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The Scorched Dunes is a prominent location inside the continent of Soumerca, Mobius. It was featured throughout Dimitri Chronicles, a series created by Chamesthehero.

Debuting in Red Roses, Black Hearts, it is among the warmest places in Mobius. This scorching desert is famous for its red-colored sand, unique elemental-based dust scattered around, and a beautiful barren landscape. It is home to ancient civilizations and rather infamous settlements such as Red Rose Town.

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Ecology and Location

Scorched Dunes is a desert located in northwestern Soumerca. Most of the barren environment is covered with dunes of red sand, without animals roaming around due to its extreme temperatures. It is east to Radiant Hills, south to Cinnabar Forest, and northwest to Station Square.

However, despite hardly having fauna, some settlements can be found there. Red Rose Town is the most prominent one because it focuses on getting resources from importation. Ruins of ancient civilizations can be occasionally found while walking, indicating that a mighty empire was once located there.

The Scorched Dunes is also famous for its rare types of dust scattered around the sand. These abundant dusts that come in seven colors, also known as Rainbow Dust, have minor elemental abilities determined by their color. They can either serve as weapons or as the local town's currency.

History and Appearances


The Scorched Dunes is a prehistoric environment that formed during ancient times. Legends mention how it was an indirect consequence of the battle between the embodiment of negative Chaos energy and the hero that later sealed its malevolent power. The intensity of their battle indirectly altered the climate. These stories have been recorded in stone. It is one of the earliest appearances of writing in Mobian history.

In an age longer than it is remembered by, an uncanny civilization of hyenas emerged and dominated the desert. Through their skills and usage of Rainbow Dust to oppress others, it was one of the most prosperous empires of their age. However, for mysterious reasons, the empire later crumbled.

With the hyenas seemingly gone, fast-forward hundreds of years later and numerous small towns were created soon after. Since resources are scarce, they abandoned ancient traditions and started trading with other civilizations. This made towns like Red Rose Town expand considerably. Rainbow Dust, in modern times, became considerably rare. Indeed, treasure-hunters make quite the profit in the desert.


Dimitri Chronicles: Flames of Courage

Notable Areas

There are some areas of note in the Scorched Dunes...

Shack of the Crescent: The residence of Tobias the Crescent. A rather small wooden shack, but clean and tidy. It notably has multiple shelves of magazines of questionable content.

Red Rose Town: The most prominent town in the desert. Has a relatively small population compared to Station Square and has multiple attractions such as renowned hostess bar, bazaar, and fighting arena.

Ancient Ruins: Mysterious stone ruins from a certain hyena civilization that lived in yore. Those who come to the desert occasionally see them buried under the red-colored dunes.

Fun Facts

  • The desert's original name was Grelia, loosely based on the Portuguese word for grilled.