Scorching Whirlwind is a Scorch-elemental technique derived from Fire Spin.


The user forms a vast wave of heat energy into a spiraling ball of orange-tinted wind, before throwing it at the opponent, with the shot aimed just short. Upon impact, the flaming winds blow harder, creating a wall of heat surrounding the opponent. This heat acts more like a furnace than a standard Scorch-elemental technique in it's effect, sapping the opponent's strength and dehydrating them over time, and allowing time for the target to potentially be rescued. As such, it makes a useful interrogation technique, with the sapping nature slowing down for each accepted answer, or growing worse for each perceived lie.

However, as with most Scorch-elemental techniques, Water is easily able to free the opponent and save them from the full dehydration effect. Likewise, this technique is also affected by both Wind- and Earth-elemental techniques, with wind capable of literally blowing holes in the heat barrier, and Earth capable of providing relief in the form of insulation. On top of that, Fire-wielders are almost empowered while within the wall, although most have to keep hydrated to prevent themselves from passing out.



Parent Technique

Technique Rank

Due to it's long-term sapping potential, but vast number of weaknesses, this technique holds a B-rank.

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