonic with his rockets, he has an aura power that gives him a strong tackle attack, his hands can shoot powerful blasts, and he has harder punches.

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