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Scorch the Pyrohog

Biographical Information
Alias Master of All Flames
Romantic Interests Penny the Pyrohog
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Pyrohog
Gender Male
  • Fur: Dark red w/orange streaks, tan muzzle & chest
  • Eyes: Ice Blue
  • White Vest
  • Gray pants
  • Shadow-style shoes
  • White gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
WeaponryDao Blades
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Scorch the Pyrohog is one of the world's most powerful Pyrokinetics, the former top tutor of the Pyranic Empire, a Troll and a member of Reaper's Legion.


Scorch was born to an unassuming family in the Pyranic Empire, where his father was a tutor for Pyrokinetics, his mother stayed at home to care for him. However, as soon as he turned three, his father started teaching him basic Pyrokinesis and was astonished when within two months, Scorch had mastered that. Another four months after that, he had mastered standard pyrokinesis. Within a year, his father had taught him how to use Inferno flames, but was out of ideas. He then took Scorch to one of his friends who had mastered Napalm control, and Scorch mastered that within a year as well. That started the great training phase. By his fifteenth birthday, Scorch had mastered all of the advanced forms of Fire, and was regarded as an expert on Pyrokinesis. However, he wasn't done. On his own accord, and with his parents blessing, he set off into the quieter regions of the nation and learned from all three of the clans, becoming a true Fire master by his eighteenth birthday. He was hired by the royal family to train Molotov the Pyrohog, a youngster with a lack of skill, and a lot of other families vied for his skills, but he found the royal family intriguing, and not just due to their power and beautiful eldest daughter. He found the conflict between brothers very unnerving and worrying, but couldn't deal with it. Then, the younger twin attacked the elder, the crown prince, making the elder brother get cast out of the empire due to him starting to "die" from being stabbed with ice. When Penny, who by now was Scorch's girlfriend, discovered this fact, she told him. Instantly, he acted, grabbing Molotov and taking the entire group away, following after Burn. When they did find Burn, Scorch was astonished to find him in the care of the Trolls, knowing what they were capable of, but was offered a place by Mac the Hedgehog when he defeated an entire battle group of Trolls single-handedly without taking a single hit in order to protect Penny's honor after a Troll came onto her. Accepting, Scorch was given a place within Reaper's Legion, the team Burn was part of, where he was one of the most powerful members. Then, Reaper got sick. Penny volunteered to take over command, and Scorch was right there by her side through that step.


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Scorch is a recolor of BloodSonic version 3, with the clothes most of the males in the Pyranic Empire created so-far wear.


Scorch is insanely powerful - so much so that his fire attacks can melt ice and boil water just by coming into contact with it. With his training, his Fire-based attacks cover a wide spectrum - a slightly narrower version of an omnikinetics. Coupled with his Dao blades and toned physique, he makes a very impressive figure to look at...and a very frightening one to fight. However, even with his natural aptitude for Fire-based attacks, certain types of water or ice based attacks can break through his guard, but users of such techniques are few and far between.

Fire Techniques

Inferno Techniques

  • pending

Scorch Techniques

Napalm Techniques

Blaze Techniques

  • pending

Golden Fire Techniques

Boil Techniques

  • pending

Smoke Techniques

  • pending

Magma Techniques

  • pending

IceFire Techniques

Hellfyre Techniques

  • pending

Solar Technqiues

Plasma Techniques

Corrosion Techniques

Ash Techniques

  • pending

Steam Techniques

  • pending

Dragon Techniques

Phoenix Techniques

  • pending

Salamander Techniques

  • pending

Flaming Chaos Techniques

  • pending

Elementless Techniques


Scorch has a very strong and courteous personality, where his skills with Fire are only used when necessary, for things like combat or transport. He has a great belief in teaching, and the ideals behind spreading knowledge, including all the different styles of Fire, all being abilities reasonably well hidden from the general populous. He rarely uses his techniques unless provided a reason to, preferring to work with his body instead. He is very respectful and polite to everyone, even other Trolls. He's also one of the few Trolls who stands up for Dismal and works with people outside the Trolls in alliances, but the latter isn't known by the Trolls...and it's not planned for them to find out.






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