Rainbow Dust are items found in the Scorched Dunes inside Soumerca, Mobius.

Introduced in Red Roses, Black Hearts, Rainbow Dust are magical powder that summon seven elements according to their distinct colors whenever used as weaponry and serve as the currency of the civilizations in the red-colored desert. Famous for their rarity and high value, it attracts bounty hunters worldwide.

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Much like its name implies, Rainbow Dust are mysterious special types of dust that come in seven colors. They manifest themselves into an element of their own determined by their color once gathered in a certain amount. While frequently used for trade purposes, they are also used as weaponry throughout the series.

The seven colors, much like the name implies, are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Predictably, the elements for each respective color are fire, earth, electricity, air, water, darkness, and poison. Those who imbue those elements in weapons are granted elemental manipulation and immunity to them, allowing for their absorption so they can further boost their destructive power.

Different colors have different values according to rarity. For example, lighter-colored dust are hardest to identify within the red sands of the desert, thus making them more valuable than its darker variants. Because the Scorched Dunes is vast and has an extremely warm and dry temperature, finding something them within the desert can prove to be challenging even for professional scavengers.

The usage of Rainbow Dust as weapons is ancient. They were the Sand Empire's primary weaponry, and numerous people are known to use them in recent times to adapt to their circumstances.

Notable Users

There are few individuals of note that use Rainbow Dust.

  • Team Prinus: Accidentally used the blue Rainbow Dust.
  • Inferno Bandits: Initially used green Rainbow Dust, but managed to acquire all types.
    • Ember the Hyena: Uses the red Rainbow Dust in her gauntlets. Uses all of them, eventually.
  • Tobias the Crescent: Uses the orange Rainbow Dust imbued in his mysterious staff, the Psamathe.
  • Disaster: Uses yellow and indigo Rainbow Dust imbued in her twin chained iron balls.
  • Saphie the Swift: Uses bombs and twin daggers imbued with indigo-colored Rainbow Dust.
  • Hourglass the Lizard: Uses violet-colored Rainbow Dust.

Fun Facts

  • Unlike the name implies, Rainbow Dust are not generated from rainbows.
  • It is unknown what happens when one is able to use all of Rainbow Dust's colors simultaneously.
    • Ember used them individually, but not collectively as one. One could infer it would be white!
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